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Joint Effort: Striking 'Bone' Homie with Arthritis
(image) Arthritis can make life one hell of a 'pain', none but the patients themselves can best associate with this statement. P

Male Contraceptive Drug - Non Hormonal Alternative
(image) A contraceptive drug for men , based on a non hormonal approach is being studied by scientists. Until now , the fact tha

Hostility breeds against Homeopathy in England following new regulations
(image) Last month, The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency amended licensing rules pertaining homoeopathic medi

Cold Weather deaths on the rise
(image) The death toll due to cold weather in England and Wales is 25,000 as per the official figures released. Th

Obesity in Delhi school children on the rise
(image) According to a new study, there is an increase in the percentage of obese kids in the Capital. Dr Anoop Misra, director

Anti-HIV drive intensified in Haryana
(image) The Harayana government has established 22 Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres at Government General Hospitals an

FMD tests at abattoir
(image) Tests for Foot and Mouth disease (FMD) were carried out at the abattoir where the 2001 outbreak started. Restrictions we

Heavy weight truths about NSW residents
(image) Latest statistics reveal that more than half the population in New South Wales is suffering from obesity.More than 51% o

Bird flu outbreak prevented by Tamiflu
(image) The Indian Government used the drug Tamiflu to avert the bird flu outbreak when the deadly virus H5N1 struck the country

Stomach Bruises Can Lead To Pancreas Infection
(image) Accidents involving bicycles or scooters often lead to infection of the pancreas in children, according to a study publi

Isotopes For Cancer Treatment In India
(image) An advanced project for installation and operation of a modern cyclotron - which can be used to treat cancer - is being

Hindustan Latex To Market Vaccines
(image) State-owned Hindustan Latex Ltd (HLL), India's largest manufacturer of contraceptive and healthcare products, is set to

Superbug C.difficile Causes Nine Deaths In Montreal Hospital
(image) Honore-Mercier hospital in St.Hyacinthe, 65 km south east of Montreal has had an outbreak of Clostridium difficile rel

Counseling Counters Insomnia
(image) A recent study done on patients to unravel the effect of behavioral counseling on insomnia has reinforced that in just

Dengue Cases Go Up In Pakistan
(image) The number of dengue fever afected patients rose Saturday to 1,772 in Pakistan, according to a report from the website o

New Health Insurance Scheme for Diabetics Unveiled
(image) Mumbai: A critical insurance scheme targeted for people with Type 2 Diabetes, named 'Diabetes Care' was unfurled on Satu

Quest for an hour glass figure results in rise of eating disorders by the hour
(image) London: Obesity, now an infamous subject in Britain has a new companion. A recent report has shown that one in every 100

Flower Therapy New Fad In Jaipur
(image) For the beauty conscious in Jaipur, flower therapy is becoming the most sought-after treatment for skin ailments. Helpi

Youngsters on a new 'high' with caffeine supplements
(image) There is an alarming rise in the number of youngsters today suffer from disorders that arise out of the excessive use of

Majority Chinese Men Lack Testosterone: Report
(image) More than half of Chinese middle-aged men show symptoms of depression, irascibility, aching joints, excessive sweating a

Stem cells in regeneration of breast tissue in Cancer patients
(image) The American scientists have devised a technique that could put an end to reconstructive surgery for women recovering fr

Canada proudly showcases state-of-the-art Public Hospital in Ottawa
(image) It was a moment of pride of people of the Ottawa region when the classy gleaming state-of-the-art Royal Ottawa Mental He

Drop in smoking rate stalls
(image) Federal Health officials reported that an 8-year decline in the smoking rate among the adults in the U.S. has flattened

Veggies ensure the brain doesn't vegetate
(image) Chicago: Among the known value adds of vegetables, this one really takes the carrot! New research on vegetables and agin

Cancer Gene Code, Decoded
(image) The genetic code of breast and colon cancers which was esoteric, is now unplugged by scientists from America, showing 20

