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Search engine optimization, seo blog for search engine marketing professionals to learn the latest trend in search engines, Other features includes Latest news on Google, Yahoo MSN and other top search engines, With special focus on search engine news and

Updated: 2010-03-31T04:17:20.021-07:00


Google’s blind eye towards paid links:


Recently we are seeing more and more websites buying links casually to get their rankings boosted. Google who is opposing paid links openly are nowadays showing a blind eye towards mass link buying. We are a SEO company but we always stay away from buying links or recommend clients not to buy links. Its because we know that buying links are the biggest plague to hurt the search engines but the

Is Caffeine search results live?


Google caffeine update datacenter was under test mode for months. Now Google has taken down the datacenter and many people feel caffeine results are now live in I have to disagree on this I don't see any significant movement in our sites or our client sites. We did see lot of changes in caffeine datacenter and none of them are visible in results.We are expecting Caffeine

SEOs in twitter prosper


Twitter has become an excellent tool for SEOs. SEO had a wrong name with many social sites. Places like myspace, Orkut and even social bookmarking sites like digg hates SEOs. But nowadays there are many SEOs who use twitter the right way. They have learned methods to use sites like twitter with lot of respect. I have seen some very good discussions in twitter between people in search engine

Do you really have a penalty


For long time there have been wrong assumptions on what constitutes a penalty in Google. Few years back Google has very less penalties but now we have lots of different type of penalties that Google can impose on a site to stop it from ranking. We have few of the penalties listed here what really constitutes a penalty and do you really have one?

Caffeine update datacenter goes offline:


Mattcutts in his recent post said caffeine is ready to go live. Most people are happy with the results in caffeine datacenter and it seems Google is making it live. They have already took down the test datacenter at i visit that URL i get this message:"Thank you! We appreciate all the feedback from people who searched on our Caffeine sandbox. Based on the success we've

Pagerank update after a long wait:


It seems Google has started to move away from PageRank or at least they are trying their best to make people move on from their PageRank obsession. PageRank from the day it came into existence has been the talk of the search engine world. Almost all webmaster knows about PageRank and its importance. Even lot of webmasters go one step ahead and learn how PageRank works and find short cut ways to

New Sitelink-type links with meta descriptions on some searches


Google has recently made a lot of changes to their site links. When site links ( links that appear below the site when the domain name or other major name that the domain represents appears ) came into existence people thought its a weird thing. But now Yahoo, Bing both uses them copied from Google. Its an interesting way for people to find pages to a site they get a chance of multiple pages to

Influential women in Search industry - 7thpixel


In response to our post on the most influential people in search industry v7pixel blogged about the most influential women in search industry. I have to agree with v7pixel guys or i should say girls :-) .Here is the list according to them, check their Most influential women post hereAlex BennertIn-house SEO, Wall Street Journal Allison FabellaSEO Manager, Atlanta Journal-Constitution Amanda

Top 10 Most Influential Websites In SEO


SphinnSphinn is a social site for search and interactive marketers. It's designed to allow you to share and discover news stories, read and take part in discussions, discover events of interest and network with others.Search Engine WatchSearch Engine Watch provides instructions and information about searching the web, analysis of the search engine industry and help to site owners trying to

Top 10 Influential People In Search Engine And Search Engine Optimization Industry


.nobrtable br{ display: none}Matt CuttsMatt Cutts joined Google as a software engineer in January 2000 and currently he is the head of Google’s Web spam team. Before joining Google, he worked on his Ph.D. in computer graphics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has done M.S. from UNC-Chapel Hill, and B.S. degrees in both mathematics and computer science from the

Gmail down and the internet is buzzing already


I thought i will be one of the first few people to blog about gmail being down as of now for about 45 minutes. But its all over internet now almost 75,000 webpages are covering it already. now we have an update from Google's official Gmail blog

Gmail down - Cannot access Gmail now


This is the 2nd time Gmail is down in the past 15 days. I cannot access gmail now and even my friends in India and USA cannot access gmail. I am surprised because gmail is the No.1 email provider now and i wonder why Google is not taking this serious.It has been down now for more than 10 minutes which is a big surprise. Seeing the millions of users around the world i am surprised how much work

