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Elgorithms Software :: News

Integrate your computer with the Web.

Published: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 11:38:41 CST

Copyright: (c) 2005 Elgorithms

Chaos Sudoku

Fri, 21 Dec 2007 19:23:42 CST

Chaos Sudoku is set to introduce new ideas to the world of PC-based Sudoku games. Chaos Sudoku is planned for release during the first quarter of 2008. The current site has a sign-up form you can use to reserve a slot for a beta release of the program before the actual public release. Also the first 200 people to sign-up will be placed in a drawing to win some cool prizes like an external hard drive or an iPod. More details to be anounced later so stay tuned.

Elgorithms Releases MagicTracer 2.0

Wed, 15 Nov 2006 24:00:14 CST

Elgorithms is proud to announce the release of MagicTracer 2.0. This new version of MagicTracer offers many enhancements to increase the capabilities of its users. In just over a year MagicTracer has recieved many top software review ratings. It has also established itself as the most feature-rich, low-cost raster to vector converter. As a bonus all license purchaeses up till January 2007 will recieve a 1GB USB flash drive.

MagicTracer 2.0 Release Announced

Thu, 26 Oct 2006 10:20:14 CST

Important Announcement - MagicTracer 2.0 will be released on November 15, 2006. This new version includes many new featutres such as the oft requested Photoshop Document support, EPS support, and color vector entities support. Details will be available in the upcoming MagicTracer Forum.

Chaos Crystal Update: 2.0.001 Released

Sun, 6 Aug 2006 21:55:27 CST

Chaos Crystal has been updated. The new version includes the ability to use a new dropdown menu to select the window you want to make transparent. The new program also shows the name of the program that any chosen window belongs to. As always thanks for downloading our utilities. If you find any of our freeware useful consider making a donation to aid development and hosting costs.

Chaos Crystal Sets Transparent Windows

Sun, 11 Jun 2006 22:11:35 CST

Chaos Crystal is an utility for Windows that allows setting transparent windows for any application. Type or drag the target to the program window you would like to set to be transparent. The transparency can be adjusted with the slider. The value on the slider indicates how transparent the window is: 0 for total transparency, 255 for complete opacity. Have fun with this handy utility. Chaos Crystal can run from any location including removable devices such flash memory. You can run it from anywhere on your computer as well.

Chaos Mash Update: 2.5.001 Released

Wed, 10 May 2006 13:03:05 CST

Chaos Mash is now in version 2. In addition to the previous 2 encryption methods developed by Elgorithms, now Chaos Mash includes the Blowfish encryption method. Throw in the 15 types for each method, and now Chaos Mash supports 45 different ways to encrypt your data. Several new features have been introduced along with a bug fix from the previous minor update. All users are encouraged to update to the latest version.

MagicTracer Update: 1.5 Released

Sun, 23 Apr 2006 01:41:15 CST

Version 1.5 is now available for MagicTracer raster-to-vector converter. New for this version of MagicTracer is the ability to export vectors in WMF format and the ability to export drawing units with the vector output. These drawing units can be specified as any numerical value. The units will be interpreted as the default value or the local units setup for the vector editing program being used to import the vector output.

MagicTracer: Raster-to-Vector Conversion

Thu, 27 Oct 2005 01:41:15 CST

Elgorithms is proud to announce the release of MagicTracer. MagicTracer is a raster-to-vector conversion program. Our goal was to make this program the best in it's class and we are confident that it is the best raster-to-vector conversion program. This program is feature-rich with many image and vector tools. These tools are well-documented in the program's help file and offer enough versatility that no other program is necessary to make adjustments with the image or resulting vector conversion.

Chaos Wallpaper: RSS/Atom Reader and Wallpaper Changer

Tue, 26 Apr 2005 11:36:25 CST

Chaos Wallpaper is an easy-to-use free RSS reader and wallpaper changer. This free software utility provided by Elgorithms automatically rotates your desktop wallpaper while displaying RSS or Atom Syndicated News on your desktop. It is highly customizable. Version updated to 2.1.002. View the feature list for Chaos Wallpaper.

Chaos Mash: Encryption Utility

Wed, 6 Apr 2005 15:12:52 CST

Elgorithms has released a new free software utility. Chaos Mash is a free encryption program that let's you scramble any type of data. You can use it for any file type. Use it to encrypt your images, programs, movies, whatever you can think of. If you need it to be confidential simply "mash" it. Chaos Mash will output the file of your choosing into encrypted data. Chaos Mash offers 30 ways of encryption for you to choose from. To get back your original file just run it through Chaos Mash with your original encryption settings. Download Chaos Mash, the free data encryption program for Windows.

Chaos MD5: MD5 Generator

Fri, 4 Oct 2005 22:00:15 CST

Chaos MD5 is a free MD5 generator for Windows. Input any file into this free program and it will generate a MD5 checksum for that file. That simply means it generates an unique signature for each and every file. Chaos MD5 does not require installation, simply copy it to the hard drive or USB device to run. The MD5 checksum that is generated can be used for file identification or integrity checks.

BmpCrypt and TxtCrypt on PHP Classes

Fri, 22 Apr 2005 15:01:14 CST

TxtCrypt and BmpCrypt are PHP classes that hide any form of data in a normal text file or bitmap image. To run these classes you will need to have PHP installed on your Windows or Linux system.

Learn how to customize Chaos Wallpaper

Fri, 8 Apr 2005 18:08:32 CST

The free RSS reader Chaos Wallpaper allows you to easily customize the look of the RSS/Atom display. There is now an online example available. You could also copy the code if you wanted to and get a new style sheet for Chaos Wallpaper. For further details, the included Readme file explains what each element is in the CSS code.

Download Web Development Utilities

Fri, 02 Jul 2006 12:10:15 CST

A listing of useful web development software utilities. Most of these utilities will make the web developer's life much easier. Others are just fun or neat to have. All utilities are free to download. Elgorithms will be posting program updates as well as new utilities in this section. Firefox released.

Resources for Web Developers

Tue, 19 Apr 2005 16:31:55 CST

A listing of useful web site development resources. These resources contain lots of information about Apache, PHP, CSS, and Web Standards.

Website Launch:

Sun, 20 Mar 2005 15:36:09 CST

The Elgorithms web site launches. We will be posting interesting and useful utilities along with their updates on this web site. Downloads will be a repository for many utilities including those that will aid web site development.