Pet Peeves: Conservatives Howl at Proposal to Share NHS Hosp by Pets and People
(image) A bid to utilize a debt ridden NHS hospital's radiotherapy department to dogs and cats ailing from cancer drew criticism

A Compensation Deal is Better Late than Never!
(image) Nearly 180 hemophiliacs contaminated with hepatitis C through blood transfusions of contaminated blood in the 1980s and

Babies Found with Mysterious Bone Fractures
(image) Hospitals in the Netherlands capital have increased security in paediatric wards after three babies were found with brok

Statistics Show Steep Rise of Female Smokers in Hong Kong
(image) Social change and marketing campaigns by tobacco companies have been blamed for a 45 percent increase in the number of f

Acupuncture for chronic pain in Osteoarthritis patients
(image) People normally take anti-inflammatory drugs to treat osteoarthritis (OA). However, these drugs produce several side eff

Turmeric to prevent arthritis and osteoporosis
(image) Long trusted Turmeric the must have spice in every Indian home now finds itself in the limelight with western scientists

Fast food giant KFC to switch to trans fat free menus
(image) The world famous fried chicken fast food restaurant chain KFC Corp., which boasts of over 5,500 outlets globally, has an

Faster Approval Procedures Urged For New TB Drugs
(image) Medicins Sans Frontiers(MSF), on Monday called for fast tracking of the approval procedures for drugs which are likely t

Innovative treatment for Skin Cancer
(image) Scientists in Scotland have developed a light-emitting sticking plaster, which they claim will cure skin cancer. Human t

Vaccine For Meningococcal Disease Trialled In Western Australia
(image) A vaccine which could protect children from meningococcal disease is being trialled by researchers in Perth. Until now

Patient Safety Not Addressed by NHS
(image) Safety lapses that result in almost 34,000 deaths a year in hospitals are not being addressed by the NHS according to th

Fake Condoms Come to Light
(image) 17 packets of counterfeit condoms of Durex best-selling 'extra safe' range were seized in west London by British authori

Piercing breast led to mastectomy in teenager
(image) A young 18 year old who got her breasts pierced for her 18th birthday suffered near fatal infection in her left breast t

Gene Variant associated with Schizophrenia identified
(image) According to a team of researchers from the Edinburgh University, the risk of development of psychotic symptoms is highe

Salmonella Outbreak under Investigation
(image) Around 172 people in 18 states has been infected by a salmonella outbreak according to health officials on Monday. br

Auction in support of fight against Breast Cancer
(image) Ford is auctioning off fighters in pink race gear on e Bay in favor of Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. October

Breast Cancer Patients Sent to Australia for Treatment
(image) Staff shortages and recent industrial action has caused Auckland City Hospital to send 30 breast cancer patients to Aust

Forlorn souls rev up at dawn with Hormone boost
(image) Older people who are deprived of company and sad and lonely at the end of a day gets elevated levels of circulating st

Ingenious Biodegradable Heart Stent May Dictate Advancements in Heart Stent Technology
(image) A heart specialist from down under has experimented with a novel type of heart stent that utilizes biodegradable tubes t

Seventh Human Succumbs to Bird Flu in Egypt
(image) Egypt has recorded the seventh human death due to bird flu, according to the recent communique by the Health Ministry.

Low Health Literacy Interferes with Good Health Care
(image) Medical information can be confusing. And most of us can recall having difficulty deciphering health information at one

Breast Cancer linked to Gene Risk
(image) According to doctors women who have close relatives suffering from breast cancer but who may not have the main genetic m

Alzheimer's - From Curiosity To Worldwide Disease
(image) On Nov 3, 1906 the psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer presented a paper entitled "Regarding a curious disease of the cortex"./

China's First Gay Health Clinic Commences Operations
(image) The Communist Government has taken cognizance of the escalation in AIDS/HIV cases, and have begun to act fast to control

Key Signaling Switch Identified in Allergic Disease
(image) A research team has identified a key enzyme responsible for triggering a chain of events that results in allergic reacti

Making Headway Against Hepatitis C
(image) Saint Louis University Liver Center scientists are presenting research today on a more effective way to treat hepatitis

Herbal Twist: Plausible Cure for Diabetes 'Crops' Up
(image) We have always gone back to nature and tapped its endless resources for cures to many nagging ailments. With the world s

Asian Men are Reluctant to Seek Help for Impotency: Report
(image) Impotent Asian men are reluctant to seek medical treatment to correct the malady, a media report said Tuesday.

