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Infant Mortality Rising in Deep South in US
(image) Infant mortality rates rose sharply to 11.4 per thousand in the southern state of Mississippi in the United States, up f

New York Doctors Remove Gallbladder Through Vagina
(image) Doctors in New York have achieved a major breakthrough in abdominal surgery by removing a woman's gallbladder through he

Tai Chi - More Than Magic
(image) Experts vouch for the ancient martial art known as Tai Chi- especially for its gifts of healing the mind and body. Yet r

Armed Forces Officers And Other Dignitaries Pledge Organs For Donation
(image) In a unique ceremony, Armed Forces officers including senior doctors and other dignitaries pledged their organs for dona

Wire-Free - Handcuffing Good Health
(image) Going wire-free or Wi -Fi is fast becoming a more than a fad. The technology, which does away with the needs of wires or

Popular Anemia Drug Dodges The Dagger
(image) In a study that health professionals feel was long due, drug-manufacturing company Amgen concluded that its anaemia drug

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Disability in Older Adults
(image) Vitamin D deficiency in diet and not getting enough exposure to sun may put older adults at an increased risk for poor p

Statisticians Alarmed As Canada Zooms Towards Labour Shortage
(image) Figures from Canadian experts show that the country will soon become victim to serious labour shortage unless drastic me

Baby Foods That Prevent Obesity and Diabetes in Adulthood to Hit the Market Soon
(image) Infant formula and other baby foods that provides permanent protection from obesity and diabetes into adulthood could be

New Technique Helps Ultrasound Produce Cute Baby Image
(image) A scientist has invented a technique with which newer ultrasound machines can produce cute images of a baby while still

Sewage Swamps River in Scotland
(image) The so-called first world seems to be catching up fast with the third world whether it is infant mortality rates or sewa

Nanotechnology Could Treat Spinal Cord Injuries, Diabetes, and Parkinson's Disease
(image) Dr. Samuel I. Stupp has combined nanotechnology and biology to enable the body to heal itself and has achieved amazing e

Kuwait Reports New Case of Birdflu in Ostrich
(image) Kuwait said on Sunday it has found a new case of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu in the south of the Gulf Arab state

Hospitals Make Positive Strides to Reduce Wait Times for Patients
(image) The waiting times for patients in Canada's hospitals has improved, but targets for some emergency procedures still needs

Obesity - A Major Crisis
(image) There is a major health crisis in Europe which has become a major cause for concern. That is Obesity. It is not just a h

Man Sentenced to Prison for Concealing HIV Status While Donating Blood
(image) A judge in Chicago in the US has sentenced a man to prison for concealing that he was a HIV patient while donating blood

Cancer Time Bomb Threatening Economic Infrastructure
(image) An article published by the British Medical journal reveals that there has been a tremendous increase in the number of c

Merced Firm Slams Slaughterhouse for Contaminated Meat
(image) Children in St Helena and Calistoga fell sick after eating hamburgers. These hamburger patties were distributed by the f

MEND - Child Obesity Programme Records Success
(image) A nine-week programme to get children especially the eight to 12-year-olds in shape and in the pink of health has record

MMR Immunization Drive Begins in Iraq
(image) Iraq has embarked on a massive immunization drive aimed at protecting millions of children from a potential measles outb

Single Drug Dose Cures Malaria in Mice
(image) Johns Hopkins University researchers have cured malaria-infected mice with single shots of a new series of potent, long

Computerized Attendance to Check Late Coming Teachers
(image) Primary schools in Rajasthan will be fitted with an electronic biometric attendance system to check late-coming teachers

Many Indiana Citizens Do Not Possess Health Insurance Coverage
(image) Many citizens in Indiana do not possess health insurance coverage, a worrying trend, experts have warned.

