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Preview: Charles Fenwick: Politics

Charles Fenwick: Politics

Last Build Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 15:06:21 GMT

Copyright: Copyright 2005 Charles Fenwick

Some Florida politics on Red State and the new Quinnipiac poll

Wed, 29 Jun 2005 15:04:50 GMT

A Qunnipiac poll released today forms the basis for Eric C's article Harris should drop out.

Also worth of mention is Peer Review's diary The Case for Jeb! in 2008 Part I.

This Quinnipiac poll is the first from them to offer a Nelson v Harris matchup.  In it, Harris loses 50-38. 

The poll also offers Speaker Allan Bense as a possible opponent against Harris and Nelson.  It has Harris beating him 54-10 and Nelson beathing him 55-26.  I mostly agree with the reasoning in the Red State article that this is because of a lack of name recognition on Bense's part.  If the Bush fundraising and campaign machine were to fall behind him, he would rise up as Mel Martinez did (at least through the primary). 

I won't say anymore about the Senate race here as most everything else would be a rehash of my A Challenge for Katherine Harris? story.

In the Governor's race, the poll doesn't offer any head-head numbers, but is interesting because it is the first poll since the  financial woes of the Florida Democratic Party came out (although the story is still rolling, putting yet more head on gubenatorial candidate Scott Maddox, the previous head of the FDP). 

Among Republicans, it has Charlie Crist leading Tom Gallagher 43-31.  Among Democrats, it has Jim Davis leading Scott Maddox 24-16 (the poll in April had Davis over Maddox 26-22).  Interestingly, the number of undecided Democrats has risen from 35% to 48%. 

Mason-Dixon polls for Florida's 2006 races

Wed, 22 Jun 2005 19:55:02 GMT

In the past few days Mason-Dixon has released polls on the U.S. Senate Race and the Governor's race.

Mason Dixon poll conducted June 14-16 2005 - U.S. Senate Race (PDF)

This paints a much worse picture for Harris' prospects than a Strategic Vision poll released a few days ago, (which showed Harris -6 to Nelson). The poll indicates Harris having a seventeen point deficit versus Nelso state-wide; on a regional basis her smallest gap is seven (Gulf Coast) and her biggest is 31 (South Florida). It shows Harris' favorable/unfavorable rating as 32/30 compared to Nelson's 44/10.

Unlike the Strategic Vision polls, it does not offer other Republican candidates as possible opponents.

Things are happier in the Governor's poll.

Mason-Dixon Florida Poll conducted June 14-16 - Governor (PDF)

On the Republican side both Charlie Crist and Tom Gallagher have favorable name recognition (41/8 and 33/8 respectively) with only 20% saying they do not recognize their names. On the Democratic side, 59% do not recognize Tom Davis' name, 69% do not recognize Scott Maddox' name, and 75% are unfamiliar with Rod Smith.

In the Democratic race, Davis leads Maddox 23% to 12% with 61% undecided.

In the Republican race, Crist leads Gallagher 43%-24%.

In matchups against the Democrats front-runner Davis, Crist leads Davis 41-28 and Gallagher leads Davis 38-29.

A challenge to Katherine Harris?

Fri, 17 Jun 2005 20:15:00 GMT

Posted in my diary are some ramblings on the prospects of Republican challenges to Katherine Harris' bid for U.S. Senate.

Tillie Fowler, RIP

Wed, 02 Mar 2005 16:55:10 GMT

Former U.S. Rep Tillie Fowler dies of brain hemmorhage (AP)

Former U.S. Rep. Tillie Fowler, who became prominent on defense issues during her four terms in Congress, died Wednesday, two days after suffering a brain hemorrhage. She was 62.


Gov. Jeb Bush called Fowler "a great Floridian and committed public service. Congresswoman Fowler was a great leader and was dedicated to making the lives of Floridians better. She will be missed."

Fowler was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1992, campaigning on an "eight is enough" term-limits pledge. She declined to seek re-election in 2000 despite being the most powerful woman in Congress. She was vice chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, placing her fifth in the GOP hierarchy.

She was a friend of the military and one of the few Representatives who take their term-limits pledge seriously.  Indeed, she will be missed.

Early exit from 2006 Governor's race

Tue, 01 Mar 2005 21:20:54 GMT

Lawton "Bud" Chiles III quits governor's race (Tallahassee Democrat)

Lawton "Bud" Chiles III quit the 2006 governor's race today, citing a provision in the state constitution that requires a gubernatorial candidate to live in the state for the seven years before an election.

