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Public marks with tag rdf


RDF and XUL - Description and how to use it |


Simple rdf/xul example for firefox

Redfoot: Hypercoding System


Redfoot is a hypercoding system which is being used to create a webized operating system and is also being used to create applications. It is built around the notion of an RDF Graph for persistence rather than a File Tree. It provides standard web mechanisms to transport information across different machines and programmatically specifies the tasks for bundling and installing new software features across networked machines. The functions of Redfoot are analogous to that of an operating system kernel that manages resources across the web. To allow humans and other HTTP service agents to utilize Redfoot, it uses RDFLib and third party libraries such as Twisted and Kid to convert between RDF-based information and HTML or other popular formats. Therefore, each Redfoot server, is designed to interacting with a human, other redfeet, or any other HTTP-aware computing service. The design and implementation principles of Redfoot is to recursively utilize existing standards and libraries whenever and whereever it can, resulting in a highly compact, yet functionally rich execution kernel.

GRDDL Primer


« ... a technique for obtaining RDF data from XML documents and in particular XHTML pages.»

Web Semántica - Armonía | En definitiva...


El formato ATOM paso a paso

SKOS - Wikipédia


SKOS ou Simple Knowledge Organisation System (système simple d'organisation des connaissances) est une famille de langages formels permettant une représentation standard des thésaurus, classifications ou tout autre type de vocabulaire contrôlé et structuré. SKOS est construit sur la base du langage RDF, et son principal objectif est de permettre la publication facile de vocabulaires structurés pour leur utilisation dans le cadre du Web sémantique. SKOS est actuellement développé dans le cadre du W3C. News


The site is a community site that is the center for all Sesame-related development. Sesame is an open source RDF framework with support for RDF Schema inferencing and querying.

Search Engine | Fwicki.Com


Great search engine for finding RSS news feeds.

RSS Reader | Feed Management | Customized Solutions | Fwicki.Com


This is a great web based feed reader application.

Tabulator's javascript RDF parser


The javascript RDF parser used by the tabulator project. RDFParser is fully compliant with the RDF/XML specification.

Javascript RDF parser


A simple RDF parser written in javascript

guid number


RDFa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


RDFa est un projet du W3C pour rajouer des attributs sémantiques à XHTML, un concurrent aux microformats. "RDFa is a set of extensions to XHTML being proposed by W3C. RDFa uses attributes from XHTML's meta and link elements, and generalises them so that they are usable on all elements. This allows you to annotate XHTML markup with semantics. A simple mapping is defined so that RDF triples may be extracted."

SchemaWeb - Relational.OWL


Relational.OWL is an OWL ontology representing abstract schema components of relational databases. Based on this ontology, the schema of (virtually) any relational database can be described and in turn be used to represent the data stored in that specific database.

SWAD-Europe Deliverable 10.1: Tools for Semantic Web Scalability and Storage: Survey of Free Software / Open Source RDF storage systems


This report surveys the state of semantic web storage for RDF / triple data using existing free software tools.

GRDDL RDFa Example


Semantic Web Client Library


The library is written in Java and is based on the Jena framework.