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FRB: DDP: Charge-off and Delinquency Rates

This feed provides information about charge-off and delinquency rate data from the Federal Reserve Board available through the Data Download Program (DDP).

Published: 2006-08-24T08:30:00-04:00


Revised estimations for pre-2001 charge-off and delinquency rates


Models used to estimate data not reported by small commercial banks who filed the FFIEC 034 Call Report form prior to 2001 have been updated. As a result, historical charge-off and delinquency rates for several series in this range have been revised.

New graphics options are now available from the Data Download Program (DDP)


Users can now view plotted data as column charts, and add U.S. recession shading, while using the "View chart" function of the Data Download Program (DDP).

New interactive graphics feature of Data Download Program (DDP)


Users will now be able to create and view interactive graphics of data packages from the program before downloading the underlying data and charts. The charting feature allows users to view multiple data series on a single chart as well as to display individual data points. The charts can be saved as PDFs or in a standard image file format (PNG) for publication and redistribution.

"Graphics play an important role in identifying data trends and relationships," said Federal Reserve Vice Chair Janet L. Yellen. "With the help of this intuitive new user interface, it's now possible to create customized charts directly from Federal Reserve statistical data."

Supplementary Information Regarding Banks' Adoption of FAS 166 and 167


The March 31, 2010 Call Report data reflect banks' adoption of FASB's Financial Accounting Statements No. 166 (FAS 166), Accounting for Transfers of Financial Assets, and No. 167 (FAS 167), Amendments to FASB Interpretation No. 46(R).For more information on FAS 166 and 167, please see the Financial Accounting Standards Board's news release.

Adoption of FAS 159 by some banks in 2008:1


The adoption by some banks of FAS 159, The Fair Value Option for Financial Assets and Financial Liabilities, affected charge-off and delinquency rate data for 2008:1. Because the effects of the accounting change on the dollar volume of loans reported on banks' loan books were small, the effects of the accounting change on banks' charge-off and delinquency rates were presumably small for the industry as a whole. Information on the dollar impacts on banks' loan books can be found on page 14 in the "Notes on the Data" section beginning with the April 11, H.8, Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Bank in the United States, statistical release. For more information on FAS 159, please refer to

Corrections to charge-off rates for credit cards and other consumer loans


Charge-off rates for credit cards and other consumer loans were revised to correct a computational error. The revision affects the credit card and consumer loan charge-off rates from 2001 to 2007.

RSS feeds now available from the Federal Reserve Board


The Federal Reserve Board's Data Download Program (DDP) now provides RSS feeds for users. Subscribers are notified about any updates or changes to the available data.The announcements will also be available on the DDP website. To subscribe to a feed, please visit the main RSS feeds page.

Correction to delinquency rates at "other" banks


Delinquency rates at "other" banks were revised to correct a computational error. The revisions were almost entirely limited to the residential real estate series.

Revisions to historical data


All of the historical series, with the exception of the delinquency rates for the 100 largest banks, were revised. See method of calculation.

Partial estimation of delinquency rates in 1999:3


Owing to a reporting problem, delinquency rates for residential and commercial mortgage loans are partially estimated for the 100 largest banks for the third quarter of 1999.