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Infections in UK Hospitals Drive British Patients to India
(image) British patients are travelling to India not only to avail of the low cost and high quality treatment but also to escape

Richard Gere Urges Truck Drivers to Have Safe Sex
(image) Terming truck drivers as an important lifeline of the growing Indian economy, Hollywood star Richard Gere urged them to

HIV Experts Criticize Australian PM's Suggestion for Ban on Entry of HIV-infected
(image) HIV experts in Australia have criticized Prime Minister John Howard for calling for a ban on the entry of HIV-infected

Environmental Factors Linked to Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
(image) Women can encounter environmental factors that increase their risk of breast cancer at various periods of their physic

Improper Abortions- Kenyan Teenagers At Risk
(image) According to hospital research, almost 50 percent of Kenya's gynecological emergencies compromise complications arisin

Habitual Consumption of Alcohol Linked With Sleep-related Breathing Disorder in Men
(image) Increased usual alcohol consumption among men is associated with an increased risk of a mild or worse sleep-related br

Come Summer, Lawnmower Injuries Increase in US
(image) Spring could be a season of cheer in the West. But in the US it could also be a time of concern for many families, it tu

Hormone Replacement Therapy - To Choose Or Not
(image) The debate is still on. Is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), good or bad? Till recently HRT was viewed with

Insomnia-related Symptoms High Among 'Night Owls'
(image) Those who are labeled a "night owl" complains more symptoms related to insomnia, despite many having the opportunity to

Drinking Age Must Be Raised to Curb Binge Drinking-Voices Warn
(image) A report has come out with the suggestion that Britain's drinking age should be raised to 21, in order to curb the binge

Software System to Improve the Function of Retinal Implants
(image) Neural computation scientists at Bonn University have created a software system that is hoped to improve the function of

Novartis Gleevec Found Effective in Treating Gastro-intestinal Tumors
(image) The US-based National Cancer Institute (NCI) has commended Novartis' anti-cancer tablet, Gleevec, as an effective ther

New Technology Reveals Proteins Responsible for Diseases
(image) A new technology developed at the University of Toronto is revealing biochemical processes responsible for diseases su

UK's Junior Doctors Losing Hope
(image) A pall of gloom and associated pessimism hangs thickly over Britain's junior doctors, reports show. It ha

Harassment in School Affects Majority of Elementary Students
(image) A simple questionnaire prepared by researchers has found that nine out of ten elementary students have been bullied by

Liver Regeneration may Be Simpler Than Previously Thought
(image) The way the liver renews itself may be simpler than what scientists had been assuming. A new study provide information

New Hepatitis C Drug Shows Promise
(image) The US-based Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated, a global biotechnology company, has released promising early results

BP and Prostate Problems Drug Effective in Treating PTSD Nightmares
(image) A generic drug already used for high blood pressure and prostate problems has been found to improve sleep and lessen n

Poor Diet Puts Teenagers' Health at Risk
(image) A quarter of Australian teenagers eat fast food everyday and more than a third hardly ever eat fruit, a Deakin Univers

Military Healthcare Lacks Compassion, Say US Soldiers
(image) Many a time, in many countries, those called up to risk their lives in the service of their nation find themselves ign

Magic of Motherhood Through Egg Donation
(image) 'Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.' .. Lin Yutang biMot

South African Farmers Turn to Organic Farming
(image) A quiet revolution is taking place in the orchards of the Western Cape. After decades of trying to coax fruit onto the t

Antony Concerned Over Growing Suicide Rates in Armed Forces
(image) Expressing concern over growing incidents of suicides and fratricides in the armed forces, Defence Minister A.K. Antony

India's Pharmaceutical Industry to Be Global Player: Study
(image) India's pharmaceutical companies are gearing up to become a major global player, not only in producing low-price generic

Rajasthan Directs Doctors to Prescribe Medicines by Generic Names
(image) The Rajasthan government has once again directed doctors in government-run medical hospitals to prescribe medicines by t

Fluids Could Aid in Weight Loss
(image) People who want to lose weight successfully should drink at least two litres of fluids a day, said the Consumer Rights P

