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Published: 2018-03-19T10:55-07:00


Watch a Short Demo on Safari Books Online on Demand, Digital Library.


Watch a short demo on Safari Books Online on demand, digital library.

Listen to Tim O?Reilly


O?Reilly Media founder and CEO of O'Reilly, discuss how Safari Books Online is helping thousands of technologists every day

The State of Resilience and Optimization on IBM Power Systems


Join Scott Handy, IBM's V.P. of Marketing and Strategy for Power Systems, and Ed Vesely, Vision Solutions' Sr. V.P. of Marketing for and update on the state of Power Systems and drill down into the findings of a new study on the state of resilience and optimization on Power Systems. Topics covered during the 60-minute webcast: The evolution of AS/400 and RS/6000 into IBM Power Systems, how the new Power Systems platform will benefit your organization, the State of DR Technologies on Power Systems,the State

A Lot Can Happen In a Minute: Can Your Endpoint Security Solution Keep Up?


Learn how Trend Micro Enterprise Security solutions, powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, can help you protect your company from the growing number of Web-based viruses, worms and malware that threaten to permeate the integrity of your business?s sensitive information. Register now for the Live Webcast - January 21st.

Why Best Use Is Reuse: How Companies Can Benefit From an IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Program


XS International (XSi) is dedicated to protecting the environment. XSi adheres to a strict no landfill policy and does not export any eWaste. In an interview with Sky Radio's Environmental Watch program (to air in February 2009), XSi CEO Todd Bone discusses the partnerships and policies of XS International, why the best use is reuse, and how companies can benefit from an I.T. Asset Disposition (ITAD) program. Click here to listen.

Gartner Security Podcast


Listen as Gartner Security and Privacy analyst, Peter Firstbrook, advises enterprises on the changing nature of the threat landscape, and how security technologies are evolving to address new threats. The lead author of Gartner's Secure Web Magic Quadrant will discuss the functions a secure web gateway must perform in the face of performance requirements, encryption and application-level threats.

Malware Defenses podcast


Blue Coat?s Chief Scientist and its Security Expert discuss Malware Defenses and a new industry concept ? the honey grid. The honey grid is like a community watch. Download this podcast to learn more.

Migrating to Voice Over IP: Six Steps to Ensuring Successful Deployment


In today's enterprise voice landscape, companies are wrestling with how to approach the migration to IP voice technologies. Voice over IP (VoIP) and IP telephony create significant advantages for your voice network, including cost savings, productivity increases and workforce mobility. It can, however, introduce complexity as networks, organizations, applications, and technologies converge. Learn what you can do at each stage of a VoIP deployment and achieve ultimate ROI for a converged network.

Oracle Exadata - Extreme Performance


With Larry Ellison's OpenWorld 2008 announcement of the Oracle Exadata Storage Server and the HP Oracle Database Machine, Oracle is revolutionizing high performance data warehousing. Learn from Juan Loaiza, Senior VP of Systems Technology at Oracle, about Oracle?s new product announcements and how customers can experience performance boosts of 10x or more over their current Oracle data warehouses.

The Effects of Network Service on Your Enterprise


Whether it's your applications, mainframe, client-server, distributed, grid, or web services computing, none of it works without the network. Listen to this podcast today to learn how to improve service by providing proactive service assurance to detect problems before they impact end users.

The Five Essential Ingredients for Effective Event Correlation and Root Cause Analysis Podcast


In this podcast, find out what you need to know about selecting applications to perform event correlation, impact and root cause analysis across network, systems and application infrastructure.

