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CRM Whitepapers

CRM and Siebel White Papers

Published: 2018-03-18T13:55-07:00


Best-Practice Automation of Invoice Delivery from SAP(R) Solutions - Keeping Customers Satisfied While Making the Move


Virtually all businesses running SAP solutions want to move to electronic delivery of customer invoices and proof of delivery documents. The advantages of e-invoicing are clear: It's faster, less expensive and more reliable. And by increasing the speed and accuracy of billing, organizations can collect cash faster.

Automated Sales Order Processing for Order-to-Cash Performance with SAP(R) Solutions


This white paper examines the challenges faced today by SAP customers who are still manually processing sales orders, as well as the outcomes of automated sales order processing - including time, labor and cost savings as well as customer satisfaction. In highlighting a unique platform that integrates end-to-end automation of sales order processing with SAP solutions.

Closing the Order to Cash Performance Gap: Between Document Processes and SAP(R) Solutions


This white paper examines the challenges faced today by SAP customers who are still manually processing sales orders and billing documents, as well as the outcomes of order-to-cash automation - including time, labor and cost savings.

The Learning Organization Goes Digital


This white paper details why managers in training and development, learning, HR, and knowledge management are adopting on-demand digital libraries to support their efforts in creating a corporate culture for learning and innovation. Contents: Cultivating a Learning Culture, The Role of the Knowledge Management Professional, Harnessing Web Content: No Easy Task, Rising to the Challenge, About Safari Books Online.

10 Tips - IT Training Support


Effectively meeting the needs of IT professionals is no easy task. It requires responsiveness and a proactive approach to their training and development needs. The payoff for proper selection and delivery of programs for this segment of your workforce is significant - easier recruiting, better retention rates and lower turnover-related costs, and greater productivity for both your IT staff and the non-IT professionals that they enable. DOWNLOAD NOW - To assist you, we at Safari Books Online have developed the 10 tips as material to refresh and augment your ability to deliver real value to your IT workforce.

How to Make Your IT Staff Smarter


On-demand digital libraries support the development of technical knowledge and business acumen. This white paper explores how this 'always on' resource can facilitate technology professionals' ability to increase productivity, pursue professional certifications, improve collaborations and communication. Contents: Finding highly sought after information that?s not available on the free and open Web, and the need for e-reference evangelists.

Improving Application Development with Digital Libraries


How on-demand access to trusted information is used to overcome costly delays and rework in the application development process - through timeliness and accuracy. A white paper for technology managers, highlighting common challenges in application development and troubleshooting and how digital libraries can help development teams to overcome these. The following topics are addressed: Application Development: Challenges and Needs, Keeping Development on Target, The Solution: Digital Libraries, Advantages for Workgroups.

Working Green with Digital Libraries - How it Can Help


How online tools and content support a green work environment and how technology professionals are working green every day. Living "green" is a way of life for millions of people around the globe. And, businesses are learning that not only are consumers demanding green products and services, but that there are also benefits associated with adopting green practices in the workplace. Check out this white paper to learn how you can easily and quickly begin implementing green habits at work, including: Green Tips From Tech Professionals, More Way to Work (and Learn) Green With Digital Libraries, Easy Ways to Work Green, Working Green at Safari Books Online.

Minimizing Technology Project Delays with Digital Libraries


The Critical Path to Delivering On Time and Under Budget. Created for project management professionals (PMPs), technology professionals, product managers, and business initiative sponsors. This white paper outlines how to minimize project delays by supplementing best practices and popular project management software with on-demand digital libraries. The following topics are addressed: Information Gaps: The Root Cause of Delays, Filling the Gaps with Digital Libraries, Digital Library User Perspectives, In Their Own Words, Determining Applicability to Projects and Programs.

How Xsigo Enhances VMware Deployments


XS International presents this whitepaper on how the virtual I/O capabilities of the Xsigo I/O Director enable a virtualized datacenter running VMware ESX to scale better, ensure security through traffic isolation, and guarantee performance through QoS. Together, these benefits allow a greater percentage of applications to run in virtual machines, further reducing the need for physical servers that consume power and real estate.

