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No Takers for India's First Bird Flu Vaccine
(image) Bhopal: More than six months has passed since a research institute here developed the first vaccine in India against bir

Effect of Snoring on Partners
(image) A study by the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association (BSSAA) reveals that snoring affects relationships to a grea

Scent of a Rose may Give More Than Pleasure
(image) German scientists have found that the scent of roses may help in retaining memories formed during the day.

MRSA Threats Due to Overcrowding
(image) It has been reported that in the hospitals run by NHS trusts, more and more people are at a risk of contracting MRSA due

Light Could Detect Bacteria Faster
(image) The use of light could detect bacteria faster than the current laboratory based detection, which may take hours or even

Mothers of Rebellious Teens- Blame It on THP
(image) Mothers of teenagers may find this hard to digest, but scientists have come out with findings that puts down their 'ragi

Health Benefits Of Cocoa
(image) Unprocessed cocoa is reported to have huge health benefits which could run parallel to that of penicillin or anesthesia/

'Emotional' Genetic Marker for Heart Diseases in Women Identified
(image) Describing the causes of heart disease as a thousand piece puzzle, scientists led by Indrani Halder of the University

Poison Control Training and Research Centre at Chennai
(image) The government of Tamilnadu has set up a facility in Chennai, the state capital, for treatment of poison victims of any/

Australian Food Industry Plans to Phase Out Trans Fats
(image) A meeting of food industry representatives in Sydney has come out with the decision to gradually phase out trans fats fr

Indian American's Contribution in Cancer Gene Discovery
(image) An Indian American is part of a team of scientists who have achieved a major breakthrough in the discovery of a gene tha

Banned Additives Found in Children's Medicines
(image) A mix of additives which are banned from food and drinks are contained in many of the popular medicines of children. Thi

Exam Time Boosts Sales of Memory Enhancers
(image) With school examinations going on, ayurvedic medicines claiming to enhance memory have become big business in Madhya Pra

British Soldiers Suffer Delay of Treatment for Mental Illness
(image) British soldiers who are suffering from mental illness after serving in war-torn Iraq and Afghanistan, were asked to wai

Soy Isoflavones Linked to Lower Prostate Cancer Risk
(image) Increased intake of soy isoflavones significantly reduced the risk of prostate cancer amongst Japanese men by as much as

Obesity And Environmental Chemicals: Research Probes Potential Link
(image) A team of researchers is investigating whether the increasing ubiquity of chemical flame-retardants might be related to

Near Victory Over Vivax Strain of Malaria
(image) Australia - The scientists from the Menzies School of Health Research (MSHR), in Darwin, are ecstatic, following a path

Artificial Urethral Sphincters can Help the Elderly
(image) Artificial urethral sphincters could help stop persistent urine leakage experienced by those whose prostate gland has be

How to Keep Away from Dust Allergy?
(image) Household dust emanating from mattresses and TVs contain possibly hazardous chemicals called polybrominated diphenyl eth

GM Rice to Tackle Diarrhea
(image) US based company has been granted permission to grow a genetically modified (GM) variety of rice from which human protei

In the Eye of a Storm- B (and) L Contact Lens Solution Recalled
(image) New York- In an action replay of events just ten months ago, Bausch and Lomb, have recalled above 1 million bottles of c

Flu Vaccination Must for Asthmatic, US Officials Stress
(image) A study in the US reveals that hardly 29 per cent of the asthmatic children surveyed had received flu shots in 2004-05.

