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Published: 2014-11-14T12:53:46-07:00


A Voice From The Wilderness.....And A Must-Buy Record


While there has been little activity on the old Shotgun these days, I was compelled to provide a quick note about one of the best new albums in the last decade - "Hearts From Above" - the new album by...

New International Trade Crossing: Bridge Math


Click cartoon to enlarge.

Albertans don’t want to pay for new Detroit-Windsor bridge


When Prime Minister Stephen Harper balked over the summer at an International Monetary Fund (IMF) invitation to participate in a $430-billion rescue package for Europe, many taxpayers cheered. They could be forgiven for thinking the PM had at last kicked...

Harper On NITC Bridge


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Canada's Pipeline Insurgency Should Refine Its Friends


By The Black Rod, special to It’s a newly-buff pipeline industry that's stepping into the lion's den at the final hearings into the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline which will last through October into November. Project proponent Enbridge served notice...

Enabling a future American dictator: Ron Paul


More “Straight Talk” from Texas Congressman Ron Paul: These are truly troubling days for liberty in the United States. Last week the 60 day deadline for the president to gain congressional approval for our military engagement in Libya under the...

Event Notice: Alternative Investment Conference (Calgary)


Alternative Investment Conference (Calgary) Saturday, May 28, 2011 Blackfoot Inn, 5940 Blackfoot Trail Southeast 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM 9:00 AM – Registration, Janet Stillwell (White Capital) [“Invest to Live; Live to Ride” Motorcycle Show ‘N Shine with “Judge” and...

Syed Soharwardy threatened by “bag lunch” suggestion


In a statement issued this evening, Calgary Iman Syed Soharwardy of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada revealed that he has received an email containing "threatening" statements directed toward him from an Alberta man allegedly known to police. According to...

Who is John Galt?


A moral defence of capitalism comes to the big screen...and not a moment too soon:

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson warns of “imminent financial collapse”


Straight talk from Gary Johnston at CPAC: “We're on the verge of an imminent financial collapse unless we right the financial ship. And to balance the budget we need to cut 43 percent of what government spends and that starts...

Good Bye


I just wanted to inform everyone - or at least those interested - that I'll no longer be contributing to The Shotgun. I will continue to write (as often as usual) at my personal blog The Gods of the Copybook...

A Pair of Gems To Get You Through A Cold Prairie Week


Many of us in Western Canada will be hunkered down this week, or at least this weekend, hiding out from winter's angry return. Sure, I braved the cold yesterday and hit the slopes at Mt. Norquay in Banff to take...

Corporal Benjamin Roberts-Smith, VC


From the Telegraph: The Victoria Cross citation said the soldier's actions showed "most conspicuous gallantry" and "total disregard for his own safety". His bravery was a living enactment of a pledge tattooed across his chest: "I will not fail my...

Cult of Multicult


Back in 1965, the Tory philosopher George Grant wrote Lament for a Nation, prophesying the eventual absorption of Canada into a technocratic, corporatized and American led continental super state. Grant came from an older Victorian tradition of Toryism, one essentially...

Hostage Crisis 30 Years Later


Ted Koppel, who became a major media figure in his coverage of the hostage crisis, recalls: In their approach to the United States in the decade that followed, the mullahs provided chilling evidence of how closely they had studied the...