Medicines to Cost Less
(image) New Delhi: In a major step towards making healthcare more affordable, over 880 medicines including common painkillers, c

Brain stem Defects associated with SIDS
(image) According to a recent research, an infant's risk of cot death or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is increased by the

Kerala to Venture into Medical Tourism
(image) The backbone of Kerala's economy has always been the tourism industry with the scenic beauty of the famous backwaters

AIDS to be tackled through Computer Games
(image) UNICEF, the United Nations children's agency has launched the first online game in Kiswahili, with the aim of tackling

Amniocentesis Safer for Pregnant Women
(image) Amniocentesis is the most commonly prescribed invasive test performed during pregnancies in the United States. Most wome

Artificial Liver from Cord Blood Stem cells
(image) A tiny human liver has been grown from umbilical cord blood stem cells for the first time by British scientists. This el

Antidepressants Linked to Lower Child Suicide Rates
(image) Researchers report an inverse relationship between antidepressant prescriptions and the rates of suicide in children a

A Timely Reminder Of Devastating Health Impact Of Climate Change
(image) AMA President, Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, today welcomed the Stern Review as a timely and authoritative reminder of the devast

Sexual Behavior is inclined towards monogamy, reveals survey
(image) A world-wide survey which has sought to understand sexual behaviors has revealed, the abiding worries about the rise in

Music therapy for Schizophrenics
(image) According to British scientists, symptoms of schizophrenia can be relieved by music therapy. Researchers fro

Moms to be, beware of meth - It can hamper growth and development in your babies
(image) The many pregnant methamphetamine users who inevitably convey the poisonous toxic meth chemicals to their unborn fetus ,

Anti-Bird flu surveillance stepped-up in Britain
(image) As a new strain of bird flu virus has been detected in Asia, the British government announced the increase in patrolling

Iron intake reduces risk of infertility
(image) According to a recent study, there was a significant reduction in risk of infertility in women who took iron supplements

Vaccine may overcome Common Infections: Researchers
(image) Staphylococcus aureus infections may soon be overcome by a newly developed vaccine according to U.S. researchers on Tues

Carefully Monitored Treatment Can Help Those Who Suffer from Depression
(image) More than two-thirds of people who suffer from major depression can become symptom-free if they are willing to work with

Increased Warning over heart drugs
(image) There has been a dramatic increase in the number of statin prescriptions in recent years, as is to be publicized at th

New Rhinosinusitis Clinical Trials Guidance Developed
(image) More than 30 million Americans can attest that rhinosinusitis - an often recurring combination of congestion, discolored

Drug Prescribed for Migraines and Seizures Increases Risk of Kidney Stones
(image) Topiramate (Topamax), a drug commonly prescribed to treat seizures and migraine headaches, can increase the propensity o

Lesser Calories for Longer Life
(image) Scientists have long tried to find ways and means to slow down aging. Recent research has revealed that calorie restrict

The Coffee- Sperm Damage Link Factor
(image) Recent studies show that consumption of even moderate amounts of coffee (3 cups a day) can affect a man's ability to hav

More Stress, More Cancer
(image) More stress can lead to the growth and spread of cancer and controlling stress might help to control it, says a recent r

Women Testing Negative for Familial Breast Cancer Gene Still at Increased Risk
(image) Women testing negative for the two inherited breast cancer genes are still at increased risk of developing the disease,