Stem Cells Hold Promise for Treating Neurodegenerative Diseases
(image) A research finds that Human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) hold great promise for benefiting degenerative diseases. The st

'Pan'demonium Over Non -stick Pans
(image) Sydney: An Australian regulator of industrial chemicals has suggested that we may not be able to stomach what pans out f

Inhaled Anesthetics Accelerate the Onset of Neurodegenerative Diseases Like Alzheimer's
(image) Researchers have discovered that common inhaled anesthetics increase the number of amyloid plaques in the brains of anim

Can Certain Common Foods Trigger Cancer?
(image) A new study has thrown light that some common food stuffs like wine, cheese, yogurt and bread contain certain elements t

Flies too Have Immune Memory!
(image) Researchers have found that primitive immune systems of fruit flies may develop long-term protection from infection. I

Rare Brain Condition Linked to Obesity Surgery
(image) American researchers have cautioned that some patients who complete bariatric surgery can develop a rare form of brain c

Take Heart If Your Parents Died at a Ripe Old Age: Framingham Heart Study
(image) Researchers from the decades long Framingham Heart Study, say that if at least one of your parents have lived till 85 ye

CT Scans may Not Benefit Lung Cancer Patients
(image) CT scans for lung cancer could expose people to serious risks of injury and even death from needless surgery, researcher

Minirobot for Medical Procedures Inside Human Body
(image) Japanese researchers have developed a prototype miniature robot that can be inserted through an incision and used to per

Minorities Likely to Keep Fighting Death to the End
(image) Recent study revelations by a growing body of research and leading experts show that African Americans and other minorit

You may Be Risking Fatal Blood Clots Even While Reading This
(image) You don't have to fly long miles by economy class, to risk deep vein thrombosis, say experts. Their research has broug

WHO Calls for Greater Efforts to Fight TB
(image) The World Health Organisation (WHO) Monday hailed the progress of governments of Western Pacific countries in fighting t

Seven Polio Cases Detected in Bihar
(image) Patna: The battle against polio is far from over in Bihar with seven new cases detected this year - an alarming jump in

Unique Savings Scheme Aids Sex Workers
(image) Chennai: A health-linked savings scheme has given a new meaning to life for thousands of sex workers, members of the tra

Donate Kidney And Get Released From Jail Soon
(image) A bill is proposed to be passed in South Carolina, which will enable the early release of inmates from jail if they dona

Actos Linked To Bone Fractures In Diabetic Women
(image) According to a study, diabetic women taking Actos are reported to be more susceptible to bone fractures. This was announ

Caution Urged on Biologic Drugs
(image) European regulators told a Congressional panel today that some biological drugs -- such as insulin and human growth horm

EU to Look at Cloned Meat Safety
(image) Europe's food watchdog is to assess whether meat and dairy products from cloned animals are safe to eat.

Brain's "Default Mode" Awry in Schizophrenia
(image) The 'default mode,' or baseline condition when the brain is idling, is not properly coordinated in patients with schizop

Stroke Treatment Works Better For Men
(image) According to a latest study men seem to be benefited more from clot busting treatment than women after a stroke. This wa

Kenya, Surrounding Region Lack Capacity To Handle XDR-TB, Experts Say
(image) Kenya and its surrounding region lack the capacity to handle extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis, if the disease spr

Study Aims to Find Which Breast Cancer Patients Need Chemotherapy
(image) Most postmenopausal women with small breast tumors don't need chemotherapy to reduce their recurrence risk after lumpect

Pacifier Use May Lower Risk of SIDS
(image) The risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), the third leading cause of infant death, may be lowered through the use

Diabetes Linked To Consumption Of Soft Drinks
(image) A recent study indicates the negative impact of soft drinks on health. Dr. Kelly Brownell from the Yale University in Co

"Cell Suicide Bombers" to Stop Cancer Growth
(image) After Iraq the very term suicide bombing evokes visions of horror. But there could be a really beneficial suicide bombin

Genetics may Play Role in Heart Health
(image) More people in the Western world die of heart disease than of any other cause, led by heart attacks and strokes that, in

Computer Programmers, need not fear Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
(image) Computer programmers and seamstresses, cheer up. That stinging pain centered on your forearms, that numbness you experie

The First Commercially Available Brain Computer Interface
(image) A Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) provides a new communication channel between the human brain and the computer. Mental

Wake Up to Sleeping Sickness Issue, Say Scientists
(image) Scientists in Uganda have called for the international community to take more interest in sleeping sickness and help com

