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CommLab, India is a learning organization offering custom e-learning solutions to address diverse training needs. Since 2000, CommLab has been working with large companies in the information technology, manufacturing and service segments worldwide. The co

Published: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 09:01:36 GMT

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Instructional Approach
Learner-centric: Our background in university teaching and corporate training make sure us focus on the learner always. Our courses are designed around the learners profile and learning requirements. As most of our learner audiences are adults, we make full use of the principles of adult learning in our course design.

Objectives - Content - Assessments:Our overriding guideline for course design is the alignment of the objectives, content and assessments to result in extremely effective and efficient learning experience.

Learning Cycle: Research in current learning theory highlights the importance of using the learning process to determine the architecture of courses - rather than the structure of the content driving the architecture. It also demonstrates that there are four main phases in the learning cycle.

1.Review: Content Setting
2. Learning: Knowledge acquisition 3. Application: Case studies or best practices or applied exercises
4. Adaptation: Direction to transfer the new knowledge to the job

Course Development Process
CommLab's project life cycle is a reengineered version of the traditional productions cycle followed in most elearning companies. This project cycle is geared for rapid elearning development.

Technology Expertise
Technology at CommLab is well-versed to address specific technological challenges in the elearning space.

We have the required expertise and experience to make our courses SCORM, AICC and section 508 complaint.

We can host and track these courses on any one of the following:

1. Our LMS - elearning impact.
2. Top of the breed commercial LMS'.
3. Open Source LMS'

We also have considerable experience in generating customized reports to evaluate training efficacy.

Experience on commercial LMS': 1. Blackboard
2. Docent
3. Generation 21
4. Plateau
5. Vcampus

We also have considerable experience in generating customized reports to evaluate training efficacy.

Experience on open source LMS': 1. ATutor
2. DoceboLMS
3. Ganesha

Samples of Our Work
To view sample:

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