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Growing Older Has Its Own Positive Effects Too
(image) According to a research conducted by Dr Michael Kisley, a psychologist from the University of Colorado in the US, older

Mixed Sex Wards Still Continue For Psychiatric Patients
(image) An independent survey which was conducted in all mental health units in England and Wales revealed that psychiatric pati

'School Sermons' Need a Comeback
(image) Researchers have come out in support of old wisdom, in order to deal with teenage pregnancies and substance abuse-major

Bird Flu Scare in Tripura
(image) Bangladesh has proved an unlucky neighbor for Tripura, as the northeastern state of India which borders it, is under bir

China Solicits More Organ Donors
(image) Huang Jiefu, vice minister of health in China has sought for more organ donations so as to meet the growing demand of or

Hospital Projects to Take the Weight Off Overcrowded Ones
(image) The Public Health Ministry of Thailand plans to set up 21 community medical centres in 20 provinces. This is in order to

Patch To Increase Libido In Women
(image) Intrinsa, a patch that is reported to increase libido in women will hit the market soon. This was developed by Proctor (and)

Tumors Targeted Naturally
(image) Scientists from University of Wisconsin-Madison claim that they can efficiently seek out and kill cancer cells while lea

Heartbeats on IPods - Being 'cool' can Help Doctors too
(image) A weird idea, it may sound like, but most of life's best inventions did sound strange at first, before their outcome shu

organic kiwifruits promote health
(image) Researchers from the University of California have found out that organically grown kiwifruit has more health benefits t

Role of Lifestyle Choices in Heart Risks
(image) While it is well known that genetics and family history have the larger play in the risks of heart diseases, lifestyle c

Emboldened Warriors-Cancer Fighting Foods
(image) All over the world, researchers are discovering that some foods and supplements do have an important role in the prevent

Specially Developed Proteins Could Help Resist Ageing
(image) Strengthening food with specially developed proteins could make our bodies more resistant to the ageing process, accordi

Indian Pharma Authorized to Market New Anti-TB Drugs
(image) The World Health Organization (WHO) has approved four new drugs manufactured by the Macleods of India for treatment of t

Flesh-eating Bugs Surface in Singapore
(image) Doctors and health experts in Singapore have warned people that at least 90 people have been attacked by a flesh-eating

Poor Behavior Is Linked to Time in Day Care
(image) A rather bad bit of news for working couple in India. A study in the US has found that children in day-care centers for

Obese Aussies Get Big Ambulances
(image) Obesity in Australia seems to be reaching epidemic proportions, forcing changes in many aspects of that country's infras

Antioxidant Molecule Could Help Minimize Stroke-Linked Brain Damage
(image) A novel peptide discovered by researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College could prove a potent weapon against stroke, a

Could Estriol Be Used as a Therapy for Treating MS?
(image) It has long been common knowledge that pregnant women with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience a sharp drop in the diseas

New Ribosome Finding Could Lead to Antiviral Therapies
(image) The ribosome is the protein-producing nanomachine in cells that keeps the human body cranking along. A discovery by Univ

Motivational Interviewing Could Reduce Excessive Drinking by Students
(image) A counseling style, called motivational interviewing (MI), can be used to reduce alcohol abuse by college students, part

Happy Marriage-a Best Stress Buster
(image) People who live a happy married life beat stress better than those live single, says a study that shows happy marriage a

Eat Berries, Prevent Colon Cancer
(image) A joint study by scientists at Rutgers University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that a compound in bluebe

British MP Stress the Need to Fight Against TB Jointly With India
(image) The fight against tuberculosis should be a joint one by parliamentarians of Britain and India, visiting British MP Nick

A New Test Kit to Detect Spoilt Food
(image) A new test kit to quickly and accurately determine if food products are spoiled or safe to eat is being made by Chemists

An Orange a Day may Keep Heart Disease Away
(image) Orange and grapefruits contain chemicals that can keep arteries healthy and prevent heart attack, says a study. It sugge

