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Preview: Ask MetaFilter questions tagged with boating

Ask MetaFilter questions tagged with boating

Questions tagged with 'boating' at Ask MetaFilter.

Published: Wed, 15 Nov 2017 14:45:23 -0800

Last Build Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2017 14:45:23 -0800


Beginner seeks help with kayak purchase

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 14:45:23 -0800

My reasonably fit wife (49 y.o., 5'6", BMI of 24) is interested in getting a one-person kayak for day use and general recreation on lakes and in the California Delta river and tidal system. I have read enough about kayaks to understand that there's a lot I don't know. Please help us choose the right kayak for her. The goal is to have fun.

One of my favorite past times is fishing. I have a small 13' aluminum boat that I fish from. My wife doesn't fish, but she's a good sport and will sometimes join me on the boat for the day, or for an afternoon. She's occasionally said that she'd enjoy exploring the same waters I fish on her own, from a kayak. We'd like to find her an affordable one person kayak so she can do that.

I like to fish the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, and I'd like to find her a kayak that's suitable for boating there as well. The Delta, as it's known, is both a river system and a tidal system. Currents can be strong, the area can get windy, and the surface can get choppy. Stability and the ability to maneuver through chop are very important requirements for any craft we get her.

I also fish lakes in (mostly) calm weather, but I'm sure any kayak can handle a calm lake.

Our budget for this approx. $500, for which we'd like to buy the kayak and the necessary accessories (helmet, life vest, paddle, etc.). That number is somewhat flexible, and buying used gear is fine w/us.

I have read up on kayaks and am familiar with the basic types, but because she plans to use ot for general recreation and "day touring" it honestly seems like almost any would do for our needs, although I am sure some (e.g., day touring models) are better suited to our needs than others. So...what type of kayak should we look at? What length? Sit in vs. sit on? Touring vs. non-touring? Are used kayaks generally OK, or should they be avoided? Are there any well appointed beginner packages that are good values? And are there any terrible brands or beginner packages to be avoided?

My truck has a contractor's roof rack, and I plan to use that to transport the kayak to the water. I will also help her hand launch it, so I don't think we need a dolly.

Thanks in advance for whatever kayak knowledge you can pass my way!

Bookfilter: Murder, identity theft, boating accident, photography etc.

Fri, 10 Nov 2017 12:29:37 -0800

I've read this book about five times and yet I can't remember its name. A guy discovers his wife is having an affair with their neighbour, who's a photographer. He kills the guy in a rage, then covers up the murder by faking his OWN death in a boating accident and using the neighbour's body. Then he assumes the neighbour's identity (photographer) and moves to a little town in the Rocky Mountains... Anyone?

Sing me a song about boating

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 11:04:20 -0800

I am looking for songs about old-timey boating, preferably with recordings or video. Please recommend the best renditions of Sloop John B, the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Oh Shenandoah, ... [all the ones I don't know about].


Tue, 16 May 2017 10:56:09 -0800

so i live on/near the water and am fascinated with exploring on satellite imagery prior to physical nautical adventure (owing to having a small boat and littlish kids). there doesn't seem to be any once you wander a mile from the coast..... or does there? as i've begun to expand my search area out much further (say 20+ miles from shore) i have started to come across lots of dumping sites for the military, government, dredging permit dumps etc all indicated on standard marine charts. now, i DONT want to go there in my boat per se (as it's semi illegal) but i DO want to look at pictures from SPAAACE of the areas. i immediately noticed that as you wander from the coast there aren't satellite images available of the wide waters of the worlds oceans. i supposed i can understand that its boring and featureless. except its not. water depths up to 20-30' easily show bottom features from satellite imagery. and i am SURE that the pictures are being taken. hard to imagine them NOT, right, xfiles and the whatnot?

so, the question: am i missing a data source which actually has real satellite imagery of the oceans and not just a formless blue with bathysphere ridges occasionally rendered in? if it helps i am particularly interested in the gulf of mexixo. and if you are REALLY curious, i am looking for the site found on this website which can be found by zooming in and clicking on the green pin west of tampa bay. it's precisely 20NM from the anna maria, FL land mass.

Minimal life jacket for adult poor swimmer?

