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Preview: Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals Cases

Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals Cases

The last 10 published decisions for the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals Cases

Last Build Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2018 09:01:20 GMT


IN RE MARRIAGE OF MAHONEY, 114926, 2018 OK CIV APP 9, ___ P.3d ___

Fri, 08 Sep 2017 21:00:00 CST

¶1 Respondent/Appellant Connie A. Mahoney (Wife) appeals from the trial court's order denying her motion to vacate a consent decree of dissolution. Wife sought to vacate the decree because it was signed by Petitioner John Mahoney's (Husband) sister, acting as his attorney in fact under a durable power of attorney, under allegedly fraudulent means. Husband died between the date of the consent decree and Wife's motion to vacate and Petitioner/Appellee The Estate of John Mahoney was substituted as the real party in interest. The trial court's findings that Husband was competent at the time the decree was executed and that the decree was not executed by fraud are supported by the weight of the evidence. The broad power of attorney form in this case gave Husband's attorney in fact power to enter contracts affecting property rights; more importantly, Husband directed his attorney in fact to sign the consent decree for him because his own signature was shaky. A consent decree of dissolution may be executed by an agent where such authority is not excluded by the terms of the power of attorney instrument. The trial court did not abuse its discretion in denying Wife's motion to vacate and we affirm.

AUTRY v. ACOSTA, INC., 115196, 2018 OK CIV APP 8, ___ P.3d ___

Tue, 14 Nov 2017 21:00:00 CST

¶1 Carrie A. Autry appeals a temporary injunction enjoining her from (1) recruiting or hiring the employees of her former employer, Acosta, Inc., (2) using Acosta's confidential or proprietary information, or (3) soliciting or selling to named clients she represented while employed by Acosta. Was granting the temporary injunction to enforce the non-solicitation provision in question an abuse of discretion? We conclude it was, and reverse the order of the trial court.

SEQUEL YOUTH & FAMILY SERVICES LLC v. AYISI, 116109, 2018 OK CIV APP 7, ___ P.3d ___

Thu, 04 Jan 2018 21:00:00 CST

¶1 Petitioners (collectively, Employer) seek review of an order of the Workers' Compensation Commission affirming the order of the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who found Marcella Ayisi (Claimant) sustained compensable injuries to both of her knees arising out of the course and scope of her employment. Based on our review, we vacate and remand for further proceedings.

IN THE MATTER OF IW, 115997, 2018 OK CIV APP 6, ___ P.3d ___

Fri, 29 Dec 2017 21:00:00 CST

¶1 Michael Lance McAfee (Father) appeals an April 6, 2017, order terminating his parental rights to his minor children, IW, MM, Jr., and NK. Based upon our review of the record and applicable law, we reverse the order under review.

ONLINE OIL, INC. v. CO&G PRODUCTION GROUP, LLC, 112681; Consol. w/112904, 2018 OK CIV APP 1, ___ P.3d ___

Tue, 29 Aug 2017 21:00:00 CST

¶1 Kris Agrawal, Online Oil, Inc., Realty Developers, LLC, Coal Gas USA, LLC, Coal Gas Mart, LLC and Realty Management Associates, LLC, 1 (Agrawal defendants) appeal the district court's December 5, 2013 Final Journal Entry of Judgment in favor of CO&G Production Group, LLC and the May 14, 2014 order denying their motion for new trial. This case arose from a contract dispute concerning the purchase of oil and gas interests previously owned by some of the Agrawal defendants and the transfer of operations for the producing wells on those leases. After this appeal was filed, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Oklahoma granted a petition for involuntary bankruptcy naming Kris Agrawal as the debtor and stayed further proceedings in this appeal. On April 24, 2017, that court granted Agrawal's request for relief from the automatic stay, permitting this appeal to proceed. The Agrawal defendants have failed to preserve certain issues for appellate review and shown no error by the district court with respect to all but two of the issues preserved for review. The award of actual damages on CO&G's tortious interference claim is modified by this Court to $13,500 and the award of punitive damages on CO&G's two tort claims is vacated. In all other respects, the December 5, 2013 Final Journal Entry of Judgment is affirmed, and this case is remanded for further proceedings consistent with this Opinion regarding the punitive damages issue. The district court's May 14, 2014 order denying the Agrawal defendants' motion for new trial is affirmed in part and reversed in part consistent with this Opinion.

WATKINS v. HAMM, 115047, 2018 OK CIV APP 2, ___ P.3d ___

Mon, 31 Jul 2017 21:00:00 CST

¶1 The plaintiffs Winston O. Watkins, Jr., and Laborers District Council Construction Industry Pension Fund, on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated, appeal a May 2, 2016 order granting defendants Harold G. Hamm's, Jeffrey B. Hume's, and Wheatland Oil, Inc.'s motion to dismiss their amended petition with prejudice. The plaintiffs' petition purports to assert a direct action on behalf of Continental Resources, Inc.'s, shareholders against Hamm, Hume and Wheatland regarding a transaction in which Continental acquired the assets of Wheatland. Oklahoma has not previously recognized a direct action by shareholders against corporate officers and directors. We decline to do so here.

JONES v. PACK, 115433, 2018 OK CIV APP 3, ___ P.3d ___

Mon, 04 Dec 2017 21:00:00 CST

¶1 We address Jody Robert Pack's appeal of a trial court order awarding attorney fees to Lacee Dawn Jones to determine whether the trial court erred in making the award. After review, we conclude the trial court erred in making the award and reverse its order.

JOHNSON v. STATE ex. rel. DEPT. OF PUBLIC SAFETY, 115924, 2018 OK CIV APP 4, ___ P.3d ___

Wed, 25 Oct 2017 21:00:00 CST

¶1 Defendant/Appellant State of Oklahoma, ex. rel. , Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) appeals from an order awarding Plaintiff/Appellee Gary M. Johnson (Driver) $8,299.66 in attorney and expert witness fees. We find the trial court properly awarded fees pursuant to 12 O.S. 2011 §941 (B) because DPS had no reasonable basis for revoking Driver's license; further, we find the amount awarded was not an abuse of discretion. We affirm.

IN THE MATTER OF J.J.P., 115944, 2018 OK CIV APP 5, ___ P.3d ___

Fri, 01 Dec 2017 21:00:00 CST

¶1 Appellant Erika Pruiett ("Mother"), the natural mother of minor children J.J.P., d.o.b. 10/12/2011, and J.L.P., d.o.b. 11/13/2012, (collectively "the Minor Children" or "Children"), appeals the judgment terminating her parental rights following a multi-day jury trial. Because our review of the record demonstrated the State proved its termination case with clear and convincing evidence, we AFFIRM the judgment of the trial court.

SMITH v. BARKER, 114851, 2017 OK CIV APP 69, ___ P.3d ___

Mon, 07 Aug 2017 21:00:00 CST

¶1 Plaintiff, Mindy Michelle Smith, appeals from an adverse verdict in a personal injury action resulting from an automobile-bicycle collision at the intersection of South 109th East Avenue and East 71st Street in Tulsa. The jury found that Plaintiff was 80% at fault for her own injury and that Defendant, Tiffany Angel Barker, the driver of the pick-up truck that hit Plaintiff, was 20% at fault.