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We are a mobile & web platform that effortlessly allows you to record and upload audio for your friends, family or the rest of the world to hear.

ITunes: Multiple libraries in iTunes 7


The recently-released iTunes 7 has added the much wished-for ability to manage multiple music libraries, and the Klavr weblog points out how simple it is

ConvenienceWare - TextParrot: speech solution for Mac OS X


TextParrot is a multilingual speech solution for Mac OS X that allows you to listen to your documents with naturally sounding voices in a language of choice. Or use it to create your own personal podcasts or your own audio books by exporting to iPod ready iTunes tracks. | Pass It On


With Zune™ you can share a variety of audio files.[1] Not only can you share songs you purchased or downloaded via the Zune Marketplace, but you can also share your own recordings, too. Share the school lecture you recorded, your homemade music tracks, or your weekly podcast.

libsyn // podcasting made easy


Welcome to the revolution. Podcasting is a means to publish audio and video content to the world via the Internet. Audiences are able to subscribe to their favorite shows and automatically receive the latest episodes in iTunes or similar client. Creating a podcast of your own is almost as easy as listening to one. Grab a mic, record an MP3, get on your soapbox, and let us take it from there!

Podcast in 3 easy steps


An easy three step guide on how to publish your podcast. Excellent read

Technophilia: Find great podcasts - Lifehacker


A list to sites that either list great podcasts, or allow you to search for them.

macosxhints - Listen to podcasts at 1.5x speed


I can listen to podcasts again, yay

How Does iTunes Pick Featured Podcasts? - MediaShift | PBS


Blog Hype Over — Business Has Just Begun