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Post-Gazette -- OPINION

Updated: 2017-11-21T20:59:19




Charles Manson is dead. Unfortunately, the ridiculous cult that sprouted up around him during the 47 years he’s been in prison for masterminding one of America’s most notorious mass murders in 1969, is still very much with us.



Would the war against preying on women be blazing so fiercely had Hillary Clinton been elected?



Paul Kochu and Dakota James went missing on winter nights about two years apart, and their bodies were recovered from the Ohio River. Their cases bear many similarities, not least their families’ unhappiness with how Pittsburgh police handled the investigations and treated them in their time of grief.

Shaky at the top: Germany, Kenya and Zimbabwe get unsettled


The vital political lineups in Germany, Kenya and Zimbabwe are in motion. They cry out for the political stability that enables the governments to function and play their responsible regional roles.



New tax proposals are now being planned by Congress. Clearly, when Republicans say “we will lower your taxes,” they actually mean “we will lower our taxes.” Why? They are dependent on campaign donors whose taxes they are reducing. 



As a strong supporter of “democratic values,” I want to praise columnist Jay Cost for the truthful, insightful and compassionate values he seems to endorse.



For one reason I hope the Republican-controlled Congress passes its tax and health care bill.



Republicans, including U.S. Rep. Keith Rothfus and Sen. Pat Toomey, have abdicated their moral responsibility as public servants with their prior attempts at a health care reform law and now continue to do so by incorporating elements of the Affordable Care Act repeal within tax reform. According to the Congressional Budget Office, up to $25 billion will be cut from Medicare in the House tax plan to fund an estate tax repeal to benefit the Trump family. 



In response to the Perspectives piece from Edith Bell (Nov. 10, “Let’s Declare War on War”) and the letter from the Rev. Bernard Survil (Nov. 17, “The Fight Against War”), I am reminded of the thoughts of British economist and philosopher John Stuart Mill (1806-73). He wrote:



I have been very fortunate for the last 28 years to be cared for by doctors at the UPMC Shadyside hospital. The expansion announced for the hospitals at Mercy, Presbyterian and Shadyside is very exciting (Nov. 4, “UPMC to Construct Specialty Hospitals”).



Robert Hill is a Pittsburgh-based communications consultant (



Pittsburgh is in danger of losing one of its most storied, if obscure, landmarks — a potential building block for Homewood North.



Chris Wallace is anchor of “Fox News Sunday.” This op-ed, which is adapted from a speech he gave Nov. 9 to the International Center for Journalists, first appeared in The Washington Post.

The price of water: Fixing PWSA is essential, and expensive


A journey of a thousand miles, it is said, begins with a single step. The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority earlier this month took two important steps on the long road to financial and operational stability. It enacted a series of rate hikes and made a commitment to monitoring consumption at city-owned buildings, measures urgently needed to rebuild the PWSA’s crippled infrastructure.

Cambodia clampdown: The scarred nation is getting more authoritarian


The Asian nations that are moving toward or away from democratic rule range across a wide spectrum. Cambodia, under dictator and ex-Khmer Rouge officer Hun Sen, is clearly moving away from democratization.

The U.S. has bills to pay, so how can it cut taxes?


When you have bills to pay, do you try to work overtime to catch up or work less? So why is the government negotiating a tax cut? The United States of America has a bill to pay: $20.5 trillion and climbing.



The Washington Capitals’ Alex Ovechkin and the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Evgeni Malkin, two Russian hockey players who have thrived quite well in our democracy, have decided that they need to be advocates for Vladimir Putin because “It’s a tough year. We want to be together and support him” ( “Malkin Says ‘Putin Team’ Is Just a Show of Support,” Nov. 17 Sports). 

The House tax reform plan penalizes the sick


It’s bad enough to have medical expenses in excess of 10 percent of income in order for a taxpayer to qualify for a medical deduction on federal taxes. What’s even worse is the House version of the Republican tax “overhaul,” which would eliminate the ability to take any medical deduction. Clearly, this further penalizes one category of people who need it most — the sick and ailing.

Rob Rogers' cartoon does a disservice to the citizens of Alabama


Regarding Rob Rogers’ Nov. 12 cartoon about the Alabama Senate race: I’m disappointed in the PG for printing such a disparaging portrait of the citizens of Alabama. I spent a year and a half living in that state and the picture he paints is antipodal to the character of the people and the state. 

A letter writer is right about the ACA, but the PG is wrong about property taxes


In response to a letter and an editorial, both on Nov. 16: