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FieldPoint Family topics

FieldPoint Family topics

Published: Mon, 22 Jan 2018 01:22:30 GMT2018-01-22T01:22:30Z



Fri, 22 Dec 2017 13:03:27 GMT2017-12-22T13:03:27Z

sir can u please tell me the difference between d3 graph library and labview in dealing with the graph


obtain program from cFP

Wed, 06 Dec 2017 12:35:38 GMT2017-12-06T12:35:38Z


I am new to LabVIEW. I have a cFP-2100 currently running and I want to edit the program in it. I don't have the original program I only have the exe file is there is a way to get the original program out of the cFP itself like by connecting my PC to it and uploading the program from the cFP to my PC. 

16-bit Analog Output Module

Wed, 01 Nov 2017 22:04:22 GMT2017-11-01T22:04:22Z

I currently have a system with two cFP-AI-100 FieldPoint A/D Modules that are accompanied by a cFP-AO-210 Module. They are both 12-bit, but I’m looking to upgrade my system’s resolution with a cFP-AI-110 with 16-bits. Is there a 16-bit AO module that I would need to get as well?

MAX finds one FP 1601 on a sub net but not a second 1601

Mon, 21 Aug 2017 13:22:54 GMT2017-08-21T13:22:54Z

I have a legacy system using two 1601 controllers operated by a Windows 2000 system


We have been forced to remove the Win 2000 system from the company network for security reasons. Prior to removal the Win 2000 system found and operated both 1601s without problem,....for the past nearly 20 years


So we have connected the two 1601s to a switch which is connected to the Win2000 system. Nothing else is now on this subnet.


When we power up, MAX can only find one of the 1601s and that system appears to work as before. He always finds the same on.However, it won't find the other 1601 system


if i plug the unfound system directly into the Win2000 computer (bypassing the switch altogethor, now only the Win2000 computer and the unfound 1601 are on the subnet) MAX finds the "unfound" 1601 and it appears to work fine.


Any suggestions on why when connected through the switch MAX can only find one system? 



Compact FieldPoint Life cycle

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 13:45:47 GMT2017-06-21T13:45:47Z

Is there a cFP life-cycle page on the NI site?  I thought I saw one before they completely revamped the site, can't find it now.

voltage buildup on some unconnected AI-112 terminals

Tue, 06 Jun 2017 07:14:44 GMT2017-06-06T07:14:44Z


I have this strange issue that some terminals tend to autobuildup voltage. And some doesn't.

Usually it doesn't bother me since the module is measuring correctly when I connect sensors. BUT the buildup goes up to the range limit of the module, 10.4V and generates errors. 

I have read the Knowledge Base 2XBC04Q2 but I'm not really happy with its solution. Would this mean that I have to connect a 100Ohm resistance to every channel? And why do some AI-112 modules show this behaviour while others don't.


Thank you for any help


FTP bounce vulnerability

Thu, 11 May 2017 07:32:35 GMT2017-05-11T07:32:35Z

A customer of ours did a security check on a cFP-2220 from us and came back with a request for an update to fix the ftp server's vulnerability for bonce attacks ( there any such security update available for the VxWorks-version running on the cFP-2220 that we could apply?


Preferably they would like to switch from ftp and http to ftps and https (they are worried about clickjacking etc). I guess that's not an option with the cFP-2220, they would need to change their hardware to one of the Linux RT-based controllers, right?

Error on FieldPoint Module (App Defined #1)

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 17:16:52 GMT2017-03-17T17:16:52Z

Hey everyone,

This error I'm seeing is on an Analog Output module. I can read the channel fine, but when I write to the channel I get an error that the shared variable cannot be found in the library (but the library has been saved and deployed). The shared variable points to a psp url (\FP\6AO\05) and the distributed system manager shows the error. Funny thing is is that the point adjusts fine, but the error still comes up. Any ideas what the "App Defined #1" is? All other channels are fine...

Connection to cFP-AO-210

Thu, 10 Nov 2016 14:34:46 GMT2016-11-10T14:34:46Z

Dear all,


I have a question on how to connect loads to a cFP-AO-210 module. According to the operating manual, the maximum current for the loads connected via an external power supply is 10 mA. Is there any way that you know of to build an external circuit (for example with transistor) that I can connect to a load, to overcome such limit?


Thank you in advance,



cFP RLY 425 screw terminals

Thu, 06 Oct 2016 13:09:51 GMT2016-10-06T13:09:51Z

I have a cFP-RLY-425 that is missing its screw terminals and am having a difficult time finding replacements.  Any suggestions on where to purchase would be much appreciated.

Channel address for field point network modules

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 17:53:40 GMT2016-06-24T17:53:40Z

Hi all,


I have a FP-1000 network module connected to FP-D0-210, FP-A0-210, and FP-AI-110. I am communicating with these modules through Terminal on OS-X; but i can't figure out addresses for corresponding channels in hexadecimal on these modules. Anything would be helpful.



Vibbhav Mittal 

Is there a way to simulate a fieldpoint module?

Sat, 11 Jun 2016 01:52:10 GMT2016-06-11T01:52:10Z

I am looking for a way to simulate a FieldPoint module such as the cFP-AIO-600. I do not have one on hand, but I would like to develop software that uses it. Is this possible?

ask for a help in a mini project:text to speech

Tue, 24 May 2016 06:03:58 GMT2016-05-24T06:03:58Z

I've been working on a project that should convert a text to speech in arabic language . This program consist to convert each letter from the file(.py type) to a number (correspond unicode) in1D array then following to this unicode we choose the right wave file.

Why cant MAX see my cFP1808's?

Fri, 13 May 2016 10:34:00 GMT2016-05-13T10:34:00Z

I have just purchased two cFP1808 chassis but when I try to configure them using MAX, they do not appear under Remote Sysems. I have a direct ethernet connection to the devices using a CAT5 XOVER cable and the PC's Ethernet adapter has a static IP address and the firewall is disabled. When I tried this with an older chassis, it worked OK so I know that the cable/ethernet adapter is OK. At first I thought it may be a faulty chassis but both new ones do the same thing (i.e. they don't work!).


I am using the system driver set which was shipped with the 1808 chassis (NI System Driver Set 2015.11) and MAX V15.3. I have checked the power supply voltage and it is OK. The Power light is on and the status light is off. The lights on the chassis' ethernet adapter flickers so it appears that something is happening.


Running out of things to try (and patience!) has anybody else experienced this kind of thing, or have any suggestions what I could try?





Getting an old fp-1000 back into action

Thu, 28 Apr 2016 15:03:32 GMT2016-04-28T15:03:32Z

hello everyone,

Our situation goes as follows: we have an old fp-1000 device attached to three fp-ai-110 along with some temperature sensors.


The overall system, as far as I know, was running smoothly in an old Pentium-II computer with Windows 95 and somewhere in 2004
stopped working due to unknown reasons. We tried to get it back working but we don't get any indication of temperature in the
software MAX accompanying the device (in Windows 95).


Our ultimate goal is to revive the overall system by migrating it in a newer computer, and we need some advice on how we must get
started. For example, newer computers don't have RS-232 ports, so we need an adaptor, and a compatible LabView version.

Moreover, as I mentioned, we don't get any indication in MAX and don't know what is to blame. Maybe the RS-232 link is problematic,
the software configuration on the computer or the fp-1000 itself. The power led is lit on fp-1000 but the others are not.
What strategy should one follow in order to test the system and see what is functioning or not ?


One thing I will surely try is to give optomux commands through HyperTerminal, and see if FieldPoint responds. But have never done it
before and don't know the prerequisites (any special optomux driver ?).


For now, I need the steps an experienced person would follow in order to ensure that the system is functioning, and any help would be
greatly appreciated. The migration process will take place in a second phase.


Thank you in advance.



issues with cfp AIO 600 output

Mon, 14 Mar 2016 15:04:00 GMT2016-03-14T15:04:00Z



I am trying to get cfp AIO 600 to output current, for this I am using the sample VI for the cfp AIO 600. I cannot get current on the output and I have trouble troubleshooting the issue.


1) How should I connect the wires to the AIO 600, the manual shows two COMs for out 0, which one should I use ? 