A recent Quinnipac poll had him as the choice of 29% of Florida Democrats (behind only Betty Castor).

Schwarzenegger tops Cato Institute's Fiscal Policy Report Card

Tue, 01 Mar 2005 19:17:33 GMT

From the Cato Institute:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger earned the highest score on the Cato Institute’s seventh biennial fiscal policy report card released today. The report card grades 42 governors on 15 objective fiscal measures, and shows that states that keep tax rates low and restrain spending growth have the best economic performance and long term fiscal health.

Jeb Bush had the third highest score of the 'senior class' (Governor's innaugurated before January 2003, who are a graded on a seperate basis from the 'freshman' innaugurated after).

The co-author of the report, Steven Slivinski, received his bachelor's degree from Florida State.  While here he was the director of the Institute for Conservative Studies and was involved in other such mischief.

Long Day

Mon, 18 Oct 2004 13:30:03 GMT

So, in the past eighteen hours I have:

1.  Rallied for Bush-Cheney at John Edward's rally at Florida A&M University.

2.  Camped out all night at the Leon County Courthouse, so that I could

3.  Be one of the first people to vote early in the election.

Now it's naptime.  Details to follow once I am out of class this afternoon.

Martinez wins GOP Senate primary

Wed, 01 Sep 2004 01:56:28 GMT

Miami-Dade results show that Martinez won there by 70,000 votes.

Betty Castor wins Democratic primary for Senate

Wed, 01 Sep 2004 01:19:42 GMT

A total thrashing of Peter Deutsch so far...

Election Day sorta-live-blog

Tue, 31 Aug 2004 20:26:38 GMT

I'll be doing something live-bloggingish with my post at Red State entitled Election Day in Florida as results and other news come in.

A couple of things before I head to class...

Tue, 31 Aug 2004 14:35:54 GMT

Just cast my optically-scanned ballot.  I'm in a Democratic precinct in a Democratic county, so my ballot was fairly short.  The voting room was as sleepy as one would expect.

I've posted an article to Red State about the final days of the Republican primary: Heel of the Hunt: The final days of Florida's GOP Senate Primary.

All for now... keep your eye on Frances!!!

Senate Campaign News 20040831

Tue, 31 Aug 2004 11:54:55 GMT

On primary day, the top story is the St Petersburg Times' withdrawal of its endorsement of Mel Martinez.  The funny thing is that yesterday afternoon the Martinez campaign sent an e-mail with the subject "Martinez sweeps newspaper endorsements".  With the reversal of the Times' endorsement and the endorsement of the Tampa Tribune and Florida Times-Union, Bill McCollum received the endorsements from three of the five largest newspapers in the state.  Hard to see how that constitutes a sweep for Martinez.

In twist, Martinez endorsement pulled (Tampa Tribune)

Martinez loses papers support (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

Other articles make mention of the endorsement without making it the central focus.

Representative Ed Schrock of Virginia Beach abruptly drops reelection bid

Tue, 31 Aug 2004 00:27:15 GMT

As noted by Political Wire and Backcountry Conservative, Representative Schrock has suddenly withdrawn from his reelection race.

The Virginian-Pilot reports on the unspecified allegations that caused Schrock to withdraw

The allegations emerged two weeks ago, on Aug. 19, when a Web site called posted charges that Schrock was gay, and accused Schrock of being a hypocrite for opposing gay rights issues.

The Web site – a one-man operation out of Washington that focuses on gay issues – has a history of “outing” gay members of Congress.

The site did not offer any proof of its allegation that Schrock was gay.

The Web site urged readers to write to Schrock and “let this congressional hypocrite know how you feel.”

In the two weeks that followed, Schrock repeatedly declined to comment on the accusations – neither confirming nor denying them.

Meanwhile, some gay-oriented message boards on the Internet, including, filled with discussions of the charges. Still, no one offered proof of the allegations.

Locally, a Web site called Virginia News Source reprinted the claims and challenged Schrock to respond to them, but offered no corroboration itself. The site is operated by former Virginia Beach City Councilman Robert Dean and a former congressional aide, Morris Rowe.

U.S. Rep Schrock drops re-election bid over "Allegations"

The seat held by Schrock (the district is next to the one I went to high school in) was held by the Democrats for a long time until Owen Pickett retired in 2000.  Schrock defeated the then unknown lawyer Jody Wagner by four points.  After getting a seat on the Armed Services Committee, he did not face Democratic opposition in 2002. 

