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Post-Gazette -- OPINION

Updated: 2018-02-24T23:19:08




Supporters of gun rights are criticizing CNN over a “town hall” it held on gun control. By hosting it, CNN gave these conservatives a choice: Either stay away from the forum and be attacked as a coward, or go and be called a “murderer” to the applause of the crowd. Florida Gov. Rick Scott chose the first option, National Rifle Association spokesman Dana Loesch the second.

Boil alert in Congo: The potential for a humanitarian crisis is ahead


Another major violent explosion may be imminent in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, according to observers in the region. The last time this occurred, from 1998 to 2003, an estimated 1 million to 5 million people died and eight other African nations became involved as warfare spread. 

Bombs bursting: Oh say, can you just sing the national anthem?


Well, “The Star-Spangled Banner” never sounded quite like that before.

The GOP is in panic mode over a fairer congressional map


The Republican response to the recent redrawn congressional district map from the state Supreme Court has been entirely predictable and unsurprising (Feb. 22, “GOP Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Block Latest Redistricting Map”). All of them, including President Donald Trump, Sen. Pat Toomey, Rep. Keith Rothfus and the state House and Senate members, know that if they can’t cheat, they can’t win. 

Marc A. Thiessen: The GOP tax reform used to be unpopular. Not anymore


WASHINGTON — When the Republican-controlled Congress first approved its tax bill in December, most Democrats believed it would be a political loser for the GOP. Indeed, a New York Times poll found that just 37 percent of Americans approved of the plan. “To pass a bill of tax cuts and have it be so unpopular with the American people is an amazing achievement for the Republicans — it’s never been done before,” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., crowed.

America needs compassion, not toughness


Thank you for the fine coverage of the Pennsylvania redistricting issue, particularly on Feb. 20 — “Court’s Voting Map Splits Fewer Counties.”

More laws aren't the answer; the FBI fumbled in this tragic case


In response to George Pettrone’s letter (Feb. 19, “NRA Buys Congress”), I agree that the Post-Gazette should publish a list of contributions to members of Congress by the National Rifle Association. Then, everyone could see that political contributions by the NRA are dwarfed by many other concerns, such as Big Pharma, which Mr. Pettrone does not mention, possibly because he is unaware of this or doesn’t care?

Pittsburgh was stripped of its 'H' — then got it back


The Storytelling article listing the names and incorporation dates of the other towns in the United States carrying the name “Pittsburg” was interesting (Feb. 17, “Pittsburgers: Bad Spellers With Memory Issues”). A nice bit of research. It showed that as people moved across this country, in many cases they carried the names of their previous homes with them.



Wednesday, after listening to the heart-rending stories of those who lost children and friends in the Parkland school shooting — while holding a cue card with empathetic-sounding phrases — Donald Trump proposed arming schoolteachers.



I lived in Cuba from the age of 1 to 14 — my father was in the U.S. military and my mother was Cuban — and I returned last month to Cuba for the first time since our family left in 1959. I didn’t know what to expect, mainly because of the economic sanctions that have been imposed on the country by the United States for nearly 60 years. From some of the images we have seen from afar, we expected to see a lot of old cars, bicycles, general shortages of almost everything else and a broken people.



In the dark,



State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe is a terrible person. Those who have followed Mr. Metcalfe’s antics in the state Legislature for nine terms know that as a lawmaker, he is fundamentally unserious and a monumental embarrassment. That’s saying something in a state that routinely sends monumentally embarrassing people to Harrisburg.



Harry Litman is a former U.S. attorney for Western Pennsylvania who also served as a deputy assistant attorney general in the Department of Justice in the 1990s. He is an attorney in private practice specializing in whistleblower cases and teaches constitutional law at the University of California, San Diego.



While the law allows defendants to be jailed for willfully refusing to pay fines and court costs, it prohibits judges from locking people up when they do not have the means to pay. Unfortunately, that distinction is lost on some jurists, who at times can’t even be bothered to fill out paperwork properly before jailing destitute defendants over Mickey Mouse sums.



The continuing slaughter in Syria, this time focusing primarily on East Ghouta outside of the capital Damascus, should sound an alarm to the world that it is far past time to stop the war there.

Let’s have less stockpiling of guns and more civility


Bravo to the students who survived the Parkland, Fla., school massacre and the young people across America who are staging protests against gun violence. It is time to fight the cruel indecency of our elected officials who pocket dirty money from the National Rifle Association and whistle “Gee, we send our condolences to the parents whose kids were just shot to pieces in their school hallways.”

The problem is that the wolves are armed


In response to Sam Rosenberg (Feb. 20 Perspectives, “ ‘Surplus Killing’: Our Society Needs Sheepdogs With Teeth”): I understand that this man owns a business that relies heavily on the use and accumulation of weapons, but his sheep/​wolf analysis is faulty and a long stretch. 

Our elected leaders have waited to take action until too late


I am very encouraged that finally we seem to be on the cusp of a serious conversation about what kinds of guns we need and don’t need for hunting and other legitimate purposes. But why are we having this conversation now? After Columbine, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook, did anyone really think this wasn’t going to happen again? 

These projects show the progress in our area on roadways


I’m writing in response to Brian O’Neill’s Feb. 15 column, “Pittsburgh Gets Shorted on Highway Dollars.” The notion that Western Pennsylvania is not receiving transportation dollars is just ridiculous. Our office has an outstanding relationship with PennDOT District 11, and we have worked extremely well with the former district executive, Dan Cessna, and the new district executive, Cheryl Moon-Sirianni.

As Others See It: The Trump infrastructure plan is a start 


Ignore the flimflam, and President Donald Trump is offering some good ideas with his infrastructure proposal. The question is whether it’s too little, too late.