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Molecular Anatomy of Influenza Virus Detailed
(image) Scientists at the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS), part of the National In

Tamil Nadu Checks AIDS Spread
(image) Top on the list of HIV/AIDS most-affected states, Tamil Nadu has managed to keep the numbers of infected from growing, t

Link Between Insomnia and Hypersomnia, Depression in Children
(image) According to a study published in the the journal SLEEP, sleep-disturbed children are more severely depressed and have m

Non Drug Treatments may Help Cure Dementia
(image) Non drug treatments such as mental training and physical activity may help cure dementia, a disorder characterised by a

Filling a Niche -- Role of Rb in Mammalian Stem Cells
(image) Drs. Gustavo Leone and Michael Robinson (Ohio State University) and colleagues uncover a stem-cell specific role for the

Bungee Backpack Could Reduce Load on Shoulders
(image) An American biologist has developed a backpack that reduces the weight students and hikers carry. Br The bungee

Alcohol in Moderation Could Increase the Life Span
(image) A study performed by the Research Laboratories of the Catholic University of Campobasso (Italy) con-firms the beneficial

Adrenaline Associated With Adventurers Risk Taking
(image) Andrew Murr and his friend David Thacher had once taken a camping trip to Quinault Rain Forest, which is the wettest for

Body Composition Is Key Player in Controlling Cancer Risks
(image) Scientists have long thought that limiting the calories a person consumes can prevent, or at least slow the progression

Micro-world of Prehistoric Bacteria Found in Amber
(image) In a breakthrough that could shed light on the development of life on our planet, scientists in Germany have isolated a

Where Burnt Out Executives De-stress in Nature's Lap
(image) A scenic wildlife resort in Assam is turning out to be the favourite destination for burnt out executives of leading pri

Down's Syndrome Test - Advised in All Pregnancies
(image) The Obstetricians and Gynecologists from the American College have recommended that all pregnant women, regardless of ag

Myanmar Junta Head to Be Treated in Singapore
(image) Senior General Than Shwe, head of Myanmar's ruling junta, left for Singapore to receive treatment for an intestinal tumo

Powerful New IVF Treatment Promises Better Results
(image) Doctors have unveiled a new method of IVF, called as invitro maturation (IVM), which they claimed as "better than nature

Genetic-Engineered Cows Resist Mad Cow Disease
(image) Scientists from U.S. and Japan have reported in the journal Nature Biotechnology yesterday about the genetic engineering

Hepatitis Scare at McDonald's
(image) Auckland McDonald's, the world's fast food giant, are now reviewing their procedures for handling food, after a Hepatiti

Keep Kids Active in the Holidays
(image) Summer holidays are the ideal time for parents to encourage their children to put away the video games and DVDs and get

Madhya Pradesh Imbibes Family Planning Lessons from Pakistan
(image) Madhya Pradesh government of Bharatiya Janta Party has been inspired from the most unlikely of places - Pakistan - to de

Chemical in Vegetables Keep Blood Vessels Healthy
(image) Nitrates, a chemical found in vegetables like spinach and lettuce, may be responsible for keeping blood vessels healthy,

Is Excalia an Excellent Weight Losing Pill?
(image) A California based company has developed a pill called Excalia ,the latest magic potion to fight excess flab . The resea

Simple Steps to Safe Guard Patients from Bloodstream Infections in ICU
(image) Hospitals can ensure better safety for patients in ICU by adhering to simple techniques that can do away with potentiall

Party Over -now Its How to Get Ove' the Hangover!
(image) New Year eve could have been a blast guzzling gallons of liquor, partying into the night for many. The last dregs show u

War Trauma Scars Pose Risk of Heart Disease
(image) A major study of about 2000 military veterans who served in the armed forces during the second world war prove that the

Leave Us Alone
(image) How would you like to die? That is, if you were old and terminally ill? Researchers like Dartmouth (USA) Uni

Sweetened Drinks in Sipper Cups Hasten Tooth Decay in Toddlers
(image) Dentists frown down upon the habit of offering fruit juices and sugar added beverages to toddlers in sipper cups.Apar

T(r)iPPLE Benefits
(image) Moderate alcohol consumption has been touted as the magic potion for cardiovascular health. Its benefits seem to offset

Sad Adults -Childhood may Hold the Clue
(image) Children who have been physically abused or neglected in their childhood- before the age of eleven - run a high risk o

The Cup That Cheers and Cures
(image) Devil or doctor? - The debate may never end. Yet scientists from the US Department of Agriculture now hold court with

Exercise Both Brain and Brawn to Stay Fighting Fit
(image) If you have made fitness as one of your New Year resolutions, The Alliance for Aging Research has added a significant

Sleep Disturbances, Nightmares - Common Among Suicide Attempters: Report
(image) A Study conducted by Nisse Sjostrom, RN and colleagues and published in the January 1st Issue of the journal SLEEP, th

Epilepsy Drug Shows Improvement in Parkinson Disease Patients
(image) Researchers Miho Murata and colleagues with the National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry in Tokyo have observed a s

Crucial Link Between Body Composition and Cancer Risk
(image) A widely held belief that cutting down on calories could help in preventing or delaying cancers seems to have acquired a

True Equality For Indigenous Australians
(image) Improving the health of Indigenous Australians must be a national priority as Australia celebrates 40 years of counting

Multivitamins Can Reduce Risk Of Low Birth Weight
(image) A recent report in the Archives of Pediatrics (and) Adolescent Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals, stated that unde

Haryana Enhances Nutritional Support for Women, Children
(image) Chandigarh: Children, pregnant and lactating women and adolescent girls in Haryana will receive more supplementary sup

Battle Against Polio Far from Over in Bihar
(image) Patna: The battle against polio is far from over in Bihar, which recorded 51 new cases in 2006. "The situa

Uric Acid Levels (High-Normal) Associated With Cognitive Impairment in the Elderly
(image) A recent study by researchers at the Johns Hopkins and Yale university medical schools, reported in the January issueo

A 'Good Samaritan' to the Aid of Lepers
(image) Guangzhou (China): A 60-year-old woman has brought about a revolution in the lives of lepers in China. Fu P

Older Men With Stress Disorder Prone to Heart Attack Risk
(image) Older men with higher levels of symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) may face coronary heart disease risk

Ranbaxy Gets FDA Approval for Hypertension Drug
(image) Indian pharma major Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited has received the approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (F

Narcolepsy May Be Caused By Environmental Exposures: Study
(image) A comprehensive review published in the January 1st issue of the journal SLEEP finds that, as with other diseases char

Patients With PTSD Experience Less Pain Sensitivity
(image) Patients with post-traumatic stress disorder show reduced pain sensitivity, a pattern that may be related to altered p

Cough and Phlegm Cause Fourfold Increase in COPD Incidence
(image) Young adults (ages 20 to 44) with normal lung function who later develop chronic cough and phlegm have a fourfold high

Cardiovascular Disease - Beware of This Lethal Killer
(image) Cardiovascular disease (CVD) left an indelible impact on the lives of many in 2004 and nearly one-third of all deaths

NRI Doctor's R (and) D Model in India to Slash Cost of Drugs
(image) A British doctor of Indian origin and his colleague are set to drastically lower the cost of medicines and pose a chal

An End to Periods?
(image) When birth control pills first hit the market in the 1960s, women generally took three weeks of active contraceptive p

Tips to Prevent and Treat Winter Laryngitis
(image) With most cases of viral laryngitis occurring during the winter cold and flu season, a vocal health expert at the Univ

CA-MRSA, a Tough Bug to Trap
(image) Super bug or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or CA-MRSA was thought to emerge predominantly from the hosp

Coping With Homesickness
(image) Homesickness is not merely a figment of imagination. The feelings associated with it, can be bigger than life. Experts o

Got AIDS - Try Pranayama
(image) Swami Ramadev is a busy man today; fielding complaints from the public, a notice from the Union Health Ministry and thre

