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Published: 2017-09-01T00:00:00-05:00


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You Don't Have to Be a Research Expert to Use Data Effectively


This chapter provides guidance and encouragement about working with assessment data to improve practice and includes a research primer.

Approaching Big Survey Data One Byte at a Time


This chapter asserts that data are more likely to improve learning when assessment focuses on sensemaking conversations among students, faculty, and student affairs administrators, rather than on advanced statistical techniques.

Taking Advantage of Student Engagement Results in Student Affairs


This chapter urges student affairs professionals committed to enhancing student success through data-informed decision making to take full advantage of opportunities to apply and use student engagement results.

Fostering Socially Responsible Leadership in College Students: Insights From the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership


This chapter examines how to understand, utilize, and leverage data from the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership to transform and deepen student leadership development on campus.

Improving the Campus Climate for LGBTQ Students Using the Campus Pride Index


This chapter describes how institutions can best use data from the Campus Pride Index, focusing on student recruitment and resource/policy advocacy for LGBTQ constituencies.

Leveraging Student Interfaith Cooperation Through Evidence-Based Change


This chapter is tailored to student affairs professionals who are seeking to leverage students’ interfaith cooperation through evidence-based change.

Using Data to Support Online Student Communities


This chapter describes practical uses of data about online learners and provides suggestions for using data to support their success.

Using Data to Guide Diversity Work and Enhance Student Learning


This chapter is about using campus diversity data to inform student affairs work.