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Preview: WebbIE, the web browser for blind and visually-impaired people

WebbIE, the web browser for blind and visually-impaired people

Updates, new releases and news on WebbIE, Accessible Podcatcher, Accessible RSS and more

Last Build Date: Sun, Dec 16 2012 19:42:00 GMT


WebbIE 4 Beta

Sun, Dec 2012 16 19:42:00 GMT

Download the new WebbIE 4 Beta version and tell me what you think.

WebbIE 3.117 - Bugfixes for BBC iPlayer Radio.

Mon, Jun 18 19:42:00 GMT

An updates is available for the BBC iPlayer Radio program.

WebbIE 3.114 - Many bugfixes and new features.

Tue, Aug 09 19:42:00 GMT

Updates available. All users are recommended to update. The automatic update process will commence in one week.

WebbIE 3.109 - Fixes to WebbIE speech, BBC iPlayer and Google search.

Sun, Dec 12 19:42:00 GMT

Bug-fixing. Various different screenreader users have reported problems with WebbIE, cursoring around not saying what they expect. I think the problem is some code I put in to force Narrator and Thunder to speak when they weren't doing so. I've finessed this to only operate when Thunder or Narrator is running, which I hope will fix it. Hard to tell with all those different screenreaders and versions out there. Also fixes for Google search and BBC iPlayer age verification.

WebbIE 3.108 - BBC iPlayer Radio now works without Flash and much better!

Mon, May 31 10 22:42:00 GMT

New version 3.108 for WebbIE features BBC local radio stations and lots of bug fixes.

WebbIE 3.106 - BBC iPlayer Radio now has local radio stations.

Mon, May 31 10 22:42:00 GMT

New version 3.106 for WebbIE features BBC local radio stations and updates for WebbIE users who use the web view.

WebbIE 3.105 - BBC iPlayer Radio is back

Sun, Jan 31 10 20:42:00 GMT

BBC iPlayer Radio uses the same mechanism for BBC iPlayer TV now, so it works so long as you have Flash installed. You no longer need RealPlayer. Get the latest 3.105 version now!

WebbIE 3.103 - WebbIE bugfixes

Sun, Jan 31 10 20:42:00 GMT

New release fixes two WebbIE bugs that would make your screenreader read the whole page all the time and crash on some pages (e.g. Yahoo! Mail)

WebbIE 3.102 - Reverted the tabbing feature and new PDF features

Wed, Dec 15 20:42:00 GMT

I've given up on the tabbing feature, and fixed Favourites in WebbIE. PDF now supports password-protected files, rewraps text and page navigation.

WebbIE 3.100 - More updates and bugfixes

Thu, Nov 5 20:42:00 GMT

A couple of bugfixes to WebbIE itself. No fix for the BBC iPlayer Radio yet.

WebbIE 3.98 - More updates and bugfixes

Thu, Oct 29 20:42:00 GMT

No new programs, but lots of new bugfixes.

WebbIE 3.95 - New BBC Live Radio program

Tue, Sep 22 20:42:00 GMT

The BBC broke the old Real Audio streams, so I've had to rebuild Live Radio to work again. Get it now!

WebbIE 3.94 - Lots of changes including a vastly-improved BBC TV program

Tue, Sep 22 20:42:00 GMT

Lots of big changes to WebbIE programs, notably the BBC programs.

WebbIE 3.91 - Bug fixes for BBC Live Radio and RSS News Reader

Sun, 28 Jun 09 20:42:00 GMT

RSS News Reader now lets you edit and delete feeds like the simpler and more usable Podcatcher, and BBC Live Radio should now play BBC 5 Live again.

WebbIE 3.89 - Bug fixes.

Sun, 14 Jun 09 20:42:00 GMT

Most of the applications have a common bug fixed that might stop some features working, and bugs in Google RSS News Feed and Podcast Downloader have been fixed to make them easier to use.

WebbIE 3.88 - Bug fixes for WebbIE and Gutenberg, rename feeds in RSS.

Mon, 8 Jun 09 20:42:00 GMT

Gutenberg should no longer crash when used with JAWS, WebbIE displays IFRAMEs better, and RSS News Reader lets you rename RSS feeds so you can tell them apart and sort them as you like.

