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Published: 2017-12-01T00:00:00-05:00


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Complexities of Racial Identity Development for Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) College Students


Higher education research increasingly acknowledges the multiple identities and communities within the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) student population. This chapter explores the complex and multifaceted aspects of APIDA students and offers key considerations for student affairs practitioners working with today's APIDA student population.

Reconsidering Asian American Student Development


This chapter addresses the applicability of student development theories in light of empirical research on Asian American college students through a twofold approach: (a) revisiting the relevance of Kodama, McEwen, Liang, and Lee's (2001, 2002) theoretical work on Asian American student development; and (b) using Jones’ and Stewart's (2016) framework to complicate thinking on new paradigms for understanding and advancing student development theory and research.

Race, Religion, and Spirituality for Asian American Students


This chapter describes how race, ethnicity, religion, and spirituality uniquely interact for Asian American college students, including a discussion of the diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds of this population.

Academic and Career Development: Rethinking Advising for Asian American Students


Academic and career development for Asian American students is complicated by cultural influences, interdependence with family, and racial stereotyping. This chapter highlights research, theory, and practice to help educators rethink traditional advising approaches to more appropriately work with Asian American students as they navigate their academics and careers.

Asian American Student Engagement in Student Leadership and Activism


Conceptual models for understanding the ways in which Asian American students engage in leadership and activism are interrogated. The chapter provides a discussion of implications for student affairs professionals working with Asian American student leaders and activists.

Contextualizing Asian American College Student Psychological Health


With attention to race, culture, and gender, this chapter contextualizes the help-seeking behaviors and psychological aspects of health facing Asian American college students. Recommendations are provided to student affairs professionals and counselors.

From Reflection to Refraction


In this chapter, the author integrates the collective wisdom and research shared by the scholars in this monograph, encouraging student affairs practitioners to courageously transform identity-relevant theory to practice in support of Asian American and Pacific Islander students and communities.

Tools and Resources to Learn More About Asian American Students


This chapter provides general resources to support readers in their reflections and incorporation of research and practice within their own contexts.