TB can Be Eradicated in the U.S With Modified Guidelines: Study
(image) To eradicate tuberculosis effectively in the US the present guidelines should be modified affirms a recent work publishe

Clinical Guidelines Help Identify Which Children at Risk of Bacterial Meningitis
(image) Chicago: A set of guidelines have been developed that can help predict the risk of bacterial meningitis for children wit

Surfing Safer Than Soccer: Study
(image) Researchers, in the first study of its kind, have computed the rate of injury among competitive surfers and found they a

Drop That Glossy, Girl!
(image) Parents of teenage girls might want to have another look at that attractive magazine their daughter is reflecting upon./

Binge Drinkers on the Rise
(image) A report published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that binge drinking is becoming wi

Uric Acid -Biomarker for Dementia
(image) Levels of uric acid might have a say in whether an elderly patient may develop cognitive problems, according to research

Fast Food (Low-Cost Diet) for Obesity
(image) Fast food - quick, convenient and cheap, which, we all know that it's bad for health, but when a bacon double cheeseburg

What's Luck Got to Do With Cancer?
(image) Amid all the talk about going the extra mile to make lifestyle changes towards a cancer free and a healthier tomorrow, a

Loop Incision Treatment Enhances Premature Delivery Risk
(image) The risk of having a premature baby is up for women who have undergone a widely practiced treatment of the cervix to eli

Stomach - Most Affected During Festive Season
(image) Enquiries on ailments related to stomach like diarrhoea, food poisoning and indigestion formed the majority of help-call

Proposed Compulsory Treatment For Alcohol Addicts
(image) The New South Wales Government, through a two-year pilot program would trial compulsory treatment for alcoholics up to 2

Cancer Care-Patient's Time Costs Studied
(image) According to a new study in the January 3 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the overall cost of pat

Most Hospital Performance Measures for Heart Failure Not Linked to Improved Patient Outcomes
(image) Chicago: Four of five hospital performance measures for heart failure do not appear to accurately reflect the quality of

'Fed' Up and on a Detox Drive? Read This.
(image) Research has always backed moderate detox diets which help in maintaining weight and a healthy lifestyle. On the same br

Risk Of Soft Tissue Sarcomas In Hereditary Retinoblastoma Survivors
(image) A study by Ruth A. Kleinerman and his colleagues quantifies the risk of hereditary retinoblastoma survivors developing s

Lifestyles Cause Concern To Welsh Health Officials
(image) Market researches, based on the data put together in health maps, show that communities in South Wales take eight of the

Drug Therapy Offers Little Benefit for Some Patients Undergoing Angioplasty or Stent Procedure
(image) Chicago: Use of the drug pexelizumab immediately before and for 24 hours after stent placement or angioplasty for certai

Mercury Contamination (Hotspots) Identified
(image) Researchers surveying mercury contamination in fish and birds in the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada

New Gadget to Treat Insomnia, Stress
(image) Scientists have developed a little gadget that can be used for 15 minutes before sleeping to treat insomnia and stress./

Alberta Most Affected By Influenza
(image) Alberta has almost triple the number of influenza cases over the last four months of 2006, when compared with rest of Ca

And You Thought the Inner Cities Were Healthier.
(image) Inner city dwellings were thought to be far cleaner and healthier as compared to the industrial towns. But British resea

Tree Bark Compound Could Prevent Malaria
(image) A compound derived from the bark of a tree could help prevent malaria at the early stage of its infection, says a new st

Lupin Gets Tentative Nod from FDA for Antidepressant Drug
(image) Leading pharmaceutical company Lupin Ltd has received tentative approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Gender Of Children May Be Linked To Risk Of Prostate Cancer
(image) Men who have more daughters and no sons, may have a greater risk of getting prostate cancer, according to researchers.

