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BeefTalk: Beef Growth Performance Continues to be Stable


The current growth benchmark for actual weaning weight is 554 pounds at 192 days of age, with an average daily gain of 2.5 pounds.

BeefTalk: Beef Production Weaning 498 Pounds Per Cow Exposed


To truly measure progress, producers need to collect, analyze and report data, and set goals.

BeefTalk: The Challenge of Cow Size


The solution is finding moderately sized cows that produce steers to meet current market desires and specifications.

BeefTalk: Commercial Beef Production Benchmarks for 2017


Achievable goals are the first steps toward improvement.

BeefTalk: Long-term Cow-culling Rate, Replacement Rate and Cow Age


Knowing how your herd compares with industry numbers is important.

BeefTalk: Age and Source Verification Can Work


Age and source verification places value on the calf and its accompanying data.

BeefTalk: The World is Good, but Sometimes Saying That is Hard


Remember that tomorrow is another day filled with hope.

BeefTalk: Age and Source Verification Revisited


Age- and source-verification programs continue to play an important role in marketing cattle.

BeefTalk: Rain Makes Regrowth; Put Weight on Cows Now


Fall is the time to take advantage of crop aftermath grazing.

BeefTalk: Calves Pay the Bills, But the Cows Make the Bills


Cattle breeding systems are the key to long-term, cost-conscious, efficient beef production.

BeefTalk: Time to Get Serious; Small Cows Produce


Smaller cows can produce calves that are competitive with mainstream beef production.

BeefTalk: Walking a Trail, Understanding Cow Math


Having cattle that are too large or too small has real consequences.

BeefTalk: Seeking Efficient Beef Cows


Separate biological and economic efficiency and keep an eye on your goal.

BeefTalk: Diversity Helps Mitigate Drought Effects


Healthy soil is critical to effective, sustainable farming practices.

BeefTalk: Managing Drought Through Proper Soil Health


The effective mitigation of drought is improved soil health and using the available moisture more effectively.