Breast Cancer Patients Unaware of Reconstructive Surgery
(image) Referral practices of general surgeons treating newly diagnosed breast cancer patients is responsible for the low rate o

Want a Good Night's Sleep- Maternity Nurses to the Rescue
(image) Call it 'evolution of mothers' or what you want, but now maternity nurses, or strangers who mind your new born baby so t

Alarming Trend In Eating Disorders In Children
(image) Scientists have discovered a disturbing trend in the eating habits of children under the age of thirteen. According to B

Merry Old Folks
(image) While we are familiar with terms like 'grumpy old man', 'old fogies' and other such, this is not the case, say researche

Drugs Watchdog Faces A Judicial Review
(image) The NHS drugs watchdog will be facing a judicial review in court for the first time. Eisai and Pfizer have been permitte

Hong Kong, Guangdong Province To Increase Joint HIV/AIDS Surveillance
(image) Hong Kong and China's Guangdong province will increase joint HIV surveillance and prevention efforts, which they began i

Chronic Diseases- Lion's Share of Canada's Health-care Costs
(image) According to a Canadian report, chronic diseases are the single weightiest burden on the shoulders of the national healt

Cocoa Polyphenols may Offer Diabetes Benefits - Study
(image) Dietary supplementation with cacao liquor proanthocyanidins (CLPr) reduced blood glucose levels in obese diabetic mice,

HIV Tests to Be Made Mandatory for Pregnant Women, Infants in New Jersey
(image) New Jersey Senate President Richard Codey (D) has announced that he plans to introduce a bill that would require all pre

Low Birth Weight Babies On The Rise In UK.
(image) According to a study by Fabian Society, number of tiny babies born in UK is increasing. The researchers found that 78 ou

MIT Biologists Solve Vitamin Puzzle
(image) Solving a mystery that has puzzled scientists for decades, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard resea

Gene Mutation Linked With Risks of Stroke
(image) A Danish study shows that if you happen to posses a certain gene mutation, your risks of getting a stroke double.

Lesser the Better- Minimally Invasive Surgery Breakthrough
(image) In the quest of newer ways to better minimally invasive surgery, physicians at UT Southwestern Medical Center and engine

Learning Disabilities If Undetected Early Proves Costly Later
(image) A study conducted by the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada states that learning disabilities diagnosed late le

Transformed Pizzas- for Those Who Mix Health and Pleasure
(image) Food makeovers are next. Chemists in this department claim they have discovered the healthier pizza, 'tossed' with ant

Drugs More Effective Than Angioplasty in the Case of Heart-patients
(image) Going in for angioplasty? Pause for a moment. It has now been found that drugs are just as effective in unclogging your

Ladakh was a Coastal Region Millions of Years Ago
(image) Scientists have discovered that the frozen deserts of Ladakh once had a coastal environment millions of years ago with p

Rift Valley Fever in the United Republic of Tanzania
(image) Reported outbreaks of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) among animals began on 18 January 2007 with the first human case reported

Heart Failure Medication Provides Some Symptom Relief
(image) A medication used to treat heart failure, tolvaptan, appears to improve some symptoms and signs of heart failure during

Autistic Children can Interpret Mental States by Facial Expressions: Research
(image) Autistic children have long been thought to have difficulty interpreting people's mental states based on facial expressi

Chicken Pox Rears Its Head in Tamil Nadu, Yet Again
(image) It is summer time and hence the incidence of chicken pox cases is on the rise. District administrations in the southern

Date Rape Drug Seized at Chennai Airport
(image) Officials of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) seized 50 kg of Ketamine Hydrochloride and arrested two perso

Now Scientists Create a Sheep That's 15% Human
(image) Scientists have created the world's first human-sheep chimera - which has the body of a sheep and half-human organs.