Pacemaker Patients Should Be Screened for Sleep Apnea
(image) In a study, researchers found that almost 60 percent of pacemaker patients had undiagnosed sleep apnea which might have

Harbinger of Hope for Kala Azar Victims of Bihar
(image) Patna: Landless labourers of a Bihar village affected by Kala Azar, will soon have a decent house, thanks to the governm

Green Tea may Help to Fight Lung Cancer
(image) Green tea may help fight lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer deaths in both women and men throughout the world, sho

Viagra Helps Patients With Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
(image) Research finds that Viagra helps patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. This disease is incurable and is character

Post Operative Complications More in Obese Patients
(image) Researchers find that obese patients have a significantly higher risk of complications following surgery, including hear

Zolpidem Might Assist Patients With Akinetic Mutism
(image) A new study finds that zolpidem, temporarily improved brain function in a patient suffering from akinetic mutism. The pa

More US Children to Be Covered by Health Insurance
(image) Washington's governor has made a move that would please even his political opponents. Governor Chris Gregoi

HIV Testing Improves After Withdrawal of Consent Letter
(image) A change in the procedure for HIV testing is reported to increase the rate of HIV testing. This was disclosed by a study

Chinese Health Ministry Okays KFC
(image) After a food scare that swept the nation off KFC last week, the Chinese Ministry of Health has come out with a clarifica

WHO On Measures To Combat Spurious Medicines
(image) At a conference held at Prague on Tuesday, the World Health Organization along with twenty technological companies discu

Bring on the 'Santa Clauses'
(image) Describing his study as a 'springboard for developing new and better ways to prevent suicide', a researcher has come out

HIV Children Live Longer Than Expected
(image) It was found in Zimbabwe that children who were affected with AIDS continue to grow into adolescents with some aberratio

Manufacturers of Infant Formula Milk Asked to Do Away With Exaggerated Nutritional Claims
(image) If you look at the promotional literature of most popular brands of infant formula milk, claims of it being an alternati

Well-known Kerala Actor, Mohanlal, Turns AIDS Activist
(image) The popular south Indian Actor, Mohanlal, who has built an enviable reputation in the Malayalam movie industry, has deci

Afghanistan Reports Fresh Bird Flu Cases
(image) Afghanistan has reported thirteen fresh cases of bird flu, taking the total toll to 17, health officials confirmed. b

Programs to Prevent Falls Among Elders Not Doing Their Work
(image) Researchers have come out with findings that suggest that programs to help the elderly see more clearly had better be ke

Wiping Out Memories Selectively, is Possible Now
(image) It could be possible to wipe out memories selectively from the human brain. Researchers are now emboldened on this front

Fight Nicotine With Brisk Walking
(image) "Withdrawal symptoms related to smoking can be better handled with walking", says a research finding. This was publishe

Peanut Butter turns bitter
(image) Washington - A certain batch of peanut butter, bought as early as Oct 2004, is declared unsafe for consumption and has b

Experiments on Mount Everest to Study Oxygen Deprivation Effect
(image) To study the effects of oxygen deprivation on the human body, a group of doctors from the University College, London wou

Beta Carotene Pills Do Not Remedy Age-related Macular Degeneration
(image) Chicago- Beta carotene was thought to remedy eyesight problems, an extension of the advice most of us have grown up with

New Initiative to Combat Infant Mortality
(image) India's Health Ministry would soon be launching a major initiative to reduce infant mortality rate in 80 districts of th

Fatty Acid Supplements may Help Develop Child's Brain
(image) Giving children supplements of Omega-3 fatty acids, found naturally in oily fish, could help develop their brain, says a

World Kidney Day - Caring for the Kidneys
(image) March 8th is commemorated as the biWorld Kidney Day/i/b every year. In today's world, communicable di

Gene Study Offers Hope of Potent Anti-cancer Drugs
(image) A study has opened the way for a new generation of drugs to combat the genes that give rise to the growth of cancer tu