Business Continuity ? Are you Always Open for Business?


Business continuity with low administration and maintenance costs. Can you make it happen? This Oracle business brief explains how mid-sized can improve performance by creating an IT infrastructure that makes working faster, easier and more effective.

Oracle ONE Product Guide


Oracle delivers software to help organizations meet the complexities and challenges of operating in today?s business environment, supplying organizations of all sizes with a rock-solid data infrastructure to support flexible operations within dynamic markets. In short: reliable solutions for agile businesses. These solutions are built on over 30 years of data management experience and focus on three imperatives for modern organizations: protecting valuable data, delivering actionable insight, and establishing flexible processes. The benefits this brings to your business information systems are clear: Security, stability, accessibility, flexibility, transparency, scalability, value, easy, rapid deployment, low maintenance and affordability complete the offer. With additional specialist support from a network of local partners, Oracle provides a uniquely attractive alternative to expensive, inflexible and insecure proprietary solutions.

Application Performance Brief: Oracle


Blue Coat appliances can optimize and accelerate all Oracle Applications traffic - reducing latency and increasing WAN throughput for users, while maintaining control, visibility, and security for network administrators.

How SaaS-Based Tools Provide A Superior End-User Service


Businesses of all sizes have to manage an increasing diversity of remote users and devices. The task ranges from simply keeping systems running to ensuring security, compliance and the achievement of environmental goals. Under this sort of pressure, IT managers and managed service providers, to which the task is often outsourced, must have flexible access to powerful tools and an ability to share the data those tools rely on. This report provides advice on the approaches that can be taken to ease the task of IT management.

MSPs, SaaS And The Management of Remote Devices


Whether we like it or not we are all IT users now. Through the ubiquity of networks of devices that we rely on for information, security and day-to-day transactions even those who eschew technology now rely on it, even if they do not acknowledge it. The failure of these networks can lead to widespread disruption, unhappy customers, unproductive employees and lost business. Ensuring their availability, security and efficiency is a job for experts who need powerful tools to carry out the task. This briefing addresses issues faced by organizations that have to manage an increasingly dispersed IT infrastructure.

Who's ready for SMB?


With both Oracle and SAP ramping up their efforts to attract midsize businesses to their enterprise applications, many have wondered: can they deliver successful deployments to smaller customers? Although larger companies may be able to invest in consulting or additional personnel to support such a project, that's often not possible for a smaller business ? and unexpected disruptions can have a greater impact.

Technology and Growth at Mid-Sized Companies


This white paper features a study which takes a two-pronged approach to the issue of technology investments in mid-sized companies. At the macro level, how do investments in a country's ICT infrastructure facilitate the growth of both the overall economy and mid-sized companies? At the micro level, to what extent can technology solutions help mid-sized companies adopt industry best practices and achieve their business goals?

Competition Intensifies for the SMB ERP Customer


Read this white paper by Forrester to learn key trends in ERP improvements and the benefits they deliver. Gain insight into the software as a service (SaaS) market and how your clients can take advantage of the SaaS improvements across the spectrum of industry-specific and last-mile capabilities, usability, rapid implementation, Microsoft Office integration and mobile solution support.

ERP at the Speed of Light


Read this white paper to learn how the right strategy and tools can deliver tremendous benefit to an ERP implementation. Explore best practices, key benefits, elements and risks an accelerated implementation that will enable you to have reduced time and cost, less disruption to the client's existing operations, reduced probability of over-engineering and accelerated time to benefit.

IDC Study Results: The Common Resource Gap Facing Midsize Companies and the Time-Tested Alliance that Can Save Them


In over 800 interviews with midsize companies, IDC has found that while their needs are complex and varied, they share a common interest in using advanced technology solutions similar to those deployed by larger enterprises, but they face the constraints of limited IT budgets and resources. HP and Oracle have announced a new focus within their 25-year alliance with the goal of addressing these requirements for midsize companies. This informative white paper analyzes this powerful partnership and outlines how businesses looking to improve business processes can get enterprise-level products and services despite common midmarket budgets and constraints.