This is how the wires are at the momment connected (9 and 26): 





I am using the sample vi (FieldPoint\Getting Started\ Analog Input and", after followed the instructions, it runs without any error. 


Also the indicators in the FP 600 are all red all the time: 




I am connecting the wires from 9 to a resistance (750 ohms) then a multimeter and back to 26. I don't see any current though. 
How should I troubleshoot this ? 



users login and MAX configuration

Wed, 09 Mar 2016 19:30:40 GMT2016-03-09T19:30:40Z

I have searched the site for 3 days and finally found a post titled; "IAK user login and MAX configuration" on 4/21/2009 that asked about the same issue I am having. I am wondering if there is anything new on this topic as I need a solution.


I have installed an application and the NI FP driver suite ver 6.0.11 . I run NI MAX and open my .IAK file, which is located in a common folder/directory along with my application executable. At first I used to hit the "Save" selection but have found since that it makes no difference so for now I do not hit "Save" but simply close MAX. This process is registering the location of my .IAK file somehow, because after this my application runs and communicates with my I/O fine.

The problem comes when I have new station operators log in to the PC that controls my testing operation; the application, which auto starts because it's in the "All Users" startup folder, can't communicate with the I/O.


Running MAX and opening the .IAK file under each new user login then immediately closing MAX fixes the problem and everything is fine, and this process only needs to happen the first time a new user logs in to the PC. The above mentioned post indicates that this is normal behavior. 


The problem is that some of my operators are doing good to find the power button and turn everything on in the morning. The application has no "Exit" facility so "Task Manager" must be used to stop it. Their login information is kept on a post-it in their wallet, and to ask them to open MAX and register the configuration is just too much for them to do - being unfamiliar with the operation to begin with.


Can anyone explain to me how to fix this problem or refer me to a posted solution?


Looking for an FP-RLY-420 to buy

Tue, 01 Mar 2016 15:48:06 GMT2016-03-01T15:48:06Z

I have a FieldPoint based test system that has a bad channel in a FP-RLY-420 module. Not sure if it is a relay coil or drive circuit issue. I will try to repair later. I need to get this production test system back up and running. Anyone have a spare they would be willing to part with?



cFP disconnected in MAX but responds to UDP broadcasts

Tue, 23 Feb 2016 19:24:07 GMT2016-02-23T19:24:07Z

Hey guys, 


I have 4 cFP controllers in the field monitoring a whole bunch of sensors. Each sensor has it's own calibration, and so I built an OO hierarchy based on Dynamic Dispatch to handle it. Now there is one piece of generic software and the 4 controllers use it to do their tasks (Acquire and Log). The first three controllers work great and run for days, the fourth dies within 1 hour of running. It's the exact same architecture and code on the controllers. 

I have a seperate Network thread that sends out some Health data of the device over a UDP port - it broadcasts it to the network (CPU Usage, HDD Space, Uptime). For the fourth controller, I'll notice after an hour that it's disconnected in MAX, I can't FTP into it, I can't connect through the LabVIEW project BUT this Network thread is still alive and broadcasting over the network.

Can anyone answer the following two questions?

1) In regards to the broadcast signal being active - why is that exactly? I can't get into anything else through MAX or the FTP Server...
2) In regards to the crashing of the fourth controller -> The fourth controller has some complex math where it tries to determine the root of a polynomial. The NI Toolkit NI_AALPro is used for this, and is pretty heavy. It even has a DLL call. I have a suspicion that these VI's are causing the RT Controller to crash. I'll double check tomorrow by disabling these within the code, but has anyone done this type of thing before and run into issues?




CFP1804 with AIO 600

Thu, 18 Feb 2016 17:19:46 GMT2016-02-18T17:19:46Z

I have been trying to use a 1804 network module with a AIO-610, this has been working fine so far with firmware 6.08 (tried 6.05 but no improvement) I can write AO channels in max and via modbus however when I try and read the AI channels (using voltage 0-36V range and a 24V hardwired voltage input) the reading in max remains floating. Is this a firmware/compatabilty issue or am I doing something wrong? I have swapped the module for a known working unit and the same issue arises.


I am using LV 2015.