PM Podcast Episode 081: The PMO - A Business Solution


When you ask 10 Project Management Office (PMO) Managers about the functions that their PMO offers internally, you will receive 10 different answers. This is because a PMO has to be built to fit the requirements of each company. What is the primary function of a PMO? In his book, "The Complete Project Management Office Handbook" (Second Edition), Gerard Hill of The Hill Consulting Group ( ) proposes that the PMO is really a Business Solution. In this podcast, Cornelius Fichter int

PM Podcast Episode 080: Ron Holohan on studying for and passing the PMP Exam


Are you currently studying for the PMP Exam? Wouldn't it be great if you could listen to someone who just recently passed their PMP Exam talk about it? You can! This episode of The Project Management Podcast(TM) features an Interview with Ron Holohan, who just recently passed his exam. In this episode listeners learn how he studied, what he would do differently if he had to do it again, his recommendations for all those out there who are currently studying for the exam, and many other golden nuggets of info

PM Podcast Episode 079: A Project Management / Auditing Conversation with Joy Gumz, PMP


This podcast features a Project Management Conversation with Joy Gumz, PMP. While most of listeners are project managers, Joy Gumz focuses on project audits. Her company is Project Auditors LLC and she travels the world as a project auditor helping companies identify troubled areas on their projects before they become real problems. Would you like to know what issues she encounters most often during her project audits? Listen in. Host Cornelius Fichtner also introduces listeners to several Helpful Resources

PM Podcast Episode 078: The Fiddler on the Project


How many project management books do you read per year? If you do read them then you will know the value that new books have in the PM profession: they take us to the next level. So what kind of thoughts would a new project management book titled, "The Fiddler on the Project" evoke from you? Host Cornelius Fichtner's guest in this episode is Rich Maltzman, PMP and he would like you to write this book for him. Yes, you read right - he wants you to write his book. At least parts of it. Listen to the interview

PM Podcast Episode 077: A PM Conversation with Randy Magdaluyo


This podcast features a conversation with Randy Magdaluyo, who was also interviewed in Episode 73. This time, listeners get a glimpse of the complexities that Randy, as a project manager in the financial industry, is faced with. Host Cornelius Fichtner has always found this aspect of project management to be one of the most fascinating facets. PMs all do the same thing, yet their responsibilities across different industries vary greatly. In the end, it is the job of a PM get the project done. And that is th

PM Podcast Episode 076: A PM Conversation with Cindy Sabin, PMP


This Project Management Conversation is with Cindy Sabin, PMP. Cindy and Cornelius Fichtner talk about the lessons learned from one of her past, worldwide projects. Listeners will hear about the importance of keeping the communications flow on such a project going, as well as the need to understand who the decision makers and sponsors are. At the moment Cindy is in transition to a new job and she views her situation as a very large project. The product is herself and she discusses with Cornelius the three s

PM Podcast: The PM411.ORG Interview with Cornelius Fichtner, PMP


The Project Management Podcast(TM) proudly presents to you Episode 10 of the PM411.ORG Podcast, produced by Ron Holohan. This episode is an interview with Cornelius Fichtner, PMP. Cornelius is the host of The PM Podcast and the Project Management PrepCast. During the interview Ron and Cornelius talk about project management in his native Switzerland, how his project management podcast and PrepCast got started, and what new things he is currently working on for his listeners.

This episode is copyrigh

PM Podcast Episode 075: Project Monitoring


Monitoring and evaluating project progress and outcomes is a difficult process that lacks the formal rules used in other business evaluation processes. In this podcast, Cornelius Fichtner interviews Joy Gumz from Project Auditors (, who is familiar with project auditing and project monitoring. Her paper, "Why use a hammer when you need a wrench: Results-based monitoring and evaluation of projects," was presented at the PMI Global Congress in Budapest.

To view the presentation

PM Podcast Episode 074: A PM Conversation with Shawn Futterer, PMP


This Project Management Conversation is with Shawn Futterer, a certified PM professional with a broad range of experience. Shawn has managed projects of all shapes and sizes with budgets of up to $100M. Shawn has an interest in the methodologies, strategy, planning, and operations. He has over fifteen years of hands-on project management experience and has led, consulted on or contributed to process development efforts, various methodologies and multiple training programs. Shawn attributes a project manager