Mon, 25 Jul 2016 10:57:12 -0800

Can anyone suggest a life jacket/life vest/PFD for an adult man with physical problems swimming who doesn't want to feel smothered by a "normal" model? Someone I know really misses being out on the water, and would like to go on the pontoon boat for cruises around the lake. Unfortunately, he's caught between poor control of his legs from a medical condition, and also being kind of claustrophobic.

So on one hand he's worried about not being able to swim if he falls overboard or stumbles when going between dock and boat, but he hates the feeling of wearing a full-size life vest.

The inflatable models that look like a pair of suspenders look good, but they cost a lot ($200 and up); will they support a full-grown man's weight? (And I wouldn't want him to have to manually inflate the thing by blowing through a tube while thrashing in the lake: compressed CO2 is a must.)

If those are out, is a kayaker's vest, with its high-cut back, the next best choice?

Thank you all for help in getting this guy back out on the lake!

Preventing a kid and his grandfather alone on a boat, without insult

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 10:08:41 -0800

My 75 year old dad is not as sharp as he used to be (recent example inside). However, he still has a motor boat that he takes out on the water (Long Island Sound) when he's up north for the summer. The problem: he continues to want to take my seven year old son out on the boat with him -- just the two of them. How can I make sure that I or my husband always accompany my son on the boat, without insulting dad's competence? The first day of using the boat this year, dad was too impatient to get the navigation computer on before driving away from the dock, and ran aground before even leaving the channel. The tide was going out, and he ended up having to sit on the boat for seven hours till the tide was high enough for the boat to get towed out. He had water on the boat, but no food.

The problem is that dad has nothing to do all summer, so he likes to just drop by and say, "Come on, grandson, let's go out on the boat! Mom can stay here and have a break!" I work from home -- he is going to suspect that I don't have confidence in his abilities if I drop my work and accompany them, every time.

What can I do/say to make sure a responsible adult is on the boat with my son every time, without insulting my father? There have been two boating accidents necessitating rescue already this summer in our local waters, so I don't think I'm overly anxious about boating safety.

What do you call a group of drunken sailors?

Tue, 26 Apr 2016 11:35:52 -0800

We are participating in a scavenger hunt type event and need help with a team name. Metafilter rocks when it comes to names for businesses/websites/roller derby, so give me your best nautical team names. Our team has been assigned navy as our team color, and all four members are sailors.

So we’re looking for a nautical team name - something funny. Puns are acceptable, slightly offensive is fine, as are references to alcohol.

A Story about Oxford Boating

Tue, 21 Apr 2015 19:03:36 -0800

A story about a disastrous boating excursion in Oxford, not by Connie Willis or Jerome K. Jerome-- what book is this from/what story is this? In college, I went on a study abroad trip to Oxford. Our professor (who came with us from the States, but who was an Oxford man) would, to break up the three hour class periods and give us a feel for our surroundings, read us selections from things like The Oxford Book of Oxford.

One short story/selection from a book that he read involved a student, who was desperately trying to get some work done, getting roped into going on a night time boating trip by his friends. He attempted to bring his work along and tried to do his work by lantern light, but various disasters ensued; I think I recall a happy ending (getting the paper done, eventually, or passing the exam).

The selection is, as far as I can tell, not in the Oxford Book of Oxford. It's not Three Men in Boat or To Say Nothing of the Dog but the tone was similar. I'm pretty sure it was a memoir of some sort, and not fiction, but I'm am not certain. Any ideas?

Non-Khaki-Scouts Seek Aquatic Outdoor Adventure

Thu, 26 Feb 2015 07:01:29 -0800

This summer, my nine year-old son and I want to journey down a local creek on some form of inflatable vessel. Help us have a watery adventure! Difficulty level: we are nerds, NOT grizzled outdoorspersons. Last summer, Wee Thumbscrew (age 9) and I spent a lot of time hiking/playing around the Neshaminy Creek. We looked this creek up on Google Maps, and it apparently meanders all over our area and directly through the recreation area of a nearby state park. We started talking about how it would be SUPER-COOL to hop on an inflatable raft (or conjoined inner tube) near our house, then make our way downstream, eventually disembarking and catching a ride from a friend in the state park.

What I wanna know is: IS this goal achievable? How do we achieve this goal? What do we need to know before we go? What challenges might we face? Where can we learn more about how to do this?

