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ITtoolbox Surveys

Published: 2018-04-25T04:55-07:00


ITtoolbox/PJA IT Social Media Index: Wave III


Wave III of the ITtoolbox/PJA Social Media Index confirms the ongoing use of social media tools and user-generated content by global IT decision-makers and influencers. It also offers a psychographic profile of these IT decision-makers and influencers that plumbs deeper issues such as inspiration, emotional state, and leisure media and pastime preferences.

ITtoolbox/PJA IT Social Media Index: Wave II


Wave II of the ITtoolbox/PJA IT Social Media Index survey examines the influence of social media tools on distinct stages of the purchasing process and assesses the credibility of online communities as an extension of personal networks.

ITtoolbox/PJA Social Media Index


This survey gauges the extent to which IT decision-makers and influencers use social media tools and user-generated content to aid their purchasing decisions.

2007 ITtoolbox Survey: Measuring CRM Business Impact


CRM solutions have the potential to improve your sales and marketing efforts. Examples include improved lead tracking and better forecasting to reduced customer service costs and response times. In this survey, the ITtoolbox community shares their perspective on the impact CRM solutions have had on their organizations.

2006 ITtoolbox Networking & Storage Survey (Sponsored by Taneja Group)


High profile data security breaches in 2005 and files representing a high percentage of an organization?s data, created an immediate need for file area networking (FAN). FAN is implemented to help customers solve infrastructure and data management issues related to their file-based data. View the survey results to learn the keys to keeping data files safe, accessible, and scalable for future growth?

2005 ITtoolbox Data Warehouse Survey (Sponsored by Oracle)


The 2005 ITtoolbox Data Warehouse Survey was conducted from October 24 to November 1, 2005. IT and business professionals worldwide participated in this online survey. Participants were recruited directly from the ITtoolbox network. The survey examined current data warehousing trends and the expected growth and changes in 2006. The survey results indicate movement toward more, larger data warehouses, increased budgets for 2006, and a steady growth in the size of data warehouses from year-to-year.

Spyware in the Enterprise: Threat Management Survey (Sponsored by Sana Security)


Is enterprise spyware under control? What are the proven methods to detect and remove it? According to the 2005 ITtoolbox Spyware in the Enterprise: Threat Management Survey, 88% of the participants have detected spyware within their corporate network. View the survey results to learn about the solutions that helped these professionals detect and remove spyware.

2005 ITtoolbox Networking and Security Job Satisfaction Survey


What makes networking and security professionals most happy with their positions? Why do they leave their jobs? What percentage is currently looking for a new job? How can employers keep them satisfied? Job dissatisfaction is an important consideration for employers, as it may result in absenteeism, turnover, and low-quality work. This survey provides insight into how satisfied IT and business professionals are in their current positions and what factors contribute to their satisfaction.

2005 ITtoolbox IP Telephony/VoIP Adoption and Deployment Survey (Sponsored by Avaya)


IP telephony is growing rapidly as businesses deploy this technology to drive greater value from their communications networks and benefit from cost efficiencies. Even with these recognized benefits, there are challenges in choosing the proper suppliers and solutions to meet unique business needs. This survey provides insight into which IP telephony applications companies are considering, their time frame for implementation, and other factors that affect purchasing and implementation decisions.

ITtoolbox Networking Trends in 2005 Survey


In 2005, emerging technologies like SSL and IP Address Management will revolutionize the IT market, challenging networking professionals with increasing demands for innovative solutions. Organizations plan to engage the challenges presented by these emerging technologies with comprehensive networking staff increases. From networking vendor selection and compliance issues to the implementation of hot spot policies, are you prepared for the challenges of the coming year? Gain insight into the networking trend

2004 ITtoolbox Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence Survey (Sponsored by Oracle)


Successful data warehousing is critical because it impacts the ability of companies to generate revenue. Companies are looking into the trends of data warehousing to see what will be beneficial for their organizations. Recent trends include: the consolidation of data warehouses and data marts, and moving towards fewer, larger data warehouses; decisions about how frequently to load data; and the idea of real-time data warehousing and business intelligence. This survey touches upon those trends.

2004 ITtoolbox RFID Survey (Sponsored by HP)


The nation's largest retailer, Wal-Mart, has asked its top 100 suppliers to attach RFID tags to product shipment packages. Many retailers and other industries are attempting to keep up to date and have begun looking into RFID technology to see how it can improve their warehouse process. This survey touched upon the implementation of RFID, benefits and concerns regarding the technology and the plans and practices involved.

2004 ITtoolbox Hiring Survey


As the job market begins to improve, employers are regularly reevaluating their hiring strategies. The goal of this survey was to gain insight into the IT hiring strategies and expectations across global regions. IT and business professionals worldwide provided insight into the specific IT skill sets currently in demand, the segments of the job market experiencing growth, and the strategies employers use to make effective hiring decisions.

2004 ITtoolbox Salary Survey


How do IT salaries compare in different regions of the world? At what rate are IT salaries growing and in which regions are they growing the fastest? These and other IT salary questions are addressed in the 2004 ITtoolbox Salary Survey. With over 1,600 participants from around the world, this survey provides great insight into current IT salaries across global regions and different skill sets as well as global trends in salary increases.

2004 ITtoolbox Regulatory Compliance and Impact on Storage Survey (Sponsored by Quantum)


Regulatory compliance is the act of following guidelines, specifications, and regulations put forth by a recognized governing agency. Concern about regulatory compliance is growing due to the number of regulations created and because regulatory compliance affects every industry. Each year the amount and type of regulated information grows, as does the period of time that information must be archived. Companies are beginning to research regulatory compliance legislation, formulating plans, and even creating

2004 ITtoolbox Dedicated Internet Access Survey (Sponsored by Sprint)


As it becomes more of a necessity to have Dedicated Internet Access in the workplace, professionals are regularly reevaluating their Internet connectivity. The goal of this survey was to gain insight into the strategic value and applications of Dedicated Internet Access and the purchasing behavior involved in the decision-making process.

2004 ITtoolbox Outsourcing Survey (Sponsored by Dell)


This year's survey examined current IT outsourcing trends worldwide, including drivers, barriers, and management tasks involved when outsourcing IT functions. There has been a definite trend toward more outsourcing in recent years. The findings of his survey illustrate corporate motivations behind outsourcing, IT functions most frequently outsourced, and plans for future IT outsourcing.

2004 ITtoolbox Wireless Mobility Survey (Sponsored by Gateway)


As it is becoming more common for professionals in the workplace to utilize wireless devices, such as laptops, PDAs, two-way pagers, companies must continually evaluate the effect of the new technology on business. What are the purposes, risks and benefits of implementing these devices? The goal of this survey was to gain insight into the current perception and uses of wireless devices within businesses.

2004 ITtoolbox PeopleSoft Application Management Trends Survey (Sponsored by Corio)


As companies that utilize PeopleSoft strive to improve the management and efficiency of their enterprise applications, they must consistently evaluate their PeopleSoft applications, including adding new modules, periodically upgrading software packages and outsourcing management of their PeopleSoft applications as needed. This survey provides insight into current PeopleSoft applications management trends, including specific PeopleSoft products and applications being utilized, management challenges and budge

2004 ITtoolbox Networking/Server Trends Survey (Sponsored by HP)


Maintaining secure, reliable networks and network servers are essential for protecting the critical information resources and centralized capabilities of an organization. This survey illustrates current networking and server trends among companies worldwide, including purchasing and maintenance budgets for 2004 and 2005, plans to upgrade or make replacements and outsourcing practices.