WebbIE 3.8.5 - New programs, bug fixes.

Tue, 19 May 09 20:42:00 GMT

Major new developments in WebbIE. All the programs are redesigned to work like each other. A new Calendar program lets you make reminders. WebbIE now supports data tables, a new forms mode, and you don't have to have link numbers everywhere. And the BBC iPlayer TV program works much better, including starting programmes automatically.

WebbIE 3.7.8 - New Release fixed bugs in WebbIE.

Mon, 12 Jan 09 20:42:00 GMT

If you're a screenreader user and get some pages saying "blank blank" when you try cursoring round them - this is fixed in 3.7.8, available now.

WebbIE 3.7.5 - New Release with new BBC iPlayer Listen Again radio stations and WebbIE bug fixes.

Tue, 16 Dec 08 08:42:00 GMT

The iPlayer Listen Again program gets lots more radio stations and now works for non-British users. WebbIE has lots of bug fixes. Download the latest version now!

WebbIE 3.7.3 - New Release with new BBC iPlayer Listen Again, new Clock and WebbIE bug fixes.

Thu, 5 Jun 08 22:42:00 GMT

A brand new BBC iPlayer Listen Again program replaces the old Listen Again, a new Clock program (thanks to Kevin Cussick) and lots of bug fixes for WebbIE.

WebbIE 3.6.8 - minor bugfixes

Thu, 5 Jun 08 22:42:00 GMT

Fixed some bugs with WebbIE, Podcatcher and Podcast Downloader.

WebbIE 3.6.6 - minor bugfixes

Fri, 23 May 08 22:42:00 GMT

Found a bug with the web search function - popped up lots of messages. Now fixed in 3.6.6.

WebbIE 3.6.5 - new WebbIE and Accessible programs

Mon, 28 Apr 08 22:42:00 GMT

Lots of new stuff for you! New programs include an Accessible BBC iPlayer, a way to make WebbIE on a USB stick, a completely redesigned Gutenberg Library, a PDF reading tool and a way to change Internet Explorer appearance. Thanks to everyone who helped with testing!

WebbIE 3.5.1 - new update

Tue, 30 October 07 18:42:00 GMT

Bugfixes, including BBC Listen Again, and some new programs and features. Check it out at Download!

WebbIE 3.4.4 - new update

Sun, 19 August 07 18:42:00 GMT

After lots of user feedback and bugfixing, a new version of WebbIE is available. Everything works a little bit better.

Accesible Google RSS and Podcast Search for testing

Sun, 15 Jul 07 18:42:00 GMT

Want to find more RSS News Feeds and Podcasts? Try Google RSS and Podcast Search, lets you find them and add them to Accessible RSS News Reader or Podcatcher.

Accesible Podcast Downloader for testing

Sun, 15 Jul 07 18:42:00 GMT

Check out Accessible Podcast Downloader: it lets you save your podcasts to your computer to listen to when not on the Internet or copy to your own MP3 player to take away.

Bugfixes and quality improvements in WebbIE 3.3.5 - get it now

Sun, 15 Jul 07 18:42:00 GMT

WebbIE 3.3.5 is a smoother, faster and better-working set of programs, with an improved page cropping feature and navigation sounds to let you know what is going on.

Accessible iTunes

Wed, 18 Apr 07 23:09:00 GMT

We've written an accessible way to use iTunes, so you can rip (copy) CDs to your computer, they are labelled automatically, and you can play them back.

Bugfixes for RSS News Feed and WebbIE in WebbIE 3.3.2.

Wed, 4 Apr 07 18:09:00 GMT

Bug fixes in the latest build for you: Accessible RSS News Reader will work on more feeds, you can now install for more than the current user, and you can now invert colours so you're reading white on black. We've also added some French radio stations if you use Internet Radio Tuner.

Bugfixes galore in WebbIE 3.3.0.

Sat, 24 Feb 07 18:00:00 GMT

A new version of WebbIE lets you open HTML Help files, but more importantly fixes lots and lots of bugs with how WebbIE works and makes many performance improvements. We urge everyone to download and upgrade to the latest WebbIE.

