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1962: Strategy and Structure & 1988: The Theory of Industrial Organization


We've grouped a couple of books for day 5 of our 50th anniversary series. John S. Covell, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Economics, Finance, and Business, on Strategy and Structure: Chapters in the History of the American Industrial Enterprise: Alfred D. Chandler...

Open Education’s Gathering Storm


Today's Open Access Week post is by M.S. Vijay Kumar, coeditor (with Toru Iiyoshi) of Opening Up Education: The Collective Advancement of Education through Open Technology, Open Content, and Open Knowledge. The recent Open Ed conference in Vancouver, with its...

1961: Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine


It's day 4 of our 50th anniversary series. Here’s an excerpt from John B. Thurston’s review of the first edition of Norbert Wiener's Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine (1948). The review appeared in the...

Open Standards Are Critical to Underpin Open Data


Our celebration of Open Access Week continues with a guest post from Brian Fitzgerald, coauthor of Adopting Open Source Software: A Practical Guide. I am glad to see that open source software continues to be of significant interest to researchers...

1960: The Image of the City


For day 3 of the 50th anniversary series, Reiter's Bookseller Jim Wood reflects on The Image of the City by Kevin Lynch: "I first encountered it as a young bookseller in 1975, building the stock of a technical bookstore. In...

1959: Experiencing Architecture by Steen Eiler Rasmussen


For today's 50th anniversary post, Production Coordinator Kate Elwell dug up some Production facts about Steen Eiler Rasmussen's Experiencing Architecture: "We just reprinted Rasmussen's Experiencing Architecture for the 35th time. Our production folder only goes back to the 14th printing,...

Rivals Clash on Foreign Policy


We're posting this week's Election Tuesday piece a bit early because it directly relates to the final presidential debate. David L. Phillips, author of Liberating Kosovo: Coercive Diplomacy and U. S. Intervention, discusses the candidates' stances on foreign policy and...

Open Access Evolution?


It's Open Access Week! We'll feature guest posts from a few of our authors to celebrate Open Access throughout the week. Today's post is by John Willinsky, author of The Access Principle:The Case for Open Access to Research and Scholarship....

50 Years of Influential Publishing


A note from Ellen Faran, Director of the MIT Press This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the MIT Press, a milestone that has us reflecting on the significance of our work. I hasten to add that “our work”...