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Dragonfly's metabolic disorders help explain Human Obesity
(image) Researchers from Penn State University have unearthed clues,from studies on dragonflies, that may help in understanding

Alcohol Dependence For Sleep Perceptions May Result In Alcoholism
(image) Deirdre A. Conroy conducted a new study about alcoholism and published the results in the December issue of Alcoholism:

Adolescent Smokers Have Greater Vulnerability To AUDs Than Do Non-Smokers
(image) "Smoking and alcohol - separately, or together - account for more than 20 percent of deaths in the United States," says

Ham And Turkeys Recalled From Honeybaked Food Company Due To Listeria Scare
(image) Ohio-based HoneyBaked Foods Inc. has recalled their turkeys and ham products voluntarily due to suspected contamination

Hospital in New Zealand faces accusations for not measuring up
(image) A hospital in the Whanganui district of New Zealand has come in the line of fire from the opposition party. This happene

India's First Full-Fledged Trauma Center Ready
(image) The much-awaited first full-fledged Trauma center in India, Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Center (JPNATC), which was c

Tune Your Brain To Fight Disorders
(image) Neurofeedback training, developed by NASA aims to help people control their brain waves. This training is now spreading

A New Research Explores Connection Between Emotionality And Alcoholism
(image) A New research uses an electroencephalogram (EEG) to look for a connection between brain activity thought to reflect tra

Fresh Water, HIV Biggest of India's Six Challenges: Chidambaram
(image) New Delhi: Admitting that India faced six major risks - HIV/AIDS and depleting freshwater supplies to name just two - Fi

Banking (T)issues : cloning issue surfaces
(image) Recently, a survey was conducted in Australia to study the attitudes of people towards "tissue banking". The results sho

Now, a Hormone-free Contraceptive Pill for Men
(image) British scientists have developed a hormone-free contraceptive pill for men they say would make them infertile for some

Who are 'Tweens'? Read on
(image) Doctors and social psychologists have observed an alarming trend in the kids, even those between the ages of 8 to 10 who

A New Research Demonstrates HIV-1 In Resident Immune Cells Of Human Testis
(image) A new research has found that the human testis harbors HIV-1 in resident immune cells, providing an explanation for the

Chemotherapy Affects The Structures Of The Human Brain - Says A Research
(image) According to a new study published in January 2007 issue of CANCER, chemotherapy is linked with short-term structural ch

Hospitals in Auckland get their act together to tide over potential strike
(image) While negotiators are trying their best to arrive at a resolution, the emergency planning cell is gearing up to put its

South Korea Plans To Destroy Cats And Dogs To Prevent Bird Flu
(image) South Korea has planned to kill cats and dogs over fears of the spread of bird flu. The Agriculture Ministry decided to

Alcohol Consumption Could Lead to Disturbed Sleep
(image) Drinking alcohol may disturb your sleep though it initially helps in inducing slumber, says a new study. Al

Britons soon will practise telling GPs how to practice
(image) The British government has been investing millions of pounds into health care. The Department of Health is now planning

USDA Gives Go-Ahead to Market Controversial Genetically Engineered Rice, LL601
(image) The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today gave the 'go-ahead' to market a genetically-engineered (GE) rice variety

Stem cell transplant recipients face significant risk of second cancer
(image) A new study has highlighted that patients who receive a hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT), face a considerable r

Bernard Rimland, the Pioneer of Modern Autism Research Dies.
(image) Bernard Rimland, the psychologist who founded the Autism Society of America, died on Tuesday.He was 78. Rimland is survi

Squabbles put overseas doctors' agenda on the back burner
(image) The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has said that the scheme proposed to evaluate overseas trained doctors, has not

Fixation of Prices of Drugs
(image) The 74 bulk drugs including some anti-allergy drugs and pain killers specified in the First Schedule of the Drugs (Price

Biocon to Launch Anti-arthritis Drug
(image) New Delhi: India's leading biotech firm Biocon Monday said it would launch in the next three-four years a new anti-arthr

Colon Cancer Relapse Mainly Caused by Stem Cells
(image) Scientists report that stem cells are primarily responsible for the relapse of colon cancer. Stem cells are totipotent

