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DiSC Personality Styles – It’s All in the Family (1971–1979)


All in the Family featured the famous “DiSC quartet” that represented America’s best known dysfunctional family - each representing one of the DiSC Personality Styles. The lights were dimed last week on the life of Jean Stapleton who died at...

The DiSC Profile with a Role Behavior Analysis for Determining Job Fit


Using the DiSC Profile with a Role Behavior Analysis is an effective tool for determining a good job fit. One you have used a DiSC Profile to gain a description of an individual’s behavior

The DiSC Model of Human Behavior


The DiSC Model of Human Behavior has four-quadrants, used to describe the four styles of human behavior.

Write for Us!


Showcase your skills and experience with DiSC. Our subscribers are invited to publish a post on this blog. For information call us at 855-932-3472 or email

Group Dynamics Activities for DiSC Profiles


Here are some Group Dynamics Activities to enhance your training with any DiSC Profile. QwikDiSC is a card game that quickly engages participants. The QuikDiSC Game includes four sets of 32 cards. Each card is imprinted with a descriptive word...

Create A Great First Impression using DiSC Personality Styles


Here are some quick tips for relating to DiSC Personality Styles. Each letter represents a personality style and determines how a person thinks, feels and acts in different situations.

Use the Everything DiSC Profile rather than DiSC Classic!


Upgrading to the Everything DiSC Profile is easy. Here are the benefits to help you to overcome any reluctance to upgrading to the Everything DiSC Profile.

Everything DiSC® WORKPLACE Profile™


Everything DiSC® Workplace™helps build better relationships — one relationship at a time. It can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace. The Everything DiSC Workplace Seminar is a...

DiSC Behavioral Styles - From a Historical Perspective


The most reliable DiSC Behavioral Style instrument for measuring behavioral styles is the DiSC Personal Profile, now known as DiSC Classic by Inscape Publishing.

DiSC Profile of the Week - isC - Practitioner


This is the last in our series of posts intended to acquaint you with the DiSC Classic 2.0 online profile. Each post features an abbreviated description of one of the 15 most common DiSC Classical Patterns found in DiSC 2.0...