Prevalence of AIDS Cases in UAE is Low
(image) Abu Dhabi: The latest statistics by the Ministry of Health (MoH), United Arab Emirates has revealed 645 cases of AIDS at

Northwest China Region Reports Six New Cases of HIV Daily
(image) Alongside China's breathtaking economic development, it is undergoing some tough time on the health front, especially on

Healing With Music Therapy
(image) Agra: Trigunateet Jaimini, a well-known musician from Vrindaban, prescribes music therapy for health. Melodies recommend

Indian American Records Brain Dialogue During Sleep
(image) A team of neuroscientists led by an Indian American has recorded groundbreaking recordings of activity in two brain regi

Seeing is Believing - Cigarette Packs in India to Carry Graphic Description of Risks
(image) New Delhi - This is good news for the families of 200 million Indians who are regular users of tobacco products.

Cigarette Packs to Carry Graphic Warnings
(image) Pictures of corpses, cancerous mouths and the caption 'your smoking kills babies' would be displayed on packets of tobac

Shortage of Human Cadavers for Medical Training
(image) The Royal College of Surgeons have expressed concern about the paucity of donor bodies, which is a setback to medical te

Health Expenditure on Illegal Immigrants
(image) Washington- A study conducted by U.S. researchers in North Carolina sought to tabulate expenditures related to health ca

Artificial Vein to Boost Surgery and Ease Patient Trauma
(image) Doctors have for long relied on veins taken out of a person's body to replace narrowed, blocked or damaged blood vessels

Trial Run of Copper to Combat MRSA
(image) Copper the pinkish red metal, which was in use even in ancient civilizations, is now been increasingly considered in m

Powerful Anti-breast-cancer Pill on the Anvil
(image) The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted marketing approval to pharmaceutical giant bGlaxoSmithKline/b

Sleeping Pills can Sometimes Cause 'sleep-driving' and Allergic Reactions - FDA
(image) All sleeping pills may sometimes cause a bizarre but dangerous side effect -- sleep-driving, the US Food and Drug Adm

No Dying in Peace for Woman Prescribed Medical Pot
(image) Angel Raich describes herself as a 'dead man walking'. The 41-year mother of two has been informed of possible prosecuti

NHS Leaner by 11000 Employees
(image) Many people have lost their jobs with the NHS in the last quarter of 2006.The total number of employees in the NHS is 11

Booster Dose for Chickenpox Vaccine Recommended
(image) A study has been released by U.S scientists working for the Centers of Disease Control, Atlanta, that suggest immunity f

Children Infected With HIV at Birth Do Survive into Adolescence
(image) Children infected with HIV at birth do survive into adolescence, a study conducted in Zimbabwe seems to indicate.

Science Stacks Up for Flavonoids for Heart Health
(image) A diet rich in flavonoids, compounds in fruit, vegetables, coffee, tea and chocolate, could slash the risk associated to

Scientists Discover New Type of Cancer Cell
(image) New York, US scientists have discovered a new type of cells, which they say appear to play a role in the development o

EU Considers Allowing Cloned Meat, Milk on Market
(image) Meat and milk from cloned animals could soon become available in the EU, depending on the outcome of a European Food Saf

Brazil's Claim to Fame - Fat Women and Drunk Men, Survey Finds
(image) Brasilia - Svelte models have lent their charm in the many carnivals for which Rio de Janeiro is well-known. Having set

India's Life Expectancy to Go Up to 75 Plus
(image) India's life expectancy is projected to increase from the current 64.7 years to 75.6 years by the middle of the century

Blood Pressure is a Measure of Country's Happiness
(image) Blood pressure could certainly be an indicator of one's happiness. Researchers at the University of Warwick have found a

Strategy to Reduce Blood Pressure in Low-income African American Men
(image) New York - A five year comprehensive study on low-income black men suffering hypertension has revealed that a blend of m

UK to Pull Pseudoephedrine
(image) The move could force pharmaceutical companies into a reformulation drive to produce alternative over the counter (OTC) c