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So Baby Boomer: Life Tips

Coach John G. Agno's life coaching tips for confident and independent Baby Boomers. For boomers who admit they need more money than their parents' generation to live comfortably, are more self-indulgent, will be healthier, live longer and continue to set

Published: 2017-07-12T11:51:10-04:00


Online Dating After 50: Where to Go on Your First Date


Why Coffee Shops Are Your Best Bet By Team 50more We know what you’re thinking: “I like this person, but they might be a serial killer! I like this person, but what if they don’t look like their profile picture?...

Chinese Yuan: "Manipulated" Does NOT Mean "Unpredictable" " are bigger than governments."


By Elliott Wave International This year's U.S. presidential election brought into focus one market you don't hear about often: the Chinese yuan, or renminbi. "Donald Trump has been telling us all for a long time now that China is a...

How to Get a Firm Handle on Gold's Ups and Downs


Watch the yellow metal's price pattern to anticipate key junctures By Elliott Wave International [Editor's Note: The text version of the story is below.] ********* Hardly anyone likes gold today. In the closing days of November, the Daily Sentiment Index...

Here's What Makes Elliott Waves a Useful Forex Tool


Some Elliott wave forex traders do watch the news -- but for different reasons By Elliott Wave International Last Friday, EURUSD rallied strongly. Said Reuters: "The U.S. dollar tumbled against a basket of major currencies...on U.S. political uncertainty after the...

The Hour Before Your Heart Attack


A study, published in the journal Circulation, found that being angry or emotionally upset more than doubled the risk of suffering a heart attack. Performing heavy physical activity in a highly emotional state more than tripled the risk. The researchers...

Four Market Calls


Consider the common thread among these four market calls: Forecast 1: A two-month, double-digit rally in a blue-chip stock index, even as investor sentiment hit a negative extreme last seen at the epic market lows of March 2009. Forecast 2:...