Measuring Calcium Intake Help to Identify Osteoporosis in Prostate Cancer Patient
(image) Measuring a man's daily calcium intake is an effective way of identifying prostate cancer patients with a higher than av

US Professor Helping India Deal With Global Warming
(image) Growing concern over the potential impact of global warming has spurred international action with a team led by a US pro

Blood DNA Predicts Liver Cancer Early
(image) Blood DNA can be an early predictor for liver cancer, says a US study. Using DNA isolated from serum samples a

India may See Outbreak of Cardiovascular Illnesses
(image) India may very well see an outbreak of cardiovascular diseases in endemic proportion in the near future, warns a survey

FDA Urgently Warns Consumers About Health Risks of Potentially Contaminated Olives
(image) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is alerting consumers to possible serious health risks from eating olives

Overuse Of Antibiotics-Creating Monsters Out Of Common Microbes
(image) Health officials are alarmed at the evolution of causal organisms of hitherto common diseases into 'superbugs'. This

Clinical Studies Evaluate Potential Treatments for Mouth Ulcers
(image) The drug pentoxifylline appears to have limited benefit in the first-line treatment of mouth ulcers due to recurrent apt

Rotavirus can Spread Beyond the Intestine
(image) A new study in PLoS Medicine has shown that children who have rotavirus, a very common cause of diarrhea in children,

Study Shows That Indigenous People are Not Genetically Prone to Diabetes
(image) The high rate of diabetes among indigenous people is not due to their genetic heritage, according to a recently publishe

Johns Hopkins Begins Aggressive Screening for 'superbugs' in Children
(image) Safety study triggered decision to go beyond standard monitoring and testing schedules Infection control and cri

Obesity may Be Linked to Middle Ear Effusions in Children
(image) Childhood obesity may be associated with a condition known as otitis media with effusion, which consists of fluid buil

MS Drug Helps Reduce Vision Loss
(image) A drug that slows disability and reduces relapse rates in multiple sclerosis (MS) has been found to also reduce vision l

20-year Study Shows Significant Rise in Childhood Obesity, Especially Among Girls
(image) Four-year-old girls are six times more likely to have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 30 than they were 20 years ag

Chondroitin may Not Have Any Beneficial Effect on Arthritis, New Study Says
(image) Chondroitin has simply no effect on arthritis, yet another study says. It neither prevents or reduces joint pain, resear

Late Diagnoses of HIV Infected Children is No Child's Play, Survey Reveals
(image) There has been a lot of talk about improving HIV detection and treatment; unfortunately most endeavors for remedy target

Ireland's Smoke Ban Seems To Do The Trick
(image) According to Irish researchers, a smoking ban which began March 2004, has worked on many counts-not only has there been

Stem Cells Provide New Tool for Studying Disease and Identifying ALS Drugs
(image) Results of two studies funded by Project A.L.S. and appearing in today's advance online publication of Nature Neuroscien

Hotdogs And Co.-The Long And Short Of It
(image) Health experts are increasingly viewing cured meats with caution. One reason is the growing incidences of Chronic Obst

Travelers' Hazard- Antihistamines Make Drowsy Drivers
(image) A recent report has zeroed in on a potential threat to those on the road- drivers who handle their vehicle under the i

Breastfeeding Keeps Breast Cancer At Bay- For Older Mothers
(image) Researchers say that breast-feeding can negate the risks of breast cancer which are heightened in the case of full-ter

Disturbing TV Scenes may Intensify Stress
(image) Viewing disturbing news footage on television could intensify stress and trauma, according to a latest study. br

Method to Screen Prostate Cancer Less Effective
(image) A common method used to diagnose localised prostate cancer, one of the more common cancers among men, may be less effe

India to Collaborate With International Vaccine Institute
(image) India is all set to sign an agreement with the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) situated in Seoul, capital of Sou

Smoking Ban Improves Dublin Environment, Health: Study
(image) A ban on smoking in public places since March 2004 in Ireland has found to have improved the health of bar workers in

