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Discourses of Keidansky


Author: Bernard G. Richards

Language: English

Published: 1903

The Orpheus C. Kerr Papers, Series 1


Author: Robert H. Newell

Language: English

Published: 1862

The Stolen Heiress


Author: Susanna Centlivre

Language: English

Published: 1702

A theatrical work with many layers. The play was originally advertised as being written by a man. These kinds of circumstances surrounding the time and place the play was written are both implied and referred to.

A Romance of Kangaroo Point


Author: Ernest Favenc

Language: English

Published: 1876

A satiric comedy in an urban setting first printed in the Queenslander in 1876 and ascribed to Dramingo, a pen-name used by Favenc.

The Adventurous Simplicissimus



being the description of the Life of a Strange vagabond named Melchior Sternfels von Fuchshaim

Author: Hans Jacob Christoph von Grimmelshausen

Language: English

Published: 1912

The novel follows a boy from the Spessart named Simplicius in the Holy Roman Empire during the 30 Years War as he grows up in the depraved environment and joins the armies of both warring sides, switching allegiances several times. Born to an illiterate peasant family, he is separated from his home by foraging dragoons and is eventually adopted by a forest hermit. He is conscripted at a young age into service, and from there embarks on years of foraging, military triumph, wealth, prostitution, disease, travels to Russia, and countless other adventures.--Wikipedia

Frederick Hale



A biographical sketch

Author: Anonymous

Language: English

Underground Man


Author: Gabriel Tarde

Language: English

Published: 1905

The sun dies, the world is frozen, and Miltiades comes to the rescue by suggesting a retirement into the interior of the planet, where warmth may be had from the internal fires. This suggestion is carried out, and we have new and wonderful conditions of life in galleries and tunnels--a better and less artificial life, the historian would have us believe. The whole idea is very cleverly sustained, and the author seizes his opportunities to laugh at existing social ideas, yet, at the same time, has many profound thoughts underneath his jests and irony.

Paris Lions and London Tigers


Author: Harriette Wilson

Language: English

Published: 1825

Don Juan



Author: Lord George Gordon Byron

Language: English

Published: 1819

The Revolt of the Angels



Author: Anatole France

Language: English

Published: 1914

This novel by the great French stylist presents graphically the irrepressible conflict between science and theology.

Augusta Triumphans



Or, the Way to Make London the Most Flourishing City in the Universe

Author: Daniel Defoe

Language: English

Second Thoughts are Best: Or a Further Improvement of a Late Scheme to Prevent Street Robberies


Author: Daniel Defoe

Language: English

Published: 1729

BY WHICHOur Streets will be strongly guarded, and so gloriously illuminated, that any part of London will be as safe and pleasant at Midnight as at Noonday; and Burglary totally impracticable:WithSome Thoughts for suppressing Robberies in all the Public Roads of England, &c.HumblyOffered for the Good of his Country, submitted to the Consideration of the Parliament, and dedicated to his sacred Majesty King George II.

An Humble Proposal to the People of England, for the Increase of their Trade, and Encouragement of Their Manufactures


Whether the Present Uncertainty of Affairs Issues in Peace or War

Author: Daniel Defoe

Language: English

Published: 1729




Author: Andrew Lang

Language: English

Published: 1887

A parody of H. Rider Haggard's "She."

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn



Tom Sawyer's Comrade

Author: Mark Twain

Language: English

Published: 1884

In this book a number of dialects are used, to wit: the Missouri negro dialect; the extremest form of the backwoods Southwestern dialect; the ordinary "Pike County" dialect; and four modified varieties of this last. The shadings have not been done in a haphazard fashion, or by guesswork; but painstakingly, and with the trustworthy guidance and support of personal familiarity with these several forms of speech.I make this explanation for the reason that without it many readers would suppose that all these characters were trying to talk alike and not succeeding.

Master Flea



Specimens of German Romance, Vol. II

Author: E.T.A. Hoffmann

Language: English

Published: 1826

An Appeal to Honour and Justice, Though It Be of His Worst Enemies.


Being A True Account of His Conduct in Public Affairs.

Author: Daniel Defoe

Language: English

Published: 1715

The Adventure of the Table Foot


Author: Allan Ramsay

Language: English

Published: 1896

The Orpheus C. Kerr Papers. Series 3


Author: Robert H. Newell

Language: English

Published: 1865

The New Utopia



Author: Jerome K. Jerome

Language: English

Published: 1891




The Super-State

Author: Owen Gregory

Language: English

Published: 1918

This prophetic description of Germany in 1970 is full of grim humor; but it is more grim than humorous. By that time Germany has become entirely segregated from the rest of Europe and even to get there travelers have to cross a No Man's Land of five miles. Germany, isolated from the civilized world, continues on quite logical lines, her mania for the State and Liberty is never mentioned except by a few old men in lunatic asylums.

The History of the Devil


As Well Ancient as Modern: In Two Parts

Author: Daniel Defoe

Language: English

Published: 1726

Daisy's Necklace


And What Came of It

Author: Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Language: English

Published: 1856

Purporting to be a burlesque of the sentimental novels of the "Alonzo and Melissa" type, the burlesque inheres wholly in the humorous Prologue and Appendices.

The Fortunate Mistress



or a History of the Life of Mademoiselle de Beleau Known by the Name of the Lady Roxana

Author: Daniel Defoe

Language: English

Published: 1724

La rana viajera



Author: Julio Camba

Language: Spanish

Published: 1920

Spain -- Description and travel -- Anecdotes, facetiae, satire, etc.

Au Pays des Moines



(Noli me Tangere)

Author: José Rizal

Language: French

Published: 1899

The True-Born Englishman


A Satire

Author: Daniel Defoe

Language: English

Published: 1701



Philosophical History

Author: Voltaire

Language: English

Published: 1752

This novel can be seen as an imitation of Gulliver's Travels. It contains many allusions.

The Bending of a Twig


Author: Desmond Coke

Language: English

Published: 1906

If this book had a sub-title, it would run, not "A Story of Shrewsbury Life," but "A Story and a Criticism." Its modest aim is, in fact, to level destructive satire at the conventional school story, and on its ruins to erect a structure rather nearer to real life.

Augustus Carp, Esq.


Being the Autobiography of a Really Good Man

Author: Henry Howarth Bashford

Language: English

Published: 1924