Whoever replaces Schrock will face David Ashe who is a former Marine.

St Petersburg Times withdraws endorsement of Mel Martinez

Mon, 30 Aug 2004 22:11:57 GMT

Something that I missed in the daily news roundup: As a result of Martinez' attacks on Bill McCollum, the St Petersburg Times has pulled its endorsement of Martinez and is now endorsing Bill McCollum.  A sampling of today's editorial:

No matter what else Martinez may accomplish in public life, his reputation will be forever tainted by his campaign's nasty and ludicrous slurs of McCollum in the final days of this race. The slurs culminated with Martinez campaign advertisements that label McCollum - one of the most conservative moralists in Washington during his 20 years as a U.S. representative - "the new darling of the homosexual extremists" because he once favored a hate crime law that had bipartisan support. A few days earlier, the Martinez campaign arranged a conference call with reporters in which a group of right-wing Martinez supporters labeled McCollum "antifamily." Why? Because McCollum supports expanded stem cell research to find cures for deadly diseases - a position that is identical to those of Nancy Reagan, Connie Mack and many other prominent Republicans.

McCollum for GOP  (St Petersburg Times)

Senate Campaign News 20040830

Mon, 30 Aug 2004 13:32:38 GMT

A quiet news day as the candidates make their final rounds in search of votes.

The latest Insider Advantage poll, taken on Friday and Saturday, shows Mel Martinez leading by one point over Bill McCollum with 20% of voters undecided. 

Most articles on the race look at how the candidates spent their day on Sunday.


The Tampa Tribune looks at the McCollum-Martinez feud


The Gainesville Sun frets about negative campaigning

Senate Campaign News 20040829

Sun, 29 Aug 2004 09:48:42 GMT

I'll post the real update later, but one quick thing for now: The Florida Times-Union endorsed Betty Castor and Bill McCollum.

LATER: I realized I should have noted just how much later I was going to be with the complete update (Had second day of drill, plus the drive from Orlando to Tallahassee).  Anhyhow, here goes:

Mel Martinez says that he had already decided to pull his ad attacking McCollum before Jeb Bush called him. 

A few general articles on the final days of the campaigns


The Miami Herald looks at how gay issues have suddenly surfaced in the final week of the Republican campaign.


The Florida Times-Union lists each candidate and the three issues that the candidates considers to be the most important.

Senate Campaign News 20040828

Sun, 29 Aug 2004 02:59:23 GMT

Late post as I'm doing my one weekend a month drill in Orlando.

The feud between McCollum and Martinez has sunk to new lows.  Governor Bush asked Mel Martinez to pull his ad attacking McCollum and he did so.  In last night's debate McCollum said that he was so offended by Martinez' attacks that he could not support him if Martinez were to win the nomination.


A poll by the St Peterburg Times and Miami Herald has Betty Castor with  a 24 point lead over Peter Deutsch.  On the Republican side, it shows McCollum leading Martinez by two points.

Republican Senate race a tossup (St Petersburg Times)


The Palm Beach Post has an article on the Doug Gallagher campaign and one on McCollum at a Hillsborough County middle school.


The St Petersburg Times has an article on the 'also-ran' candidates


The Miami Herald has a brief article on Betty Castor's position on abortion


The Sun-Sentinel has an article on the Democratic side of the race

President Bush in Miami

Fri, 27 Aug 2004 23:46:37 GMT

Contrary to what the Orlando Sentinel anticipated a couple of days ago, President Bush's remarks at his rally in Miami today made no mention of Mel Martinez.  In attendance were Representatives Mark Foley (a former Senate candidate who has endorsed Martinez) and Mario Diaz-Balart (who has endorsed Bill McCollum.