Relevant info: as far as I know, the creek has no raging rapids or waterfalls along its length. It's pretty shallow and gentle. Wee Thumbscrew and I are not strong swimmers, nor do we have much outdoor experience. We do have people who'd be willing to pick us up at any point along the creek. We are willing to incur discomfort and mild risk, but not to flat-out DIE in pursuit of our impromptu lazy river trip.

What type of boat is this?

Wed, 28 Jan 2015 23:11:45 -0800

I saw this boat floating in Puget Sound a while back. Can you identify the make/model? I don't need the year or displacement or measurements or anything - just curious about what sort of boat it is, since it seems like exactly the type of boat I would want if I were a boating man. Sorry, no shots where you can make out the number or anything.

Two stroke outboard boat motor in British Columbia -- OK to use?

Mon, 18 Aug 2014 13:37:35 -0800

What are the current regulations for or against the use of less-than-10hp two stroke boat motors in British Columbia? Is their use currently permitted? My brother is in the Vancouver area and just got a small car top jon boat for himself and his kids. He wants to do a little fishing on small lakes with his kids.

I am in California and have a spare 5 hp, two stroke outboard motor that I can't use due to CA state emissions regulations. It's a ~20 years old Sears' GameFisher, so it is NOT one of the newer, emissions-friendly two stroke motors, though it is well maintained and still works fine. Can he use this motor in BC? I'm primarily interested in any general prohibitions against the use of two stroke outboards in inland waters, rather than lake-specific prohibitions. I looked through the official Canadian Office of Boating Safety site but didn't find a relevant regulation.

For the moment, let's ignore the practicality/impracticality of shipping this, as well as the question of gas vs. electric; assume he'll get an electric motor, too. I'm mainly interested in determining the permissible use of an older two stroke motor in British Columbian inland waters. Thanks!

Affordable intermediate sailing lessons in NYC: is it possible?

Sun, 15 Jun 2014 10:08:50 -0800

Ahoy! I've taken (and enjoyed) Manhattan Sailing Club's basic intro to sailing course and been on the water several times in other places. I'm now looking for a way to continue to sail and learn in New York on the weekends. Is there anywhere you can take a non-beginner class with an instructor without emptying your bank account? The closest I've found is TASCA in Queens, where you can repeat beginner classes for $300--but there is no class for those who've already taken beginning instruction; and Atlantic Yachting where you can pay for individual lessons at 5:30 on Wednesdays (not possible with my work). Would love some help getting some more practice on the water!

Nautical Information Needed

Wed, 09 Jan 2013 13:17:02 -0800

We've been doing some research for a project and need some help finding out what a particular sign (or type of sign) means. We came across these signs, which are used in nautical navigation. We’ve been trying to figure out what the bottom row of signs means, and all searches lead to stock-image sites with drawings like this one, not to any information about what they mean.

So: anyone know what those yellow signs with the black vertical line in them mean? Of particular interest is the diamond/rhombus-shaped version.

Goin' fishin'

Mon, 04 Jun 2012 10:38:06 -0800

Fishing and boating in Oregon's inland waters while on vacation - sanity check on regs and permits, please? In August, we (two adults, two kids under age 12) are meeting up with some friends for a week at a lake in the Southern Oregon Cascades - woo hoo! I will be spending a nice chunk of that time fishing - double woo hoo! I have a 13' aluminum fishing boat (15 hp motor) that I intend to bring/use, and I just want to make sure I understand the current regs on its use.

From what I've read online, Oregon currently does roving "spot" inspections for invasive species, so if I see signs for an inspection station while we are driving up I need to pull over and have the boat inspected. Same if I see an inspection station set up at the boat launch at the lake we will be visiting. No problemo - I fully support this effort and agree with its merit and purpose. However, absent one of these roving inspection stations I am not required to get my boat inspected. Is this correct? CA regs seem to be a bit more formal on this point, so I just want to understand the law in OR.

As an out of state resident in Oregon for less than 60 days, I am not required to complete the Oregon boater education/licensing test. Is any other sort of temp. boating license required for out of state residents?

Finally, I am required to get a temporary/short term, non-resident fishing license, but my kids are exempt because they are under age 14. Is this correct?

Is the above accurate and complete? Am I missing anything? Our trip isn't until August, so I should have ample time to take care of any stray bureaucracy as long as I can suss out what it is. Thanks!

Canoe! Canoe! Canoe! It's just fun to say.