New Research Project Underway To Study Causes Of Heart Attack
(image) The general answer to what causes heart attacks is - atherosclerosis - a condition caused by deposition of fatty deposit

Octogenarians Are Not Too Old for Cancer Surgery
(image) Mayo Clinic Cancer Center researchers have found that a radical prostatectomy can be a viable option for select octogena

Fear Factor in Toronto: health officials fight Hepatitis A outbreak
(image) More than a month has lapsed now, since a major out break of hepatitis A, a viral infection, was reported from a neighb

Researchers Study Effects Of Fat Around The Heart
(image) With a (Dollor) 1.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health, researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medici

Pregnant Smokers May 'Programme' Their Kids To Become Smokers
(image) Pregnant smokers may 'programme' their children to become smokers, suggests research published in Tobacco Control.

Tobacco Companies Admit Their Products Cause Cancer but Not in Those Who Sue Them
(image) Despite publicly admitting, to varying degrees, that cigarette smoking causes cancer, the industry has consistently dism

Wellington Rest Home Shuts Down Due To Norovirus Outbreak
(image) An outbreak of the contagious norovirus stomach bug has forced part of a Wellington based Rita Angus Retirement home, wh

New Imaging System Surpasses Mammography In Detecting Breast Cancer
(image) A new imaging system has been developed that surpasses mammography in detecting breast cancer. A professor at the Univer

Obese Women Have Reduced Risk of Developing Breast Cancer Before Menopause
(image) A higher body mass index (BMI), especially in early adulthood, may be associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer be

After Effects Of Chemotherapy Will Wane In Few Years :Says Research
(image) Many cancer patients have to go through chemotherapy in their battle against zest zapping cancer. Often their agony does

Weight Gaining And Losing May Increase Men's Risk For Gallstones
(image) According to a report in the November 27 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, a JAMA/Archives journal, weight cycling

Oncology Drug Pemnat Launched By NATCO
(image) Natco Pharma Ltd, based in Hyderabad, India, has announced the launch of a generic version of Pemetrexed a drug used to

A New Study Analyses Benefits Of Statin Drug
(image) A new Canadian-led review on statin drug concluded that the drug has the potential to reduce the risk of heart attack an

Brave Aidan Fraser Heading Home After Lifesaving Surgery
(image) Aiden Fraser, a 6-year-old brave boy, is returning home only a few days after undergoing a rare surgery for removing a t

A Major HIV Outbreak in Kazakhstan
(image) A major HIV outbreak has been reported in Kazakhstan. The Central Asian nation is jolted by the outbreak. Subsequent inv

For Smokers Only: is Quitting = Cutting Down?? a 'grave' Issue
(image) New research is here, that grapples with a familiar giant. Smokers around the world find it hard to kick an old habit. A

Doctors in Scotland Prescribe Homeopathic or Herbal Remedies
(image) 60% of doctors' surgeries in Scotland prescribe homeopathic or herbal remedies and the Researchers call for critical rev

A New Ultrasound Technique to Detect Breast Cancer
(image) US Researchers have designed a new type of ultrasound which has been tested and found to be very effective in determinin

Seniors More At Risk from Large Scale Weight-loss Surgery
(image) Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have found through a first large-scale review of weight-loss surgeries per

Depression After Heart Attack Means More Heart Problems
(image) Depression following a heart attack indicates future heart problems, according to a study. This research appears in the

Relax! Straight Talk About Back Problems
(image) Here is some suave news! Researchers say that if you hate being told to sit upright by others, because you long to recli

India to Be Made Medical and Health Tourism Destination
(image) The Minister of Tourism and Culture Smt. Ambika Soni has informed the Rajya Sabha that the Ministry is promoting India a

Brain Responds Better to Name Brands
(image) It is quite usual that sometimes your brain may be determining what car you want to buy even before you've even taken a

Review Urges Restricted Use Of Devices To Keep Heart Patients Alive
(image) An evaluation of the device's track record in the United Kingdom concluded that the UK's National Health Service should