Senate Campaign News 20040827

Fri, 27 Aug 2004 13:46:22 GMT

The Democrats had a debate last night and new polls came out for the Republican side of the race, which made this quite a busy news day. The details of the Republican half of the Mason - Dixon poll are out. It shows Mel Martinez leading Bill McCollum by six points, which is an eleven point swing from the July poll. It indicates that Martinez leads in all regions, with central Florida being his strongest and South Florida as his weakest (the region is Doug Gallagher's strongest). 18% of voters are undecided. I believe this 'lead' is far too high. It doesn't coinicide with either of the internal polls released a few days ago, and it doesn't agree with another poll released yesterday (see next item). The story buried in the polling stuff is that former candidate and state State House speaker has decided to endorse Bill McCollum after Martinez campaign driven attacks against McCollum's conservatives. Mason-Dixon poll Florida Senate race (Republican) August 23-24 (.doc format) Neither GOP leader leader captures clear Senate race advantage (Palm Beach Post) Polls unclear on front-runner (Miami Herald) Martinez leads GOP pack (Tallahassee Democrat) Martinez takes lead in Senate race, poll says (Orlando Sentinel) Martinez leads McCollum in poll (Tampa Tribune) Martinez overtakes McCollum (News-Press) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A poll from Advantage 2000, commisioned by the Florida-Times Union and South Florida Sun-Sentinel . It contrasts strongly against both halves of the Mason-Dixon poll. It shows Betty Castor's lead against Peter Deutsch to be a mere eight points, and it shows McCollum leading Martinez by four points. It indicates that 10% of Democrats and 13% of Republicans are undecided. It was conducted August 23-25, which means that it has one later day of data than the Mason-Dixon poll. Research 2000 Florida U.S. Senate race poll August 23-25 (Florida-Times Union) Leading U.S. Senate candidates fight to hold on (Florida-Times Union) Poll shows Republican candidates for U.S. Senate race are neck and neck (Sun-Sentinel) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Democratic debate that was televised state-wide on PBS stations featured the ongoing feud between Betty Castor and Peter Deutsch. Deutsch went after Castor on a variety of issues including Sami Al-Arian and partial-birth abortion (which Castor is against). Democratic Senate Candidates' Debate Not Without Fireworks (Tampa Tribune) Deutsch-Castor debate includes pointed exchange (Orlando Sentinel) Gloves come off in last debate (St Petersburg Times) Tempers flare in debate finale (Miami Herald) Three Democratic Senate candidates meet in final debate (Herald-Tribune) Castor, Deutsch trade barbs over former USF professor (Palm Beach Post) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Republican candidates debate tonight and it will be televised state-wide on PBS. Republicans vying for Senate nomination to appear in final debate (Herald-Tribune) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Palm Beach Post covers a story that other papers mentioned in their debate articles. A group calling themselves Alliance to Protect Seniors is making phone calls that disparage Peter Deutsch. Group mum on backer of anti-Deutsch calls ------------------------------------------------------------[...]

Polling Stuff II

Thu, 26 Aug 2004 21:03:55 GMT

The Rasmussen poll is up.  It looks at hypothetical general election matchups.  Betty Castor leads Bill McCollum by three points and is even with Mel Martinez (Note that the margin of error is 4.5%).  Against Peter Deutsch, McCollum leads by seven points and Martinez leads by eight.

As expected, the Tallahassee Democrat has a sneak look at the Mason-Dixon poll for the Republican candidates.  The paper states that Martinez is now in the lead against McCollum.

More polling stuff from the Senate race

Thu, 26 Aug 2004 17:01:34 GMT

(WESH - .doc format)

Some details gleaned from the full poll:

Betty Castor gained eight points from the last poll, Peter Deutsch gained ten points, and Penelas lost a point.  The number of undecided was cut by more than half. Their is quite a gender gapp.  Among men, Castor holds only a four point lead, among women,  she leads by twenty-one points. 

Castor had the best recognition numbers as 90% of voters recognized her name, 52% in a positive manner.  Deutsch has 83% recognition, 37 % favorably (the have similar unfavorable recognition).

Castor holds 25 to 30 point leads over Deutsch in all regions of Florida, except for South Florida.  There, Deutsch holds a  19 point lead (that's also where has his strongest support at 14%).

The Republican half of the poll is scheduled to be released tomorrow (although, we may once again get a sneak look from the Tallahassee Democrat).  Also, Rasmussen has scheduled a release of his poll for 3:00 PM today.  I'll post details / results as they become available