Fri, 06 Apr 2012 14:57:22 -0800

Let's say that I'm looking to buy a serviceable used canoe on the cheap. How should I go about it? So I just went on a canoe trip with my fiance and we both absolutely loved it. So much so that we're talking about buying a canoe so that we can go again without having to rent/borrow a boat in the future. We don't have a lot of money and our needs in terms of a canoe aren't really demanding, so we're thinking that buying a used canoe would be a good idea. Where should we look and what should we look for?

Requirements, such as they are:

  • Not aluminum. The noise is super unpleasant to me and really ruins the experience of gliding silently through nature.
  • Probably going to be used mainly for day trips and camping trips on relatively calm water (think lakes and bayous). It would be nice if we could eventually take it out on some rivers in years to come, but we live in Louisiana right now where water is mostly a flat, slow-moving thing. We would want something that we could transport some gear in though, and something that could be portaged if necessary.
  • We're both relatively new to canoeing, though we've each done a few trips in the past and immensely enjoyed our recent two-nighter out at Lake Fausse Pointe. Our paddling skills aren't super but they're steadily improving. Something relatively stable and straight-tracking would be nice.
  • Cheaper is obviously better. We're not sure where to look for cheap canoes other than Craigslist, although that's certainly a start. What kind of price range should we be looking at for a serviceable used canoe? Nevermind paddles and lifejackets for now. Assuming we're willing to be patient and keep our eyes open for great deals, where are those deals most likely to be found?
  • What should we be looking for in a canoe in terms of features, construction, and condition? What should we be on the lookout for when inspecting a potential buy in order to tell if it's going to do the job?
  • What else am I not considering that I ought to be considering? We already have transport for the canoe figured out, and we're willing to figure out lifejackets, paddles, and other accessories separately if need be. We have a place to store the canoe.

Help me out, hivemind! I just know there's a canoe in my future, if I can just find it!

Bonus question: where are some great places to check out in the Louisiana area once we have our canoe and are ready to go exploring?

Fun on the high seas near NYC

Tue, 31 May 2011 13:04:39 -0800

Where can I rent a self-captained boat for 10-20 people within two hours of NYC. My buddy is getting married on the west coast at the end of June, but none of his east coast friends will be able to make it. We'd like to do something special in lieu of attending, so we're leaning towards renting a self-captained boat (pontoon or otherwise) for a day of revelry on the high seas.

The question remains: where can we rent a boat within two hours driving of NYC? Would love to do this somewhere scenic like Harriman State Park, but if we can swing something like this on City Island or something, that would be cool to.

Anybody have experience with this kind of excursion?


I want to sail around Australia. Help me!

Tue, 26 Apr 2011 00:46:15 -0800

I'd like to circumnavigate Australia in a sail boat one day. What's the best way to learn about sailing to prepare me for the trip? what do I need to know to survive? and more... I have a lot of questions... please answer or add anything useful please :)

Australia's coastline is 25,760 kilometers, or a little over 16,000 miles.

How long would the trip take all the way around?
Will reefs be a problem?
Is it possible to do it solo without much experience?
How much supplies would I need?
Any other important things I should consider?

I don't know much if anything about sailing at the moment but I've bought about 40 books on sailing I plan on reading.

I recently found out my sisters boyfriend's uncle has a catamaran sail boat and I've asked them to hook me up with him in a few weeks to teach me some of the basics.

Tom Sawyer style, hits the open water...

Sat, 26 Mar 2011 19:33:02 -0800

Some friends and I want to take off on a canoe in the Fox River (in Illinois) for a day trip to see the sights when it gets warmer. Advice, warnings, etc.? We're a bunch of risk taking teenagers. Sigh. So, I'd like to think I'm the more reasonable one. Go ahead and talk us out of it, if that's the reasonable thing here!

Of course, if this did happen, I'll need to have working life jackets first thing. A map, to avoid dams/find portages and keep our bearings, and letting people know we're gone. Some sort of phone that could risk getting wet would be nice too. Extra paddles... sorry, I'm rambling!

So, any words of advice or reasons not to do it? Likelihood we'll get in trouble? I'd like to know, just so you don't see a news article about a bunch of drowned, risk taking, morons...

Adventure calls!

What kind of adrenaline-filled experience can I get as a gift?