A Boon to Neonates-"National Cot Locator" Developed by UK Hospitals
(image) National Cot Locator is a new system developed by UK Hospitals, which enables hospital workers to reach out to the criti

CBSE's Initiative to Reduce Mental Stress on Children
(image) The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has taken following measures to reduce the stress on children and to mak

After Ecstasy Comes the Pain WARNING!
(image) A novel study evaluating the effects of Ecstasy has revealed that first time ecstasy users may suffer impaired memory an

Free HIV Treatment to Be Launched for Children
(image) On the eve of the World AIDS Day (Dec 1), India will launch a new scheme to provide free treatment to 20,000 HIV infecte

Diabetes - An Increasing Threat to the World
(image) The 19th World Diabetes Congress organized by Johannesburg, South Africa to be held on December 3-7 in Cape Town has iss

Public Transport Causing Backaches in Delhi, Mumbai
(image) Over half the population in New Delhi and in Mumbai suffers from backache, caused mainly by the poor public transport sy

Filipinos Hospitalized After Inhaling Toxic Fumes
(image) Around 60 people were hospitalised Tuesday after inhaling hazardous chemicals dumped into a stream just outside the Phil

Novel Suicide Gene Therapy Used to Treat Malignant Brain Tumors
(image) Physicians and researchers in the Methodist Neurological Institute (NI) are studying the use of a novel combination of r

Maldives Volleyball Team Members Affected by Chickenpox
(image) Maldives men's volleyball team lost to Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) in a qualifying match of the Asian Games after at least t

Tuning to Raga Maybe Beneficial for the Heart
(image) Tune in to the raga. In a world filled with stress, listening to this form of music could actually cause a decline in th

China Issues Bird Flu Alert Following Outbreak in South Korea
(image) China has issued an alert in six provinces to step up vigilance following an outbreak of bird flu in South Korea, accord

A New 'face' in Life.
(image) Isabelle Dinoire's countenance has changed 360 degrees in comparison to how she looked just 10 months ago, and now she b

School Vaccination Program to Include Cancer Drug Gardasil
(image) The Government of Australia has decided to include Gardasil in the national immunization program from next year. The dru

Ramadoss Stresses the Need to Focus on Health and Education in Combating AIDS Spread
(image) Anbumani Ramadoss, Minister of Health and Family Welfare stressed the urgency to focus on health and education. This is

Telemedicine Improves Breast Screenings for Rural Indian Reservations
(image) Native American women who live in North Dakota and South Dakota are coming to the University of Michigan Comprehensive C

The Pain from Fibromyalgia Is Real, Researchers Say
(image) Many people with fibromyalgia - a debilitating pain syndrome that affects 2 to 4 percent of the population - have faced

Research into Development of AIDS Vaccine Shows Promise
(image) More South Africans are coming forward to seek counseling and undergo screening for HIV, as a reaction to rising HIV fig

Violent Video Games Leave Deep Impressions in Brain
(image) Young children, can show behavioral abnormalities, if they are habituated to excessive viewing of violent video games. T

Sri Lanka Gold Hope Shadowed by Jayasinghe's Illness
(image) Sri Lanka's gold hope in the Doha Asian Games suffered a major blow as Olympic bronze medallist Susanthika Jayasinghe is

Glowing Tribute to Obesity Clinic in Glasgow
(image) Glasgow Weight Management Service caters to the needs of about 1,000 people annually. The National Obesity Forum awarded

Guiding Students Toward a Successful Medical Assistant Career
(image) According to the US Department of Labor some of the hottest careers lie in the health care industry.Opportunities in thi

Indian Scientist Sues International Genetic Centre for (Dollor) 5 Million
(image) Lawyers of a senior Indian scientist have asked the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGE

Japan Keen to Have More Indian Students
(image) Like a lot of other countries, Japan is keen to have more Indian students for undergraduate courses in its universities,

Test of Patience: Long Wait for Cancer Patients
(image) Indefinite waiting times for cancer patients in Scotland, is turning out to be patients' worst nightmare. Though ministe

Technology Predicts Outcome of Child Heart Surgery
(image) Georgia Tech and Emory University researchers have developed an innovative new technology that will help pediatric cardi

