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Preview: The Final Arrangements Internet News Journal

The Final Arrangements Internet News Journal

News, Information, Cemetery Plots, Lots and Grave Sites with Burial Plots for Sale, Tutorials and Instructions for funeral, cremation and cemetery services.

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Want and Need to Buy Cemetery Lots or Plots for Sale and Grave Sites with Burial Plots for Sale Buyer Search Requests underway now September 5, 2013
Listed Want to Buy Searches for Cemetery Lots and Plots for Sale or Grave Sites with Burial Plots for Sale underway as of September 5, 2013 by the Cemetery Registry Buyer Seller Search Team. If you have Cemetery Plots or Lots for Sale or Grave Sites you could sell today to fulfill any of these Buyer Requests, Please contact with The Final Arrangements Network.

Why Are My Cemetery Plots for Sale Not Selling?
Many who have tried and tried again to sell valuable Cemetery Plots for Sale have found it seems to be almost impossible to do. No matter what they do, newspaper, Internet Auctions, Internet, there just never seems to be anyone interested, no matter what the price is or how valuable the Cemetery Plots for sale are.

Cemetery Plots for Sale? There is No Magic Selling Button to Push
There are nearly 2 million cemetery plots and gravesites that should be on the market that are not. The sellers of these billions of dollars worth of valuable cemetery property have little understanding of how the selling process works.

Cemetery Lots For Sale Service Adds High Tech High Touch to Buy Sell Equation
Having Cemetery Lots, Grave Sites, Burial Spaces or Plots to sell has never been an easy situation for anyone who has tried selling them, even cemeteries. It has proven especially difficult for consumers. Enter The Final Arrangement Network with an innovative, some say revolutionary, approach to how cemetery plots for sale get sold and you have, possibly, a new paradigm.

Eds Found Money Tips
Financial Tips and Advice from New York Insurance and Financial Expert Ed Ferrante owner of the E.F. Ferrante Agency and contributing editor to the Final Arrangements News Journal. This months article is called 21st Century Style Treasurer Hunters. Ed says YES, there is found money in your current term, universal and whole life insurance policies; and no- you do not have to die to enjoy the benefits of your current life insurance policies.

Cemetery Lots and Grave Sites for Sale Buyers Everywhere - Cemeteries Selling Nowhere
What do you do when you have more buyers for cemetery property than you have cemetery property to sell them? Exactly what the folks at The Final Arrangements Network through their Cemetery Registry are doing once again. Try to get the very Cemeteries where buyers want to buy to start making them offers.

Death and Taxes Dancing in America
As someone once said there are only two things in life you can count on death and taxes. Americans got the tax dance steps down but no one bothers to learn the death steps until the music has already begun to play and they are thrust out on the dance floor without a clue as to even the beat of the tune being played. Many Funeral Directors are hesitant to take up their rightful place as important experts on one of the most significant events any human ever experiences, a death in the family. Few others, save doctors and clergy, are called upon at such important life changing events in the course of human existence, as are the funeral director. Yet industry reserve continues to keep these professionals reluctant to assert their rightful authority when it comes to telling Americans they need to see them not just when a death occurs but long before that.

Funeral Home Services Internet Marketing 101
The site can be beautiful. The pictures crisp and bright, the key words optimized perfectly, but it still will not do what the director hoped. Funeral homes have been sold a bill of goods when it comes to what the Internet can and will do for them. Cookie cutter funeral home websites at much too much money to build and stay on the Internet, now show up whenever someone Googles for funeral homes.

The Final Arrangements Network Adds Life Settlement Services for its Financially Savvy Senior Client Base
The Final Arrangements Network Adds Life Settlement Services agency for its Financially Savvy Seniors Client Base was announced by RW Ward, founder and CEO of The Final Arrangements Network in explaining its most recent association with The Edward Ferrante Agency of Hartsdale, New York.

Final Arrangements Network Issues National Bank Fraud Alert. FBI Cautions Cemetery Property Sellers Be On The Lookout For Purchasing Scam
The Final Arrangements Network has recently issued a National Alert for Cemetery Property Sellers to be on the lookout for a group of criminals, posing as Cemetery Brokers, interested in their property. The FBI, brought in to Investigate, tells Cemetery Property Owners To Beware.

