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Public marks with tags rss-search-engines & rss-feed-aggregators


Super RSS Tools Index


FeedAlley RSS Feed Tag Cloud


Tag, share, search & discover Webfeeds (RSS, ATOM, etc.)

News Alloy - service for discovering, reading, and sharing Internet news and information.


view information from a wide variety of news sources, special interest publications and blogs via RSS in an easy to use and manageable way. javascript based GUI (AJAX).

A Feed Is Born Blog - RSS, Webfeeds and Information Overload!


Everything about RSS, Webfeeds and information overload!

Pluck FeedFinder


Pluck FeedFinder Search: perl


Pluck Home - RSS Reader, Bookmark Manager, Blog Reader, News Reader


The FeedFinder search engine and RSS directory helps you find new sources quickly and easily. Tag, comment and rate web pages on Shadows. Share links and participate in discussions on your favorite topics.

RSS Specifications and RSS Feeds


a comprehensive rss reference detailing everything you need to know about RSS.

Technorati Kitchen Home


where we put the new stuff we're cooking up while we're still testing it out. Be warned! The stuff in the kitchen may not be perfect - that's why we haven't served it up yet! But if you'd like to give it a taste, we'd love to know what you think.

Technorati Explore - Explore the Blogosphere! Find the hottest posts from blogs on any topic.


what's hot in blogs on specific topics right now. Choose a topic or search for your own to dive in!