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Public marks with tags rss & xml


podcast RSS Feed generator


Tutorials on Microformats


Microformats enable you to enrich your web pages (HTML, XHTML, RSS, Atom, Blog, XML). They don't affect how your web pages are rendered by a browser. But they have a huge (positive) impact on the ability of web tools to collect, understand, and process the information in your web pages. Microformats are tiny bits of information injected into web pages. When you add together the tiny bits of information over thousands or millions of web pages, you have a mountain of valuable information that can help with searching, understanding, and processing the web. There is a growing collection of microformats. I have created tutorials on the core microformats (as of early 2007).

Client Software


ROR - Structured Feeds, Content, Blogging


What is ROR? ROR (Resources of a Resource) is a rapidly growing independant XML format for describing any object of your content in a generic fashion, so any search engine can better understand that content. is the official ROR website. ROR promotes the concept of structured feeds (which is related to the concept of structured blogging) enabling search engines to complement text search with structured information to better understand meaning. ROR information is typically stored in a ROR feed called ror.xml placed in your website's main directory. Unlike Google Base, ROR feeds can be easily accessed by all search engines: at You can think of your ROR feed as a powerful structured feed for describing all your objects to the search engines: products, services, reviews, discounts, images, events, schedule, podcasts, anything you want. The current object types and attributes of the ROR format can be found here. We are working with several companies and individuals in defining new object types and attributes for everyone to use. If you want to participate in this effort (i.e. submit a schema, suggest new types and attributes), please contact us at the email address above. As we expand the ROR format, our goal is to re-use exisisting data structures and formats as much as possible.

Qu’est ce que le RSS ? at ifeedgood : rss, syndication de contenu


Un flux RSS est un fichier XML qui a été créé pour syndiquer des nouvelles, afin de partager du contenu sur le Web. Et là je sens que seul les Techos et quelques Geeks ont compris quelque chose à cette définition, mais pour le commun des mortels comme vous et moi ce qui vient a l’esprit c’est plutôt « késako ? » ou « hein ? c’est quoi encore tout ce charabia ? ». Alors supposons que vous ayez 50 sites web ou blogs que vous aimez lire régulièrement… Ces derniers, diffusant leurs news sous forme de flux RSS, vous permettent de vous « abonner » à leur contenu. Plus besoin de visiter chaque site (ouvrir une nouvelle page, attendre le chargement de toute la page, …) pour trouver d’éventuels nouveaux articles vous intéressant. Avec le RSS, vous recevrez en temps réel toutes les dernières nouvelles de votre choix dans votre lecteur de flux RSS. Un endroit unique où vos informations seront représentées comme dans une messagerie : classement par date, notion d’articles lus et non lus, gestion de rubriques, … Si ça c’est pas gagner du temps dans sa vie quotidienne !

Tutorials Round-Up: Ajax, CSS, PHP and More | Smashing Magazine


Ajax, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, RSS, XML as well as ASP, C , Perl, Python and Java tutorials

Tutorials Round-Up: Ajax, CSS, PHP and More | Smashing Magazine


Ajax, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, RSS, XML as well as ASP, C , Perl, Python and Java tutorials

Improving an XML feed display through CSS and XSLT


XML feeds, though useful, are boring to look at in a browser because they are simple XML files. It's possible though to make them easier on the eye, and in this article we'll look at two ways of doing that. First, we'll use simple CSS properties to format

net refreshed


xFruits - Compose your information system


Service en ligne permettant toute sorte de conversion XML: Plusieurs flux en un seul, flux RSS en page HTML, flux RSS en page web mobile, messagerie en flux RSS, flus RSS en fichier PDF, flux RSS en e-mail, flux RSS en OPML, OPML vers page web mobile et à venir... fichier en flux RSS!

PHP and RSS: Getting it together


DENG - The Modular XML Browser Engine - CSS 3 plus XHTML, SVG, XForms, XFrames, RSS and more


DENG is an award-winning, open source Modular XML Browser, capable of rendering subsets of XHTML, SVG, XForms, XFrames, arbitrary XML (e.g. RSS) and any other custom XML application, styled by CSS 3.

XUL - Ajax - XML - RSS


RSS help: RSS Feeds explained


Free RSS reader and install help. Take your first steps with RSS and get a free reader and simple steps to install. Get RSS savvy today!

ROR Sitemap Generator


amplee - defuze_trac - Trac


amplee is a Python implementation of the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP)

GeoRSS Home


Ruby builder template


Atom Publishing Protocol Support


The Atom Publishing Protocol is a new protocol being developed at the IETF as part of their Atom Publishing Format and Protocol working group that lets you manipulate Atom feeds over a REST-style HTTP interface

Parser un nœud texte en XML