First International Gene Screen for Typical ALS Is on Track
(image) The largest-scale search for genes that underlie sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the most common form of t

AIDS Will Touch Half a Million Lives in Indonesia by 2010
(image) Indonesia, with 220 million people, is the fourth most populous nation in the world. Today it is also a nation on the ve

AAD Warns Against Indoor Tanning for the Holiday Season
(image) As the holidays approach, many people are worried about looking their best for upcoming events and warm-weather getaways

American Red Cross Face Fines After Blood Safety Lapses
(image) The American Red Cross find themselves in a sticky situation having failed to meet the standards for blood safety proced

Holiday Baking Frenzy May Mask Eating Disorder in College Kids
(image) The holiday season brings out the urge to bake in even the most reluctant cook. But if your normally kitchen-averse kid

Voluntary Counseling and Testing Program in South Africa Successful
(image) The Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) program in South Africa, has been quite successful in the past financial year

Spacer Insertion May Offer Less Invasive Option for Lumbar Problems
(image) Implanting a small spacer between lumbar vertebrae during a procedure called interspinous process decompression may be a

India to Set Up 'Health Ombudsman' to Check Anti-AIDS Discrimination
(image) India Wednesday said it proposed to set up a health ombudsman to monitor discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS.

Bay of Plenty Pharmacist Found Guilty
(image) Heather Nancy Burton of Mount Maunganui, who faced charges on 58 counts of fraud and forgery relating to prescription it

India to Procure Container Based Mobile Hospital
(image) Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is procuring a pre-fabricated, self-contained, container base

ESI to Set Up Model Hospitals in Each State
(image) The ESI Corporation in its meeting held on 16.02.2001 had decided to take over one hospital in each state covered under

Receding Rates of Alcohol Consumption is Becoming the Present Trend
(image) People are becoming exceedingly health conscious thus there is a noted reduction in the consumption of alcohol among the

North Texas Surgeons Lead Robotically Assisted Laparoscopic Surgeries.
(image) North Texas surgeons lead robotically assisted laparoscopic surgeries. A robot can easily gain access to some inaccessib

High Consumption of Salt by Kids is Making Their Lives Sour
(image) Children today love to consume junk food which is over laden with salt especially the processed salty snacks instead of

India Approves Oral Drug for Treating Kala-Azar
(image) The Drug Controller General of India has recently approved oral anti Kala-azar drug "Miltefosine" for treatment of Kala-

Fortified Milk Reduces Morbidity in Preschool Children
(image) Consumption of milk fortified with specific micronutrients-zinc, iron, selenium, copper, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitami

Survey Reveals Rejection of NHS Database Scheme
(image) The department of health, in England had proposed to set up an elaborate national database to store all medical records

Cancer Drugs Damage Brain Cells
(image) Commonly used drugs that are used in treatment of cancer, are likely to harm normal brain tissue.This was determined by

Staffers Benefit from Single-Room Design for Baby Care
(image) Neonatal intensive care units designed with single-family rooms not only increase patient privacy but also boost staff s

Fatter Chances of Cancer With Bacon and Skinned Chicken
(image) Recent studies point out that, consumption of bacon and other processed meat can substantially raise the risk of bladder

High Incidence of AIDS in Six States
(image) The National AIDS Control Organisation with support from National Institute of Health and Family Welfare and National In

Interrupted Treatment Dangerous to HIV Management
(image) A recent research keenly studied the effect of discontinuing HIV drug therapy and then restarting it as and when require

No Significant Increase in Age Specific Breast Cancer
(image) According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, the data from Population Based Cancer Registry, Delhi do not reveal

Pregnant Women With Placental Infection Have Doubled Risk of Recurrence
(image) Pregnant women who develop an infection of the placenta or nearby membranes in their first pregnancy have twice the risk

Tamiflu: Adverse Reaction Warning, 'a Must', Canada Tells Roche
(image) Canada has informed Swiss Pharmaceutical Roche AG to include the warning about potential side-effects of the well known,

Using Heart Stents Tends to Form More Clots
(image) Cardiac patients who have implanted devices in their hearts face risks. The devices called stents.Stents are used to mak