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Public marks with tag feeds


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gmachina - gaming feeds in bulk


gmachina is an independent gaming news aggregator by Philip Karpiak. Taking feeds from a select few of t3h intarw3b's best gaming websites, gmachina compiles the latest and greatest news about video games onto a single page.

myFeedz - the social newspaper


Tailrank - Top News for Today


Feedable: online rss reader

2007-03-15T17:26:23Z - Feed Aggregator


Simple and fast online feed aggregator

Feeds Atom de Cine


Feeds atom 0.3 de cine desde

Feeds Rss de Cine


Feeds RSS 2.0 de cine desde

Cine-Clásico :: Feeds o fuentes de noticias de Cine-Clasico


Hilo o tema explicativo de la utilidad de los feeds en

Jaiku | Stay Connected


Technology News » BuzzTracker


Yahoo Pipes: Rewire the web


雅虎公司(Yahoo)7日發布Yahoo Pipes視覺開發工具,讓使用者操縱擷取自網站的data feeds,以便打造新的應用程式。 混搭程式(mashup)結合擷取自不同網路服務(Web services)的資料,有些熱門混搭程式的資料擷取自單一來源,例如不動產物件刊登,然後在網路地圖服務上展示。 Yahoo Pipes目前仍是測試版,雅虎希望藉這項程式賦予程式開發人員及科技玩家更強大的工具,以整合結構化data feeds。通常這項任務是用Really Simple Syndication (RSS)或Atom協定來達成。 雖然這項服務目前只支援RSS和Atom feeds,雅虎有意擴充使用者可擷取的資料來源數目,也打算讓第三方建立外掛模組,並擴充這項服務的資訊產出組成元素,把地圖等規格也納入其中。 舉例來說,使用者可用Yahoo Pipes把多重的網路行事曆feeds結合起來,以單一面貌展示。使用者也可將新聞提醒訊息客製化,以便在幾個新聞feeds中去蕪存菁。也可以打造一種個人化的eBay拍賣價格監看工具,時時監看RSS,在某個價位區間尋找有興趣標購的品項。



一個匯集政大資科系同學blog的地方 powerd by django

Slifeshare | Share your digital life


Imagine if you could find out in real-time what kind of music your friends are listening to. Or which YouTube videos they are watching. Or which news sites or feeds they check on a regular basis. Or the music they are into these days. With Slifeshare you can! Slifeshare is an online space where you can share your digital life comings and goings with your friends, or whoever else you want. It's a new way to stay in touch and be connected to everyone you care about.

RSS Autodiscovery


Pipes: Rewire the web


about pipes Pipes is an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator. Using Pipes, you can create feeds that are more powerful, useful and relevant.

Feedity - RSS Web Feed Generator for Web Pages without Syndication


Feedity - RSS Web Feed Generator for Web Pages without Syndication

Grazr, you know for feeds...


Used and second hand road tractor trucks


From France Used and second hand road tractor trucks in EURO 2-3 and hydraulic system, road tractor trucks adapted to cistern transport with ADR and dump hydraulics system on MEGA wheels.

Tapestry Comics: A Directory of Web Comics with Feeds


Just what it says. A useful reference to strips online, but also compatible with your RSS reader. Get running posts via the site or selected an individual feed for your favourites.

Ozmozr - Absorb the Web


OsmoseRSS is an RSS aggregator that leverages the power of social collaborative filtering through tagging. It is a project under development at the Center for Open and Sustainable Learning that allows people to import, store, share and manage RSS feeds in bulk or individually. These RSS feeds can come from blogs, bookmark sharing sites such as, photo sharing sites such as flickr, open educational resource sites, news sites, and any other RSS-producing source. In addition to its functionality as an aggregator, OsmoseRSS encourages social interaction to help users find others with similar interests. Users tag RSS feeds as they add them to OsmoseRSS. When the RSS feeds are pulled into OsmoseRSS, the system processes the incoming data for tags embedded in the data and includes those tags as part of the description of each entry. Just like and flickr, those tags are exposed to the entire community. Users can then find other resources that have been tagged with keywords that are of interest. In addition, the source of each feed is tracked so that users can find and connect with people with similar interests. This exposes users to content that is being added by other individuals and to the individuals who are producing data. This results in a relatively high likelihood of discovery of other data or people who are of interest. OsmoseRSS encourages the formation of groups where users with similar ideas or interests can gather to share open resources. Groups inside OsmoseRSS can share resources, collaboratively filter and rank resources, review one another's work, create a shared folksonomy, and discover new people and resources. Within a group a user may contribute RSS feeds filtered by tags or vote on resources provided by other users. In addition, if a resource is found that is critical for the group the group may create a static link that always remains. Examples, of this type of resource include a group FAQ or a link to a discussion forum. Any user of the system may create groups. Instead of discarding old data, OsmoseRSS retains the data provided by RSS feeds. The advantage of this strategy is that all data from all RSS feeds is available to make recommendations and for users to search. This approach ensures that once a resource is tagged users will have access to it in the future.



MuseStorm provides services that are built on top of dynamic Web data such as RSS feeds and Web APIs. We believe that the Internet is radically changing and that data-driven Web applications are going to revolutionize the Web as we know it. MuseStorm Widget Engine and Distribution Service MuseStorm's flagship service, the MuseStorm Widget engine and distribution service, is an enterprise-grade service for publishers who realize the importance of the emerging social media revolution. The service enables publishers to easily distribute their content to millions of blogs, social networks and websites while keeping track of distribution and effectiveness. MuseStorm Developer Data Gateway MuseStorm provides developers with a service that greatly simplifies the creation of data-driven AJAX applications. Our servers aggregate data from multiple Web APIs and RSS feeds; Using our AJAX components developers with no AJAX or API knowledge can create amazing data-driven applications.