Testing? Testing? WebbIE 3.2.1 fixes Radio Tuner and Gutenberg.

Mon, 1 Dec 07 23:55:00 GMT

Many thanks to the users who pointed out that neither Accessible Gutenberg and Radio Tuner worked. Anyway, I've fixed them: do get 3.2.1. You may also have to delete excess inaccessible books in Gutenberg: sorry!

New WebbIE Suite 3.2.0 including two new applications: Gutenberg and Radio Tuner

Mon, 1 Dec 07 23:55:00 GMT

Happy New Year! Access to the Gutenberg library, more Internet radio, bugfixes, and restored Windows '98 support in this latest version of WebbIE and the Accessible programs.

New WebbIE Suite 3.1.3

Thu, 16 Nov 06 08:55:00 GMT

A new version of the WebbIE suite is available. A problem with Google Search is fixed, links work in more sites (like Hotmail) and you can now change user language in the Options menu.

New WebbIE Suite 3.1.2

Thu, 19 Sep 06 08:55:00 GMT

A new version of the WebbIE suite is available. Web Directory and RSS News Reader open web pages in WebbIE and PDF files are handled by WebbIE just like web pages.

Website and Accessible programs all updated for Thunder

Thu, 7 Sep 06 06:55:00 GMT

I've gone through the Accessible programs and fixed bugs and generally made them work better. I've also redone the website to make it easier to find and download WebbIE. Why? Because of the exciting new free screenreader, Thunder, which uses WebbIE to help blind people use the web and access great things on the Internet.

Accessible BBC Listen Again 2.4

Thu, 29 Jun 06 06:55:00 GMT

Several users contacted me to let me know that they use the excellent Real Alternative with BBC Listen Again: I've updated BBC Listen Again to make sure it works with Alternative. I've also added forward and back buttons so you can skip about in the programme.

Accessible BBC Listen Again 2.3

Wed, 14 Jun 06 00:05:00 GMT

Some users have pointed out that its difficult to find programmes in the list. I've given each a proper name (no more "MON" programmes) and put them in more alphabetical order (except a few favourites at the top).

WebbIE 4.0 Beta version ready for testing

Thu, 1 Jun 06 00:05:00 GMT

A big upgrade to WebbIE will all new Accessible programs in one handy bundle is available. It works on more sites and is faster and has more features. Download it from the WebbIE download page and let me know how you get on.

Help with firewalls - ZoneAlarm and Norton Personal Firewall

Thu, 4 May 06 00:05:00 GMT

Some users have installed firewalls and find they have problems with WebbIE when they try to access the Internet. This page provides some simple instructions on how to reconfigure ZoneAlarm and Norton Personal Firewall to get the WebbIE programs working.

Accessible Web Directory lets you find good sites quickly and easily

Fri, 28 Jan 06 00:05:00 GMT

The DMOZ Open Directory Project is a catalogue of thousands of good websites: Accessible Web Directory lets you access the catalogue in an easy and accessible way. Download and try it now!

Accessible BBC Listen Again now installs and works

Mon, 9 Jan 06 23:00:00 GMT

Several users kindly contacted me to point out that they were having problems installing BBC Listen Again 2.0: I've completely rebuilt the installer now, so if you had problems before then try 2.1.

New website and Accessible Radio

Wed, 7 Dec 05 21:00:00 GMT

I've redone the WebbIE website to give each product its home page, and there is a new version of Accessible Radio (letting you listen to live BBC radio stations).

New Accessible BBC Listen Again

Mon, 5 Dec 05 23:00:00 GMT

At last, you can get all the BBC Radio programmes, including The Archers and In Touch. Version 2.0 of Accessible BBC Listen Again lets you select radio stations and programmes from across the whole of the BBC's output.

New version of Accessible RSS

Fri, 2 Dec 05 23:00:00 GMT

I've finally managed to update one of the Accessible products: Accessible RSS now has a handy status bar, lets you sort websites and tells you when there are no news stories available. Thanks for the suggestions!