Earth Day Celebrated With Hopes of a Greener Tomorrow
(image) Disappearing trees, a polluted river and a handful of concerned citizens. Delhi, burning under the scorching summer sun,

Qigong Help Chronically Ill People to Cope With Anxiety and Discrimination
(image) Oriental therapies can help chronically ill people stay strong and reduce stress levels during epidemics, according to r

Social Factors Not Genetics Drive Racial Disparities in Colorectal Cancer Survival
(image) Correcting social, economic and healthcare inequalities may have the most significant impact in reducing survival differ

NRI Doctor Protests Patient's Death in Kolkata Hospital
(image) A US-based doctor has lodged a complaint with the West Bengal Human Rights Commission (WBHRC) against a private hospital

Yogi Ram Dev Advises Youth to Exercise Self-control
(image) Yogu guru Swami Ram Dev has launched a seven-day camp in this Taj Mahal city, saying youths needed to exercise restraint

NRI Brings to India Effective Pain Relief Therapy
(image) An acute ankle and knee pain that refused to go for a decade, but was miraculously cured by non-invasive electromagnetic

Anemia Eradication During Adolescence
(image) Iron deficiency anemia is the commonest medical disorder in pregnancy, adversely affecting maternal and fetal health.

Potential Lifesaver Drug Announced
(image) Can what is done be undone? In a part answer to that adage researchers have announced the developing of a miracle drug

High Melatonin can Help Delay Ageing
(image) The Spanish Ageing Research Network is very near to achieving one of today's Science greatest goals: allowing humans to

HIV Infection Associated With Increased Risk of Heart Attack
(image) Researchers from have found that infection with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is also associated with increased risk

Pigs Quarantined in US Farm Following Melamine Contamination
(image) The melamine contamination of pet food continues to takes it toll in the US. Now a hog farm in the Stanislaus county in

Researchers Identified Genes Linked With Fever-related Seizures
(image) Researchers have localized two new genes that are associated with fever-related seizures that occur in infancy and child

Ulcer Causing Microbe Linked To Protection From Asthma
(image) Ulcer causing bugs may not be all that bad for you. Recent research has confirmed previous work linking Helicobacter pyl

Cognitive Problems Occur More Rapidly in Female Alcoholics Than in Males
(image) It is a known fact that alcohol abuse and/or dependence can lead to severe and potentially irreversible brain damage.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Linked to Nerve Damage
(image) People with inflammatory bowel disease may also be at risk for developing nerve damage and other neurological problems,

Suicide - Aboriginal Communities Take Stock of the Killing Numbers
(image) An international meeting organized to thrash out issues pertaining to indigenous child healthcare was a valuable oppor

Exercise may Help in Reducing the Risk of Parkinson's Disease
(image) Moderate to vigorous exercise or other recreational activities may be beneficial in reducing the risk of developing Park

High Demand for the Cancer Vaccine
(image) The demand for the new vaccine Gardasil is surpassing the supply for the same. This vaccine for the prevention of cerv

Cadbury Indicted on Salmonella Scare
(image) The chocolate giants Cadbury have to pay heavily for the salmonella scare that took place last year. The company had f

Pfizer Awaits FDA Approval for New AIDS Drug, Maraviroc
(image) Washington -According to the recent communique from US drug reviewers, the experimental AIDS drug from Pfizer Inc. promi

Laws on Mentally Ill Endangers Public Life
(image) The most brutal fact about the Virginia Tech massacre is the fact that there is no law for the forceful treatment of the

FDA Approves First Generic Versions of Ambien for Insomnia
(image) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today approved the first generic versions of Ambien (zolpidem tartrate) imme

Heartburn Shadowing Modern India
(image) Heartburn -that uncomfortable searing feeling in your stomach and chest, is spreading fast over India's urban population

Abortions Do Not Raise Risk of Breast Cancer
(image) A new study at the Harvard Medical School, Boston, has confirmed that abortions and miscarries do not raise the risk of

Women Binge- Drinkers Warned Of Possible Link To Breast Cancer
(image) According to researchers women who drink more two bottles of wine over the weekend, more than double their risk of devel

Surge in Senior HIV Survivors Prompts New Treatment Studies
(image) Many patients diagnosed with HIV in the 1980s and 1990s have survived and now are entering their golden years. AIDs ca

Mother's Age Of Puberty Onset May Affect Children
(image) According to a report published in PLoS Medicine journal by Cambridge researchers, several factors are affected by the