Private Health Clinics in the Capital on Strike
(image) Over 2,600 private health clinics including nursing homes in the national capital went on a daylong strike on Wednesday/

People with early AMD not benefited by Laser Treatment
(image) It was earlier thought that low-intensity laser treatment was potentially beneficial in slowing and preventing the loss

Risks of Suicide among Black Americans
(image) The myth that Blacks are less inclined to commit suicide as compared to Whites was dispelled by a novel study that built

Massage May Help Dementia Patients With Agitation
(image) Massage could offer a drug-free way to treat agitation and depression among dementia patients, but there are still too f

The Tech Savvy Patient Knocks on the Doors of Telemedicine and Virtual Clinics
(image) Britain: Technology savvy patients are experimenting with medical consultations and patients are seen tapping the online

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Gardasil Included In Subsidized CDC program
(image) The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has decided to include Gardasil , Merck (and) Co.Inc's new cervical

Fat or old - Swig red wine to live long says study
(image) Researchers at the Harvard Medical School and the National Institute on Aging have reported that a natural compound

Breast Cancer may no longer be a killer disease
(image) Experts at a conference organized in London by the Breast Cancer Campaign charity yesterday suggested that breast cancer

Staph Vaccine Possible After Success In Mice Study
(image) A vaccine has been developed by a US scientist that has worked against different strains of Staphylococcus aureus in mi

Tomatoes: Culprits of Salmonella outbreak
(image) Contaminated tomatoes and infected food service workers are suspected to be behind the Salmonella outbreak that has sick

Wide Differences between NHS staff and ministers
(image) While the government officials continue to extol the virtues of the NHS, staff who run the service have taken to the str

Massive expansion of Anti-AIDS programme in Southern Africa
(image) The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies revealed their plan to expand the anti-AIDS program

New chemo combination to fight breast cancer better
(image) The New England Journal of Medicine reports the latest research done in Britain claim that new frontiers have been cross

Paunch Size Linked To Cardiovascular Diseases Risk: Study
(image) Measure your waist regularly, because the size of your paunch is directly related to the risk of contracting cardiovascu

Mystery Killer Disease In Nepal Diagnosed As Cerebral Malaria
(image) The mystery disease that has spread in some villages of Banke district in mid-western Nepal for the past two weeks was d

Fish Oils Supplements Could Cool Violent Children
(image) Fish oil supplements could help cool and control the anger of children with behavioural problems, says a new study. Res

Russia Hit By Cheap Bootleg Vodka Epidemic
(image) Hospital wards in some of Russia's most remote locations have been overcrowded for several days as scores of patients, a

Diabetics press for additional government involvement in finding cures
(image) With diabetes becoming a notorious disease, diabetics feel the government could do a lot more to curb the growth of the

New Bird Flu Virus Resistant To Vaccine: Study
(image) A new strain of the killer H5N1 avian flu virus that had emerged in early 2006 in China and southeast Asia appeared t

New Flat Keyboard To Tackle Hospital Super Bug
(image) A hospital in London has developed a flat computer keyboard that it claims could help reduce incidences of methicillin-r

NYC health agenda: Dishing out calorie content of items on the menu
(image) New York City's health department is chewing upon the idea of listing the calorie content of the food available on the m

Bill Gates pours in funds for diarrhea treatment reseach
(image) A San Francisco nonprofit pharmaceutical company was given (Dollor) 46 million to develop its research on innovative treatment

Prevalence of Celiac disease in children with type 1 diabetes
(image) A recent study reveals that 1-in-8 children with type-1 diabetes are affected by celiac disease. The al

WHO takes initiative to fight corruption tainted medicine production-supply chain
(image) The WHO in a shocking revelation pointed out that although very difficult to disseminate actual figures it has been esti

Low Folate Diet increases Colorectal Cancer risk
(image) According to a recent research, a diet with low level of folic acid increases the risk of colorectal cancer. This stud