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Published: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 09:41:17 -0800

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Our vet diagnosed feline asthma. Could it be something else?

Fri, 14 Jan 2005 09:41:17 -0800

Feline asthma. Any experience? Possible misdiagnosis? (MI) My 3-year-old female cat (half siamese, half tabby) has been diagnosed with asthma after a serious episode in which her coughing (which mimics hairball-removing coughs) became more frequent/severe and her breathing inbetween was a horrible wheezing (she had great difficulty expelling the air in her lungs).

After the vet performed an exam and x-rays, heart problems were ruled out (based on heart size in x-ray alone, no blood tests were performed), and she was given IV steroids and sent home with a scrip for Prednisolone. After about 48 hours her breathing was fully normalized and her coughing episodes were very infrequent. Now, a week later, she has the occasional cough but has begun sneezing repeatedly over the course of the day (30 times yesterday, at least). Now, sneezing is not uncommon in cats with asthma, but it seems to me that given the amount of steroids in her system right now (the step-down to one pill from two began today), the combination with the coughing strikes me as something more upper-respiratory based than asthma.

The asthma diagnosis is a bit strange to me-- while I have recently moved (different city, same climate), the apartment I am in now has hardwood floors and is 6 years old (versus the carpeted 20-year old building of the previous two years), and it seems to me that the aggravating factors that would be asthma-related should be less here (here being the only place she's had symptoms), not more. I've done my Google research-- for example, I know that asthma is inexplicably more common in siamese cats, as well as more common for females, but I am planning on getting a second opinion from another vet and want to know what possible explanations exist that I haven't yet considered or encountered online, as well as how insistent I should be with the vet(s) that something doesn't strike me as right with the diagnosis. Additional factors: I have two indoor cats and the other has no symptoms whatsoever (complicating my upper respiratory theory); they have both been indoor cats for life. *Any* ideas? Experience?