Rajasthan Doctors to Prescribe Medicines by Generic Name
(image) Doctors at government-run hospitals in Rajasthan will now have to prescribe medicines by their generic names instead of

'Hooded Horror': Death by Hanging
(image) i'Death - the last sleep? No it is the final awakening' - Walter Scott/i In the early hou

Herpes Simplex and Alzheimer's Disease Linked to Single Gene
(image) Scientists have now uncovered graphic evidence that suggests a link between a particular gene named ApoE-4 with the occu

Another Feather in the (Folic) Cap - Folic Acid Foils Hearing Loss
(image) Folic acid, a vital B vitamin is a must in the medicine chest of a pregnant woman. It is well known that deficiency of f

Interferon-treatment for Hepatitis C may Cause Retinopathy
(image) Persons treated with Interferon (IFN)to treat chronic hepatitis C are at risk of suffering from retinopathy during tre

Excessive Male Hormones can Cause Bulimia in Women
(image) Bulimia is an eating disorder. However it is regarded as a psychological disorder. Dr Sabine Nissan from Karolinska Inst

Parkinson's Drugs Could Increase Heart Disease Risk
(image) Some drugs used in the treatment of Parkinson's appear to increase the risk of heart valve disease, says a new study.

Women Drinkers Could Face More Depression
(image) Women who drink alcohol heavily over a short period of time or drink continuously over a number of days or weeks are lik

'Picture-To-Speech' Projects Help Disabled Speak
(image) A "picture-to-speech" project in Singapore is using a customised personal digital assistant (PDA) to dramatically improv

Sway Schizophrenics With Incentives to Avail Regular Treatment
(image) You may be shocked to know that nearly 20% to 50% of patients availing psychiatric services play truant with their medic

Successful Separation of ND Conjoined Twins in Mayo Clinic
(image) Yesterday, the surgical team was led by Dr. Christopher Moir at Minnesota's Mayo Clinic has successfully separated five-

Skin Patch Relieves Parkinson's Symptoms-study
(image) A skin patch promises to alleviate symptoms of early-stage Parkinson's disease, and may be a good substitute to consumpt

Potential Key to Brain Blood-Flow Disorders Explored by Scientists
(image) Scientists at University of Vermont have uncovered the possible causes for brain disorders such as stroke, migraine, and

Global Homoeopathy Conference Underway in Agra
(image) An international homeopathy conference is taking place in this Taj Mahal city, attended by over 80 delegates from India

Online Prayers Helps Cancer Patients
(image) A new study conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center of Excellence in Cancer Communications Research that

Estrogen Curbs Appetite: Research
(image) Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have found out that Estrogen regulates the brain's energy metabolism in the same

More Ugandan Men Seek Circumcision In 2006
(image) Reports that circumcision procedure could reduce 50% of the HIV infection rate among heterosexual men has led to an incr

Lead Laden Metal Necklaces Turn Noose on Children's Necks
(image) Parents beware! Metal necklaces and key chains bought to satisfy your children's fancy could be dangerous as some of the

Brain-Damaged Girl Frozen in Time to Remain Child-Sized Forever
(image) This is a story about a disabled nine-year-old girl, Ashley X, who will never grow up. Ashley X, who had

A Secret Dossier Predicts Major Changes At NHS, England
(image) Government's disastrous management of the health service has been revealed by the leakage of a document, which predicts

Telephone Outreach Boost CRC Screening In Urban Minority
(image) The findings of a recent study suggest that - Telephone outreach can dramatically increase the incidence of screening fo

Radiation Therapy Combo Cures Prostate Cancer Long-Term
(image) Seventy-four percent of men treated with a combination of radiation seed implants and external beam radiation therapy fo

Researchers Looking for Genes That Control the Brain
(image) Although it's our most vital organ, surprisingly little is known about what constitutes a 'normal' brain. That makes it

Research on Top of the World
(image) Edmund Hillary may never have dreamt of this. His beloved Everest is soon to be part of a research aimed at helping pati

Chromium May Help Diabetes, Cholesterol, and Heart Disease
(image) Most of us think of chromium as the shiny metal in the bumpers of cars. Chrome bumpers are long gone, but the metal play

Avian Flu Unlikely to Spread Through Water Systems
(image) A close relative of the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (H5N1) can be eliminated by waste and drinking water tre