Wed, 16 Feb 2011 17:53:23 -0800

Looking for places in the US where you can race a car, sail a boat or do some other adrenaline-filled activity for a weekend. This is for a birthday gift in April. My husband is turning 40 soon and I want to get him an experience rather than a tangible gift. We're in the midwest, but I'm OK with travelling if the total cost is below $1000. It has to be in the US since he doesn't have a passport.

He loves to drive and has expressed interest in racing rally cars. He would love some sort of dangerous driving school or whatever they're called.

He's an experienced sea kayaker and wants to own a sailboat. He's sailed before, so a beginner's class would be boring, but it's been awhile so a more advanced class might be too much.

He loves the outdoors and would be comfortable spending a few days in the middle of nowhere. He's often expressed interest in "Bigfoot hunting" (but not real hunting, he won't kill anything). He's not in the best shape, so a 30 mile hike might not be a good idea.

He will NOT be interested in skydiving, rockclimbing, base jumping or anything else involving heights, including planes and helicopters. He'd also not be interested in firing real guns (paintball, maybe).

Open to any creative ideas!

Fishing in Puget Sound

Fri, 22 Oct 2010 06:15:04 -0800

When is really the best time to fish for salmon in the Puget Sound / Georgia Straight area? Is it exclusively a late fall/early winter sport? Family members have recently purchased a 24' cabin cruiser type powerboat and would like to try fishing for salmon. They've gone through the appropriate training courses and safety info and have been using the boat with great sucess in the San Juans since spring of this year. Nobody has tried catching a fish yet, however...

This would be in Puget Sound off the coast of Skagit or Whatcom counties in WA state. I'm looking at the WA state government's fish & game website which has some recommended schedules:

What are our realistic chances of catching a fish in November, assuming we're totally clueless?

What to do (or not do) when away from the sight of land and on a boat smaller than a 747?

Wed, 13 Oct 2010 20:18:26 -0800

What are some do's and don'ts to boating, fishing, and (possibly) swimming while 20-40 miles from land? I'm not an idiot adrenaline junkie or a nervous Nancy or ignorant of any fishing experience but I would always rather do things 'right' than learn the hard way, even if 'right' is subjective. Disclaimer: I'm going Anon and being vague about certain things to keep from giving my situation away in the one in a million chance the captain I'm referring to sees this post. Not that he/she would/should be offended, just for my peace of mind. Situation: I'm lucky enough to have formed a friendship with someone who owns/captains a boat that is (easily) capable of getting to and from some great fishing spots off the panhandle of Florida. I've always been a fairly strong outdoorsy person and tend to find a matching hobby almost anywhere I end up... well it looks like deep-sea fishing might be it for now. After going out for several trips and loving it I'm wanting to expand my arsenal of tips/tricks/skills for while we're out there. The captain is a bit one dimensional when it comes to the trips but I think is open to other ideas if presented properly. Fishing example: All we do is bottom fish for grouper/snapper/triggerfish with the same exact rigging setup/hooks/bait in mostly the same spots (since that's what he knows and seems to be comfortable with). That's fine and I'm really enjoying it but wouldn't mind knowing more about how to take other fish, what the benefits of other baits (or even lures) are, when/how to chum the water, how to properly tend the rod while waiting for a bit, etc. Don't get me wrong we catch fish every trip but we often don't approach the limit for the target species. Pages like this are great but seem unclear on the more obvious points like "When do you gut a fresh caught fish (or do you gut at all)?" Some seem to say on the boat ASAP, some seem to suggest icing and waiting until you get to the dock is fine. Some gut before they fillet, some don't seem to worry about it. The capt has his way but if I can step in and help at the end of the day it would be all the better for both of us. Boating example: What bits and pieces I know about fishing totally overshadows my knowledge of deep-sea vessel handling. Beyond knowing/feeling like I could get the boat up on plane and to dry land and/or pick him up if he fell overboard, I'm a total rookie. Moreover, I feel like our strategy is pretty vanilla. Find GPS spot, estimate drift direction, drop anchor upcurrent, fish. Nothing like the skills that some people seem to have. Swimming example: I grew up near the beach my whole life and my swimming skills are fine if nowhere near lifeguard level. However, hopping off his boat to cool off/swim/relax just seems hinky to me. This isn't Deadliest Catch where the water temp kills in mere minutes. We (currently) don't chum the water beyond what odor our bait puts off. We've seen/hooked a few sharks (mostly nurse, a hammerhead, and a few sand sharks) so there's that, but I mean people scuba the wrecks here very often so how dangerous (besides the occasional jellyfish or something) can it be. There's so many factors to this question that I know I haven't covered everything but I'll address them as they come up I suppose. Thanks for the opinions and for those of you that are/ever have been in the area I'm describing please feel free to memail me for more info or *gods be praised if this happens* some coordinates of decent/awesome spots to visit. We do th[...]