A Really Wonderful Call, When A Funeral Director Goes the Extra Mile
It is not every day a funeral director can go beyond the call of duty for a family in need but in the future The Cemetery Registry, TCR, may just do that for some funeral homes in the United States. The Cemetery Registry, the Internets North American multiple listing of cemetery property available from private owners, is now capable of delivering a needed grave site, mausoleum crypt or other cemetery property on an at need basis.

A Funeral Home Service A Family Will Appreciate
Mary wants to give her husband that wonderful funeral she and the family need to give but the money has to be saved somewhere for the burial. The Final Arrangements Network, the Internet's premiere Consumers Information source for Cemetery Lots for sale and final arrangements preplanning, has recently begun several services that when used can save a family up to 50 percent to 60 percent of the cemetery costs, literally thousand of dollars. Thus, leaving more funds for the Director to work with to create that perfect funeral Mary and her family want and need to have.

Where Did All Those Cemetery Lots Go
Where did all those cemetery lots go when American consumers decided they did not want to be buried anymore. Who has them to sell. Who in todays Cremation only world is buying them and where are they going to find them

Death-The Expensive Little Secret, Seniors Need to Talk About
In a youth crazed society is it any wonder almost nowhere do you find organizations, magazines, websites and newspapers, supposedly devoted to informing seniors about the one thing that lays at the end of that so called golden road of retirement bliss, Death

Why In The World I Would Plan My Own Final Arrangements
Why is Preplanning Final Arrangements of a Funeral, Cremation or Cemetery Lot smart Estate Planning by you? A Baby Boomer explosion of deaths will make Final Arrangements an imperative in the coming two decades

Cemetery Lots Needed in 2008 Will Exceed 1.6 Million Alone
Over One Million Burial and Entombment sites will be needed by families this year. Not to mention, another Million Cremation scattering, niche and urn encasement arrangements that will be made. This is not speculation but fact. There will be nearly 2.5 million deaths in the US this year and final arrangements will be made for them by someone

The Internet's Registry of Cemetery Lots Offers to Sell
Search for Cemetery Lots for Sale, Burial Plots, Grave Sites, Mausoleum Crypts, Cremation Niches and any Funeral or Burial Related Items and Services. World Wide Cemetery Lots For Sale Services at Word of Mouth Prices

Cremation, Funeral and Cemetery Final Arrangements Free Preplanning Yourself
Free Cremation, Funeral, Cemetery and Cremation final arrangements planning you can do yourself either online or print out the various forms

Cemetery Lots for Sale; One Mans Treasure Is Another Mans Ultimate White Elephant
There are nearly 1.5 million people in this country who think they have a white elephant and do not know how to get rid of it. The problem is, even though these items are sometimes worth tens of thousands of dollars, they do not have a clue how to go about getting them into the hands of someone who would want them.

Buy a Casket at a Discount; Pay 50% to 70% less at a Retail Casket Store
The Casket You Buy, Alone can Lower Funeral Costs by Thousands. The buying of a Casket, with the advent of the discount casket store has dramatically changed the cost of final arrangements made for funerals due to the Federal Trade Commissions Funeral Rule implementation in 1984. To buy a casket, it used to cost thousands. Today to buy a similar casket the price can be only hundreds of dollars

Cremation Arrangements Advice That Can Save You Money
Cremation is becoming the predominant final arrangements choice at death in the US. Cremation is chosen each year by an ever increasing number of people. A traditional funeral now costs on average more than $6,000. Cremation whereas, can be one fifth the cost

Final Arrangements Preplanning and Saving 50% the Costs
Final Arrangements Preplanning Can Save Nearly 50% the Costs of a Funeral, Cemetery or Cremation

Finding Funeral Home Services for Preplanning Final Arrangements
Finding that Funeral Home and Director to work with you regarding your final arrangements preplanning for funeral services is sometimes easy if your family has already had an ongoing relationship over the years. For many, however, it is a brand new experience

Getting Paid to Locate Cemetery Lots for Sale Private Owners
1,500,000 Cemetery Lots could be for sale right now. Volunteers are needed to help locate cemetery lots for sale owners who could sell the cemetery lots they have and do not need

Funeral, Cemetery and Cremation Cost Controls. What You can do to Control Them
Funeral, Cemetery and Cremation. How much money it takes to pay for Final Arrangements and what you can do about it to cost the costs