Fruit Crop Fungicide Induces Permanent Changes in Mating Behavior
(image) Austin- Researchers from The University of Texas have discovered the intuitive ability of female rats, who simply give a

Karnataka Wants to Make HIV Screening Mandatory for Couple Before Marriage
(image) The Government of the southern Indian state of Karnataka is examining a proposal to make it mandatory for prospective co

ADHD Problem in Children - a Risk Factor for Alcohol Problems in Later Life
(image) Research has indicated that children suffering ADHD are prone to alcohol addiction in adult life. Now, two insights have

Cholesterol-lowering Drug Effective at Halting Early Atherosclerosis
(image) An international study using ultrasound technology has found that the most potent cholesterol-lowering drug is also effe

RF Ablation a Safe Alternative Option for Treating Lung Cancer
(image) Lung cancer patients unable to undergo surgery have another safe and effective treatment option: radiofrequency (RF) abl

Stem Cells to Treat Liver Cancer
(image) Researchers have used adult bone marrow stem cells to regenerate healthy human liver tissue in a new study.

Cellulose Nanocrystal Research Paves the Way for Newer Vaccines, Computer Inks
(image) Blacksburg - Maren Roman, assistant professor in the wood science and forest products department of the College of Natur

'Triple Negative' Breast Cancers Seem to Affect the Young, Minority
(image) Breast cancers of the "triple negative" type are destructive and lethal, and tend to strike the young, poor minority wom

Follow Screening Regimen for Early Cancer Detection
(image) Researchers find that annual computed tomography (CT) screening plays a vital role in identifying early-stage lung cance

Rice Bran Reduces Risk of Intestinal Cancer
(image) A study has revealed for the first time that rice bran could reduce the risk of intestinal cancer. The res

Supreme Court Seeks Replies From Cola Firms
(image) Supreme Court of India has asked the aerated drink manufacturers Pepsico and Coca Cola to file their replies on the N K

Inquiry into Past NHS Treatment Disaster
(image) Bereaved families of persons infected with deadly viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis C decades back, will now get a chanc

Performance Of Physicians To Be Honed
(image) Pay for performance is reported to be the latest trend which is making waves in the health care sector. Physicians are

Chubby Cute Little Girls- Not for the Health Conscious
(image) Plump young girls couldn't have it worse. New research links them to three times the chance of developing adult-onset a

Sanofi-Aventis Allows Thais To Make Plavix
(image) The generic version of Plavix, the heart disease medicine of Sanofi-Aventis will be made indigenously in Thailand. This

Net Laid Out for Money Hungry Doctors
(image) The Federal Government of Australia has decided to crackdown on unethical doctors who accept gifts from pathological la

Present Teenagers Are Unhealthier Than Their Parents
(image) According to a series of papers published in The Lancet on adolescent health, the current generation of teenagers is les

Guinea Worm Disease Will Be Wiped Out Soon
(image) Dracunculiasis or the guinea worm disease is almost eradicated from the planet earth. This disease which has been affe

Teenagers, When Away from Home, Die of Allergic Reactions, Study Says
(image) An estimated 12 million Americans suffer from food allergies, and about 150 die every year. Researchers

Scotland's Parents Still a Little Wary of MMR Shots
(image) Not enough Scottish children are receiving MMR shots, say official figures. Statistics for 2006 show that

African Americans Tend to Suffer More from Drug Abuse
(image) The war on drug abuse in the US is now being dubbed as a war on people of color. Black or Latino teenagers might comp

Detection of Malignant Breast Tumors Made Simpler and More Effective
(image) Scientists linked with Harvard Medical School claim the discovery of a simpler method to distinguish benign breast tumor

Hungarian Researchers Claim Cancer Breathalyzer Breakthrough
(image) Hungarian researchers are testing a breathalyzer that has so far been able to detect lung cancer with over 70 percent

GSK, TCS to Jointly Set Up Drug Development Center
(image) Pharma major GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and global IT giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) have entered into a multi-milli

Not Parkinson's Disease Alone
(image) Scientists claim that sequence variation in a gene linked to dopamine regulation, can lead not only to Parkinson's disea

One More Drug to Fight Brain Cancer
(image) The Eli Lilly and Company, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, has announced that the European Medicines Agency (EMEA

Indian Parliamentarians Join to Fight Against TB
(image) A group of Indian MPs has come together to launch a fight against tuberculosis (TB) in the country. They have planned