Cloned Dogs to Be Mated as Test
(image) The world's first cloned dog will be mated with the world's second dog clone, in an experiment to see whether they can r

A Single High Fat Meal Could Boost Blood Pressures
(image) It is well known that eating too many high-fat meals will clog arteries and increase heart attack risk. But

The Mental Health Bill Will Not Help Vulnerable Patients, Say Doctors
(image) With the Mental Health Bill for England and Wales going through Committee stage in the House of Commons today [24 April

U.K. Backs Program To Improve Drug Access in Developing Countries
(image) United Kingdom International Development Secretary Hilary Benn on Wednesday announced that the country will support the

Bush Signs Bill for Cancer Screening Program for Low-Income, Uninsured Women
(image) President Bush on Friday signed into law a bill (HR 1132) that reauthorizes CDC's National Breast and Cervical Cancer Ea

Grief Drove Britney to Shave Her Head
(image) Britney Spears the famous pop idol of the teens apparently shaved her head as a tribute to her aunt who had died from ca

Highly Educated Women Woo Career and Boo Motherhood
(image) Going to university and getting the much desired professional degree is indeed a big achievement for the goal oriented w

Children Prefer to Eat Homegrown Foods
(image) Homegrown fruits and vegetables are the most preferred by children and they love to eat more of it, says a study.

Obesity Could Be Linked to Mother's Early Puberty
(image) Those born to mothers who attained early puberty tend to be overweight as children, say UK researchers. S

Minister Flays Mission After Indian's Death in Maldives
(image) Overseas Indian Affairs Minister Vayalar Ravi critized the Indian diplomatic missions for being insensitive to the pro

Muslim Organization Protest Against Sex Education in Schools
(image) A Muslim organization is protesting against a government plan to introduce sex education in Jharkhand schools. br

Heat Wave Claims Three Lives in Orissa
(image) The scorching heat wave that had been sweeping across Orissa for the past few days has so far claimed three people. It i

Gain from Pain - Migraine Unplugged
(image) Eleanor Hall - Nearly two million Australians suffer this painful condition in a year, but all is not lost, new research

Inhaled Insulin Study Moves Ahead
(image) Results of phase I study of Baxter Healthcare Corporation's pulmonary insulin produced with Baxter's Promaxx microsphere

Health Insurance Company Expands Product Range
(image) ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, India's No. 1 private life insurer, has further expanded its health insurance portfolio

Unknown Virus Takes the Life of Three Transplant Patients
(image) Three people have died after receiving organ transplants from a single donor which has puzzled the medical community in

FDA Licenses First US Vaccine Against Avian Flu
(image) Sanofi pasteur, the vaccines division of the sanofi-aventis Group has received the license from the US FDA for its H5N1

Kenya to Implement National Food and Nutrition Policy
(image) A team from the Friedman School and the government of Kenya has jointly agreed to build strategies for implementing Keny

Alcoholics by All Means Should Avoid Stress During Early Abstinence
(image) The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis is a hormonal system that defends against stress, starvation and illnesses

Tobacco Control Laws to Be Regulated in India
(image) Delivering the keynote address at the American Cancer Society's (ACS) 'Leadership Training Programme on Community based

Understanding of Schizophrenia Could Lead to New Treatment Options
(image) New research could help to bridge the gap in understanding schizophrenia, which affects about 1 percent of people worldw

World's First 'green' Skyscraper to Be Built in Dubai
(image) Dubai is planning to build the world's first "green" skyscraper that will produce more electricity than it actually uses

Two Out of Five Cancer Cases in India Due to Tobacco
(image) Claiming that nearly 2,000 Indians die due to cancer every day, Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss Tuesday said at least

Indonesia Struggles Against Bird Flu and the Drug Industry as Well
(image) Indonesia, easily the worst hit by bird flu is also struggling to ensure that poor countries get their fair share of any

A Village in Madhya Pradesh Achieves Total Sanitation
(image) Tarawata village in Madhya Pradesh's Guna district stands apart from other villages - it's spick and span. This has been