Rainwater to Receive a Fillip in India
(image) The federal government in India is accelerating measures to boost rainwater harvesting in the country. The m

Indians Add to Rich Diversity of Virginia Tech
(image) A sizeable number of students and faculty of Indian origin add to the rich ethnic diversity seen on the sprawling campus

Bird Flu Claims Its 14th Human Victim in Egypt
(image) According to confirmation received from The Ministry of Health in Egypt, a 15-year-old girl has succumbed to bird flu

Red Wine Good for Nothing, Say Indian Doctors
(image) Dismissing the widely held theory that red wine is good for health, leading Indian doctors Tuesday said that no one in

Campaign for Safe Drinking Water in India, Nepal
(image) The United Nations Human Settlement Programme, UN-Habitat and cola giant Coca Cola signed a three-year agreement Tuesday

Kiss a Chocolate and Tell
(image) A study has shown that the sensation of melting to a chocolate gave an intense high, far more than the thrill of a lover

Breathing, Expels Toxins and Cleanses the Lungs
(image) As researchers from the University of North Carolina mulled over the dangerous life-threatening disease of cystic fibros

Doctors in UK Promoting Awareness of Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease
(image) Heartburn could be a precursor to gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, British doctors warn and note that the diagnosis

Liver Regeneration Unplugged
(image) Liver regenerates in a way which has surprised even scientists. It is only one of the few organs which can regrow from

Eat Fruits, Vegetables to Ward Off Cancer
(image) Eating plenty of fruits and a regular diet rich in vegetables can offer protection from a host of cancers, three new stu

Kids Watch too Many TV Junk Food Commercials: Study
(image) Children of all ages are exposed to TV commercials for junk foods at an alarming rate, says a new US study.

FDA Grants Approval to First Bird Flu Vaccine
(image) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the US has granted approval to a French drug firm for manufacturing the first

Two More Pet Food Products Recalled in US
(image) The pet food scare that started in March this year continues unabated. One more firm has said it is withdrawing two of

Nanoparticles can Damage DNA, Increase Cancer Risk
(image) Tissue studies indicate that nanoparticles, engineered materials about a billionth of a meter in size, could damage DNA

Ever-Controversial Mental Health Act To Be Decided Upon
(image) Patricia Hewitt, Britain's Health Secretary called upon MPs to support the newly amended Mental Health Act bill yesterda

A Discovery That may Lessen a Health Disparity
(image) Mayo Clinic Cancer Center scientists, in collaboration with Chinese researchers, have isolated an enzyme that could be

Screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Saves Men's Lives
(image) Regular ultrasound screening for abdominal aortic aneurysms can sharply reduce the likelihood of dying from a ruptured a

Study Finds No Survival Benefit for Gastric Cancer Patients
(image) A more intensive postoperative chemotherapy regimen for high-risk gastric cancer patients did not improve their survival

Breast Cancer Vaccine Stimulates Potent Immune Response to Cancer Cells
(image) Mayo Clinic researchers have designed a new strategy in the promising field of cancer vaccine research that's proven to

Cancer Patients are at High Risk for Potential Drug Interactions
(image) Potential drug interactions from prescribed medications are common among cancer patients and may cause unnecessary har

Dipyrone may Treat Headaches -- but Use With Caution
(image) The controversial drug dipyrone can treat acute headaches, but patients should be warned of the risk of potentially se

Nutrients in Certain Vegetables may Provide Cancer-fighting Benefit
(image) Chemicals in cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, watercress, cabbage and cauliflower, appear to not only stop huma

Sleeping With The Enemy
(image) According to Australian researchers, what many doctors are not aware of is the fact that married men too, are active ris

Antidepressants- Not Harmful To Children And Youths
(image) Researchers now claim that dosing children with antidepressants are in fact, not dangerous. This is contrary to popular

Students of Texas A (and) M University Going Trans-Fat Free
(image) Next to join the bandwagon of those giving trans-fat the miss, is Texas A (and) M University. The university has made a campus

Childhood Obesity may Increase Ear Problems
(image) Children who are obese may face the risk of developing an ear problem called 'otitis media with effusion' - in which flu