Cleaver Hidden link from GOV to SEO's website


How do you cleverly hide a link on a government website. First become a friend of United States Department of Commerce Office of General Counsel. They get an insider to carefully hide the link right on the homepage with optimized anchor text keyword.Look here

Toronto based scammers sending fake SEO service invoice


This scam has been there for a while. A group of scammers based in Toronto, Canada are / were sending fake invoices in the name of some reputable search engine optimization companies. Apart from sending fake invoices they also send fake notices for non existent SEO services. They send out saying that they will get you listed in all search engines for a low price. This scam has been there for a Jokers PR-inside cannot be so ignorant


The stupid guys sending out a press release in our company name. They don't even know to edit the name of the company. Check here . Why are some of these indian SEO companies becoming a joke.Just one question to these guys grow up. Copy past is not the way to develop in your Business. The most stupid thing (

Caffeine update - upcoming Caffeine update in Google updated my Matt cutts


Mattcutts Google's web spam head recently revealed in his blog that Google is about to make an update to their index. He named it as Caffeine update. This caffeine update seem to be an upgrade to the way Google indexes site. Not many visible changes to ranks i virtually see zero movement across our sites and our client sites.He tells us to check Google ranking changes in this

Enough is enough - will you stop spamming me


Please know that we are not a aggressive spamming SEO company like you and we hate cold calling or SPAM emails ( Unsolicited bulk emails ) . Please stop this" am Katy from <> SEO Company and looking for long term Link Exchange partnership with your Company as we are in same industry. This approach will assure fast link building for you as well as for us. <> a venture of ( Name removed ) Name

New SEO scam or is it phishing ?


I recently came across these type of emails in number of sites we monitor. These mails seems to come from the same group of people. What are they trying to achieve?"Sender's name: Joseph SwansonComments from : Joseph SwansonSender mail id : joseph2319@gmail.comComments : We would like to get your website on first page of Google. All of our processes use the most ethical \"white hat\" Search

2 Non US government Pagerank 10 sites


As you might are already aware of we maintain only updated and comprehensive PageRank 10 list in internet today. PageRank is one of the important and most popular crazy among webmasters. Recently we scanned all country level government sites for any new PageRank 10 sites. We found 1 that is already not in list ( ) Chinese government website. After a lot of research we found

Mattcutts video transcript - Meta description still useful?


Tom From seattle asks"Query deserves freshness." Fact of Fiction?Its fact i have met people in newyork times and they said there are queries that deserve freshness so GDF ( Query Deserves Freshness ) that is what he talked in new york times and that is fact not fiction.Quentin from Vancouver asksIn the search results, Google often display a snippet appropriate to the specific search query - often

Mattcutts Transcript - Google or twitter


Here is a fun peculiar question from martinoWhich search media does return the more reliable information: Google or twitter?Don't go hate of twitter and make people bust heads twitter has many many great users and its great for breaking real time sort of news its fantastic for asking your friends and Google on the other hand we try to really give reliable reputable information so if you sort it

Mattcutts video transcript - Does site load time affect rankings


Its time for an other round of grab bag questions. We report all these questions on one and then we send them on a course of many different days, so last time every body complained that they were seeing same red polo shirts for thirty of forty days so we actually brought a bunch of different shirts and we are just sprinkling up and mixing it up a little bit so you get a little more variety in

Google gets all the bashing but why?


From what I have seen in forums and blogs Google gets so much bashing for something they do to defend their algorithm. Why do people do that? Don't they ever know they wouldn't have been doing SEO for their sites to rank in Google if Google never exist?I have been watching Google ever since I started my online Business. I have seen major Google updates for a period of over 7 years almost all the

Keeping Top ranking for competitive phrase:


You get top ranking for competitive phrase. How to you sustain its rankings? We have used the knowledge gained over the years to keep competitive rankings consistently for more than 3 years but following some simple yet strong SEO tactics.1. Make sure your links are consistent most of the time ranking drops happen when the existing links lose its value. Keeping looking for quality natural

What determines a website size?


Particularly in SEO industry we are used to calling small, medium sized, large and extra large websites. So what determines the size. Well size is a relative word in our industry. It's important we know the size before quoting for SEO work or starting work on the site.Small sized sites: Most of the small Business sites that come to us a small. People think just putting one website online is