Legalization of Abortion in Mexico City Raises Heckles
(image) The passing of the abortion bill by Mexico City has raised a few heckles country wide. The law maker passed the bill 46

Food Ads Prompts Children to Eat More
(image) Children are prompted to eat more by seeing the food ads on television, says a study. It also adds that overweight and o

Execution by Lethal Injection Questioned
(image) The Lethal injection to execute prisoners of death sentence is being questioned. A study by Plos medicine reveal that th

Pneumonia Strains Not Covered by Vaccines on the Rise
(image) A new U.S. government investigation has found new pneumonia strains impervious to available vaccinations are fast emer

Art of Establishing a Bond to Sell a Brand - Medical Reps Show the Way
(image) TORONTO - The comradeship between doctors and medical representatives needs no introduction. The motivation for such lif

Genes Responsible for a Blinding Condition Identified
(image) A US study says that two genes could determine the vulnerability of the elderly to an advanced form of age-related macul

Stillbirth Figures Stand Still
(image) To scrutinize the number of still births and the possible reasons for them, a survey was conducted in England, Wales and

Crucial Gene may Be Indicator of Breast Cancer Metastasis
(image) Researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center have zeroed in on a crucial gene, thought to be the reason for the spread of brea

Cough Up More for the Health of Afghan Women, UNFPA Urges
(image) New York - A country notorious for war and strife, Afghanistan, is also infamous with one of the highest maternal mortal

Hot Flashes: Studies Explore the Various Possibilities Involved
(image) Many women in the menopausal transition experience hot flashes: unpredictable, sometimes disruptive, periods of intense

PFOA and PFOS Detected in Newborns
(image) An analysis of nearly 300 umbilical cord blood samples led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Publi

Exhaustive Study to Expand the Efficacy of Drug L-dopa for Parkinson's
(image) Parkinson's sufferers are usually treated with the drug called levodopa or L-dopa that helps in reviving cellular commun

Researchers Discovers DNA Repair as Key to Huntington's Disease
(image) Researchers have discovered that a miscue of the body's genetic repair system may cause Huntington's disease, a fatal co

Virtual Colonoscopy is Most-effective for Screening Colon Cancer
(image) A new study says targeting smaller lesions does little to significantly reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer (CRC)

Telephone Treatment Works for Rural Stroke Patients
(image) Stroke patients in rural hospitals can get safe, effective treatment with the use of a clot-busting drug when a doctor f

Sleep Makes Your Memory Strong
(image) Sleep not only protects memories from outside interferences, but also helps strengthen them, according to

Large Fluid Intake Won't Help to Keep Cool for Marathon Runners
(image) Gulping down several litres of water to keep oneself cool may not be a best option, as large fluid intake won't make muc

Anti-anginal Drug Not Effective in Reducing Major Cardiac Events
(image) Despite being safe, anti-anginal medication Ranolazine has not been effective in reducing the risk of major cardiovascul

Consumer Court in Himachal Fined Pepsi
(image) A consumer court in Himachal Pradesh has fined the soft drink giant Pepsi of Rs. 100,000 against a complaint filed by a

Increase in Pneumococcal Infections That are Not Covered by Vaccine
(image) Children, native of Alaska, are experiencing increased rates of serious infections caused by strains of pneumococcal bac

Bio-Rad Gets Life Science Industry Awards - 2007
(image) International life sciences magazine - 'The Scientist' announced the winners of the 2007 Life Science Industry Awards.

Hunt for Sea Delicacy Taking a Toll in California
(image) Divers scouring the sea-bed for abalone are paying with their lives. Four people perished in the past week in California

Overseeing Agency Indifferent to Workplace Safety in US
(image) If war is too serious a matter to be left in the hands of generals, so also the safety of workers cannot be left to the

Weight Issues In Children-Experts Take Stock
(image) Childhood obesity has never occupied so high a priority in the minds of concerned health professionals and lawmakers, as

US Psychiatrist Suspended from Practicing Medicine for Involvement in Doping Scam
(image) Four years after a huge doping scam burst into the open in Paris, Dr. Brian Halevie-Goldman, a San Francisco psychiatris