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MIT OpenCourseWare | Physics | 8.01 Physics I: Classical Mechanics, Fall 1999 | Video Lectures


MIT professor and Web star Walter Lewin swings from pendulums and faces down wrecking balls to show students the zany beauty of science.

Вечный двигатель


Вечный двигатель

Энергосберегающие лампочки


Энергосберегающие лампочки могут быть причиной головой боли

Diffusion des savoirs de l'École normale supérieure


Pour tous ceux qui voudraient accéder au top de l'éducation en France sans bouger de chez eux .. via JB

Multi-Medi Me


Personal in nature this 21st century canvas is a cacophony of my existence, this is the multi-media me. I hope you can forgive my extravagant prose but here I can not even conceive of putting filters on my expression. Here you will find the eclectic and some times visceral consciousness of one man. Whose tastes gravitate to the ethereal and sublime nature of the human mind where synaptic wanderings meet in mid cerebrum to create vivid and esoteric thoughts and imaginings of things that are and things that will be. The concept of expression on this digital canvas is truly overwhelming. The audience one can reach has no limit and the medium itself is ever evolving. A continuous string of ones and zeros leading us into the future where silicon and carbon merge to form a collective consciousness that one day may move beyond our senses as we know them and change the very nature of man. We sit on the precipice of the millennium with the socially predictable doomsayers fading from the Y2K hysteria and the visionist dreamer sliding into a Michelangeloesk sculpting mode for the 21st century. Consider this a call to action. Get out your hammer and chisels ladies and gentlemen it is time to work the marble.

SCPD - Donald E. Knuth


Science Friday: Making Science Radioactive


weekly npr program on science. now available as a podcast.