Choking Game, Rage Among US Teens, Evokes Deep Concern
(image) 16-year-old Levi Draher of San Antonio in Texas in the US almost died of a choking game. He has survived to campaign aga

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Under Consideration in Europe
(image) Governments in Europe are considering vaccinating young girls against a virus that causes cervical cancer. T

Number of Specialists Best at Treating Children's Fractures Decreasing
(image) Fractures are a common injury among children, yet the number of pediatric orthopedists trained to deal with the special

MRI Screening of Other Breast Crucial for Patients Diagnosed With Cancer in One Breast
(image) A multi-center study concludes that women with a recent diagnosis of cancer in one breast should have MRI screening of t

'Smart' Sunglasses With Chameleon Powers
(image) Prototype "smart" sunglasses with chameleon powers were presented today in Chicago. This single pair of gla

Plavix Safe During and After Heart Bypass
(image) A new study finds the popular anti-clotting drug clopidogrel (Plavix) when taken along with aspirin after off-pump heart

Aspirin Resistance Is Higher in Diabetics
(image) Aspirin has long been the industry standard for the prevention and treatment of heart attacks. However, for the more t

Hormone-based Heart Pill to Control High Blood Pressure
(image) Researchers design Hormone-based Heart pill to control high blood pressure and new drugs that target heart and kidney. /

Gene Test Shown to Measure Heart Function After Transplant
(image) New research suggests a genomic test may provide detailed information on how well a transplanted heart is performing.

Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise for Rescuing Deteriorating Vision
(image) Millions of Americans whose vision is slowly ebbing due to degenerative diseases of the eyes, will relieved to hear th

Pregnant Women Expecting Sons Will Do Well to Avoid Beef
(image) A recent insight advises caution on the part of expectant mothers in the consumption of beef during pregnancy. Beef ea

Double-penalty System for Bankrupt Health Trusts Lifted
(image) Doctors and managers of NHS Trusts have welcomed a move to bring an end to the double-penalty system for health trusts t

White House Press Secretary to Battle Second Round of Colon Cancer
(image) White House Press Secretary Tony Snow has bad news. His colon cancer, which was treated two years back, has sadly resu

Sedentary Lives Equal Shorter 'sweeter' Lives
(image) Being a couch potato can do more than making you look like one. It steers you towards a life of diabetes, and more so if

Scientists Explore Ways to Lure Viruses to Their Death
(image) There are only a few basic ways to fight viruses. A vaccine can prime the immune system to attack them as soon as they i

Children Receiving MMR Vaccine Still Below Target
(image) In Scotland, number of children receiving MMR vaccine is improving but is still below the target. According to the stati

Doctors in Tamil Nadu Reluctant to Serve in Backward Pockets
(image) Health Minister K.K.S.S.R. Ramachandran of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu told the Legislative Assembly on Marc

Debate in US: Who Should Decide for Disabled People?
(image) Who should decide for the disabled? Can parents arrange surgical interventions on their children, hoping life would beco

Computer Based Therapy For Depression
(image) Patricia Hewitt, the health secretary said that computer based therapy will be available for patients suffering from mil

Patient Pays For The Callousness Of Hospital Administration
(image) A premier Indian medical institution failed to inform the family of a HIV patient that she had tested positive. The girl

Ancient Worm Disease Could Be Eradicated Within Two Years, UN Agency Reports
(image) Guinea worm, an ancient parasitic disease causing tennis-ball-size ulcers so painful that victims feel as if they are on

West African Meningitis Outbreak Sparks Warning from UN Aid Agencies
(image) United Nations humanitarian agencies are stepping up their efforts to combat a deadly outbreak of meningitis across West

New Blood Thinner May Work Without Bleeding Risk
(image) LEXINGTON, Ky. (and) #8722; When studying a new blood thinner, one of the first signs the drug is working is seeing a slight

Higher Trans Fat Levels in Blood Associated With Elevated Risk of Heart Disease
(image) Boston, MA -- High consumption of trans fat, found mainly in partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and widely used by th