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Online educational magazine for school kids ages 3-8 Take a look at what springboard brings for you/kids this month.


Simple Machines and Complex Machines
Can we imagine a world without machines? They are everywhere. In our day to day life we see and use many simple and complex machines. In this issue of Springboard Magazine learn about simple machines and how they can be combined to make complex machines. .

Archimedes - The story of Eureka Eureka
Eureka! Eureka! Archimedes was a pioneer, a genius who invented and built some of the very first simple and complex machines. Read the story of his life, his achievements and the words that made him famous.

Trivia Questions
Some very interesting facts like "Who discovered money?" , "Who discovered numbers?" and "Who discovered the wheels?" , have been explored in the "trivia".

Arts and Crafts Plenty of crafts, coloring pages and informative articles for kids
Play the number game to test your computing skills. And for the art lovers there are tips on how to create "Stained glass" look alikes on paper.