Emergency Contraception Does Not Reduce Unintended Pregnancy Rate
(image) The "morning after pill" may be a good option for individual women in crisis, but advance access to emergency contracept

Woman Says Irritable Bowel Drove Her to Shoplifting
(image) In a curious incident reported in Florida, USA, a 61-year-old woman caught shoplifting said she could not wait for too l

New Research Shows That Flu is a Trigger of Heart Attacks
(image) Doctors need to take concerted action to ensure that people who are at risk of heart disease receive the influenza vacci

Popular Herbal Supplement Hinders the Growth of Pancreatic Cancer Cells
(image) A new study from the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute suggests that a commonly used herbal supplement, triphala

Jharkhand Elephant may Have Been Poisoned
(image) An eight-year-old elephant which died under mysterious circumstances not far from here may have been poisoned, officials

Geisinger Launches Extensive Study on Obesity and Related Liver Problem
(image) Relying on one of the largest collections of liver tissue samples ever acquired by a single organization, Geisinger Heal

DHA in Diet Helps Delay Onset of Alzheimer's
(image) California - A kind of Omega-3 fatty acid called DHA, present in fish, eggs, organ meats, fortified foods and food suppl

UCSF Brain Tumor Vaccine Trial Shows Promising Results
(image) A vaccine for treating a recurrent cancer of the central nervous system that occurs primarily in the brain has shown pro

Benefits of Aspirin in Cancer Prevention
(image) In a new study, researchers found that the drug Aspirin helps in preventing cancer and may also increase the survival ra

ART for AIDS Reaching Many, Yet Scope to Ensure All Patients Receive Treatment -U.N Report
(image) The recent report from United Nations portraying overall statistics of patients receiving treatment for AIDS worldwide i

98% of Food Imported by the U.S is Not Inspected for Food Safety
(image) Washington-It is estimated that only a small percentage of food imported into the United States is actually inspected. F

Maradona to Stay in Hospital
(image) Argentina's soccer legend Diego Maradona will stay in the Los Arcos sanatorium for some more days until his liver analys

Prevention of HIV/AIDS Always Better Than Cure-WHO Stresses
(image) The World Health Organization (WHO) says that though treatment coverage for HIV/AIDS has improved, the United Nations' l

Ethanol Could Be Damaging for Human Health, New Study Says
(image) Ethanol, obtained from vegetable sources, is touted as a more eco-friendly fuel, than petroleum products. But a new stud

Junk Food Ad Overkill Shows Urgent Ban Needed
(image) AMA President Dr Mukesh Haikerwal today called on the Federal Government to urgently ban all advertising of junk food to

Veterans To Get Improved Access To GP Care
(image) AMA President, Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, said today that war veterans would have improved access to general practice medical

Virginia Tech. Shooter -Human Rights or Innocent Lives
(image) As the pain and agony begin to subside over Monday's ghastly student massacre at Virginia Tech., U.S., details of the

Government Delivers On Emergency Medical Training For Rural Doctors
(image) Chair of the AMA Rural Reference Group (AMARRG), Dr David Rivett, today congratulated the Government on relaxing restric

AMA Calls For Calm Approach To Aged Care Illness Outbreaks
(image) AMA President, Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, today called for a calm and rational approach to addressing illness outbreaks in age

Expert Warn- Odds Still Stacked Against Hormone Replacement Therapy
(image) Debates and vigorous arguments never seem to leave the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) issue, especially in the wake o

The Flu- More Than Just That
(image) According to experts, the flu is nothing to be sneezed at. The research carried out by Dr. Mohammad Madjid

UK Mental Health Reforms Will Do More Harm Than Good, Critics Warn
(image) The British House of Commons has begun the second reading of the controversial Mental Health Bill. The bill

Biological Differences in Breast Cancer
(image) Breast cancer is one of the most malignant diseases which are responsible for number of deaths. Number of researches and

Epogen - Overuse Dangerous
(image) The Anemia management drugs have been in use from a long time by the doctors and patients to improve the quality of life