looking of this artwork

Fri, 17 Sep 2010 19:42:07 -0800

Artist name or where to buy, I saw several prints(of paintings) years ago. topic was humorous boating scenes. The one that comes to mind is "stalking barracuda" with a watercop hidden behind a mangrove island as drunken boater/fisher people fly through a "no wake" zone. there were others: "lookout" as the name of a crashed vessel. You get the picture? I'd love to find out where to buy them. Thanks!

Help me identify these mystery vessels!

Mon, 23 Aug 2010 05:57:59 -0800

I took the night ship from Oslo to Copenhagen last week. When we were about an hour out of Oslo, two of these boats came up on us out of nowhere, spent nearly an hour zooming up and down the length of the ship and back and forth across the wake, then abruptly vanished. Who were they and what, exactly, were they doing? The first boat had about ten people on it, in two single-file rows of five, plus a driver, and the second boat (photographed above) had slightly fewer people. All were wearing identical florescent yellow jackets and black pants, and everyone was sort of straddling a domed seat and hanging onto a bar in front of them for security.

They did not attempt to touch or communicate with the ship in any way that I could see, just drove around it nonstop and at high speed for nearly an hour and then suddenly fell back and were gone.

A lot of passengers on deck were snapping photographs, but nobody seemed to who they were or why they were there.

Can anyone provide any insight? Was it a drill or practice of some kind, and if so, for what? My curiousity is killing me here.

How to vallet park my little oceangoing skiff?

Mon, 03 May 2010 09:15:54 -0800

What are innovative moorage ideas for a small skiff, if I can't afford to build a dock? Rocky intertidal/occasional surge/ocean cove. I'm looking for schematics/ideas for how to get from a 16' aluminum skiff, onto the shore of some remote recreational land I own.

There are several possible sites.
Site 1 is protected for the most part from surge, where I can put an offshore moorage anchor down. Site 1 is the only one I cannot put anything on land.

Access to Sites 2 & 3 is subject to occasional directional surge which would discourage access about 30% of the time. Its a cove of about 200 feet in width, where I could perhaps consider something with a line across it as it has deep enough water at all tide depths.

Site 3 is adjacent to site 2, has a beach, with small sharp stones. Once the boat is up above the tide, there's no moving it- I need a solution which will let me come and go, independent of the tides. The beach is not steep, so over just a little time, the water moves great distance- making the timing for coming and going difficult!

Generally, if there is loading/unloading of gear to be done, this can be done walking/wading, before the boat is parked elsewhere.

A dock/pilings are out of my price range, so I'm looking for a solution which might include any of the below:

1) sinking a cement anchor with a moorage buoy
2) storing an inflatable dingy on land/fetching it before anchoring
3) a plank/winch system to pull the skiff out/redeploy it
4) pulley and droppable anchor system (have heard this called 'indian anchoring')
5) a seasonal "float" which I would deploy in summer, retract in winter, keeping the inflatable tied on top (anyone have designs/schematics?)
6) a pulley system allowing shore access to any of the above

The site needs to be secure enough to leave the skiff unattended overnight.

I'm willing to sell this skiff if I need something else which works with a different system... The direct contact of the rivets against the rocks doesn't wear so well.

I'm looking for purchased/recycled item solutions/ as well as having a lot of wood out there in the form of tall 6-10 inch diameter trees.


Help us get started camping and fishing!

Mon, 29 Mar 2010 14:21:49 -0800

What are great places to fish, boat and camp driving distance from central Maryland? Father-in-law got a new, small fishing boat, and we can use it whenever we want! But we need to find good places to go a reasonable distance from MD. Could be day trips, or overnight/weekend camping trips. I can find lots of places online but it is hard to know how great they are, and what people like about them. Our kids are 12 and 15, so good travelers up for fun.