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Public marks with tag syndication




Vidmeter gathers data from across the web to provide an accurate representation of the most popular online videos. While it is impossible to tell the exact number of views a given video has received from every website and every download, Vidmeter gathers the reported view count from a large cross-section of web-based video sites, giving a very close indicator to the relative popularity of a video. Vidmeter gathers this data like so: First, Vidmeter's software automatically records the numbered of views and comments from the top listed videos on Addicting Clips, Atom Films,, Brightcove, Daily Motion, Google, Grouper, iFilm, Metacafe, Myspace, Revver, Veoh, vSocial, Yahoo, and Youtube once per hour. Second, Vidmeter editors "merge" similar videos on multiple websites. This allows Vidmeter to count the views of a video on all websites as a single video, giving a more accurate ranking of a video's popularity and not just a URL's popularity. Third, Vidmeter automatically ranks videos for the day by counting the difference between that day's view total and the previous day's view total. The most viewed videos are the most popular and ranked highest. For videos that are new (that do not have a previously recorded view count), the first view count is listed under "before" as we cannot necessarily tell on which day those views occurred. On some days videos will show a negative comment number, this is because some networks allow users to delete comments and thus lower the total comment count. Fourth, the latest view and comment counts are set as the "all time" counts for the videos and they are ranked accordingly. Vidmeter's resulting list of video provides a great tool for industry watchers to track trends in online videos, for marketers to see what's hot, for makers and advertisers to track their video's popularity, and for eager video watchers to get their fill of the most poplar entertainment online.

Tiny Tiny RSS - Trac


Tiny Tiny RSS is a web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) aggregator, designed to allow you to read news from any location, while feeling as close to a real desktop application as possible.

MeeVee | Guide


SplashCast: Channel Yourself Across the Web


SplashCast enables anyone to create streaming media 'channels' that combine video, music, photos, narration, text and RSS feeds. These user-generated channels can be played and easily syndicated on any web site, blog, or social network page. When channel owners modify their channel, their content is automatically updated across all the web pages 'tuned' to that channel.



The RSS Platform Company



service en ligne GRATUIT permettant de rechercher, de créer et de partager des fils d'actualités

Anothr-Free Skype/Gtalk RSS Bot


RSS Syndicating: Getting Started


Web Syndication with RSS explained. How to make it so both people and machines can find your RSS feed.



RSS Web Feed Generator for Web Pages without Syndication

Flickr user favorites feed -


If you know a few Flickr users that have great favorites, it is pretty uneasy to check them on a daily (or weekly at least) basis. I don't know why Flickr doesn't provide RSS (and/or Atom) feeds for that yet, but I have made it available from outside thanks to the Flickr API. This script adds a link to a RSS feed for a Flickr user's favorites...

(U) RSS and Atom Considerations: Moving Toward Atom (UNCLASSIFIED)


This white paper recommends that the Intelligence Community, over time, move toward adoption of Atom Syndication Format as the Community’s standard XML-based language for syndication feeds. The paper compares Atom to the current de facto standard, RSS 2.0, and explains the many benefits to be gained by moving toward Atom.



Générateur de flux RSS pour pages web sans syndication (et facile à utiliser, en plus !)

FavFeeder feed icon in Flickr favorites -


If you know a few Flickr users that have great favorites, it is pretty uneasy to check them on a daily (on weekly at least) basis. I don't know why Flickr doesn't provide RSS (and/or Atom) feeds for that yet, but Carlos Cardoso have made it available from outside thanks to its FavFeeder

FeedLight | BrokenLogic


FeedLight is a stylesheet for NetNewsWire and Vienna.

Yahoo Pipes : rewires the web


Pipes is a hosted service that lets you remix feeds and create new data mashups in a visual programming environment. The name of the service pays tribute to Unix pipes, which let programmers do astonishingly clever things by making it easy to chain simple utilities together on the command line.

Ping-o-Matic! Jo's Coffee


ping Jo's Coffee blog

Faire une redirection permanente vers votre flux FeedBurner


Si vous avez, comme moi, souscrit à ce service permettant d’améliorer votre flux RSS, vous vous êtes certainement posé cette question à un moment : «Maintenant, comment je fais pour que tous mes lecteurs switchent vers FeedBurner ?».



This paper is about a service bus, a really simple one. What we will describe is a service bus based on RSS, or Really Simple Syndication: a simple protocol for disseminating news on the Internet which has been especially successful in the blogging world. RSS is a basic structure, or protocol for producing information feeds, usually consisting of news headlines. Many people will say that there is nothing enterprise about RSS, and indeed it is often assumed that RSS is too simple to be useful for anything but news.

Atom - Wikipédia


Atom est un format de document basé sur XML conçu pour la syndication de contenu périodique tel que les weblogs ou les sites d'actualités. Il permet l'affichage des sources surveillées aussi bien sur un site Web que directement dans un agrégateur. Il est semblable aux diverses versions de RSS, mais vise à être plus flexible. Il est normalisé par l'IETF contrairement aux divers RSS, pilotés par des entreprises privées. Les fils Atom peuvent être distribués, par exemple par le protocole HTTP. Le schéma XML utilisé est spécifié grâce au langage RelaxNG. Le format expérimental Atom 0.3 a été à un moment relativement répandu sur l'Internet. Mais Wikipedia utilise désormais le format officiel, le 1.0, qui est décrit dans le RFC 4287

XSPF: XML Shareable Playlist Format: Home


XSPF is the XML format for sharing playlists.bcp d'applications