Senate Campaign News 20040826

Thu, 26 Aug 2004 12:59:26 GMT

The top story in the race for Florida's U.S. Senate seat comes from the Democratic side as a new Mason-Dixon poll was released yesterday.  It shows Betty Castor leading the field at 45%, Peter Deutsch in second at 31%, and Alex Penelas at 9%.  Only 14% of voters are undecided.  The articles point out that Deutsch's support is strongest among the black community, and that if he could pull in their undecided and get them out to vote in strong numbers, then he might have a chance.  Otherwise, Betty Castor will win.  A poll for the Republican field comes out today. Castor leads other Democrats in poll (Tallahassee Democrat) Castor leads by wide gap in state poll (Tampa Tribune) Attacks fail to shake Castor (Miami Herald) Poll shows Castor still leads pack  (News-Press) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the Republican side, the Mel Martinez and Bill McCollum feud continues.  After the Martinez campaign unleashed some prominent conservative supporters of his against McCollum, retired Senator Connie Mack (and McCollum supporter) Connie Mack released a letter denouncing the attacks.  Candidate Doug Gallagher has apparently sided with McCollum on the matter, and has a released an and that solely attacks Martinez (after a previous ad that attacked both Martinez and McCollum).   The Friday night debate (which Martinez will attend instead of going to a Bush rally) will be quite interesting. Martinez rejects rally with President (Orlando Sentinel) Mack accuses Martinez of 'mean-spirited' attack (St Petersburg Times) Gallagher enters GOP fracas (Miami Herald) Mack rips Martinez over hate speech (Palm Beach Post) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the rest of the news... The Democratic candidates have a televised debate today. 3 Senate Hopefuls Will Debate on TV (The Ledger) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Doug Gallagher has ponied up another $650,000 to spend on advertisements until election Day. GOP Senate long shot adds his own $670,000 to coffers (Palm Beach Post) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mel Martinez was in Gainesville yesterday and the Associated Press has a biographical article on him. Martinez stumps in Gainesville (Gainesville Sun) Martinez touts his diverse experience, compassion  (Tallahassee Democrat) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Betty Castor has the 'win psychology' and is planning for the general election. Castor camp points past Aug. 31 primary (St Petersburg Times) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Palm Beach Post looks at how the Deutsch and Castor campaigns use the Internet Senate candidates banking on Internet experts ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally, the Post looks at Peter Deutsch seeking the Puerto Rican vote Deutsch courts Puerto Ricans [...]

Senate Campaign News 20040825

Thu, 26 Aug 2004 04:21:49 GMT

I swear tomorrow's news update will be more timely.  Unless something happens or something like that. After going much of the primary season touting Mel Martinez as the most electable candidate, the Martinez campaign is now going after McCollum for 'not being conservative enough'.  (For those interested, McCollum had a liftetime American Conservative Union rating of 89 when he retired from the House). Calls bolster Martinez as conservative (Florida Times-Union) Martinez calls McCollum antifamily (Tampa Tribune) Attacks intensify as primary nears (St Petersburg Times, this article also looks at the Democratic side of the race) Mack accuses Martinez campaign of mean-spirited attack (Herald-Tribune) Martinez makes his pitch for Christian Right support (Palm Beach Post) Conservatives attack McCollum on social issues (Orlando Sentinel) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Breaking on the Democratic side: Betty Castor leads by 14 points in a  new Mason-Dixon poll Polls show Castor leading the Pack (Tallahassee Democrat) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Betty Castor and Peter Deutsch continue to squabble over their latest ads Attacks add up in U.S. Senate race (Orlando Sentinel) Deutsch, Castor trade shots over TV ads, USF professor (Palm Beach Post) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Miami Herald analyzes the two ads.  Interestingly, Bob Graham did not approve his image to be used in the Castor ad Adwatch ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Democratic candidates have a televised debate on Thursday Democrats vying for Senate nomination to appear in final debate (Herald-Tribune) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Herald-Tribune looks at the Republican side of the race GOP primary for US Senate coming down to Martinez, McCollum ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Palm Beach Post looks at how Deutsch and Castor campaign on the issue of Health Care Castor, Deutsch concentrate on health care across state ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Miami Herald looks at the abortion issue A hot issue to use or avoid: abortion ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Tampa Tribune looks at the female candidates Female candidates might hold edge --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Careful readers will note that I stated yesterday that Peter Deutsch was in town all day yesterday.  Yet, I've linked to no articles from the Tallahassee Democrat about his visit.  That is because there are no articles from them (posted online at least, had I seen this earlier, I would have picked up a print edition).  Interesting. [...]

Senate Campaign News 20040824

Wed, 25 Aug 2004 04:04:25 GMT

My apologies for the incredibly late post.  First week of classes is always a chaotic time.  Peter Deutsch was in town all day today, and was not able to avail myself of the opportunities to meet him.  Sigh. Anyhow, on to the news. Betty Castor is airing a tv ad in Tampa and Orlando in reponse to the ad that Deutsch is airing there.  It criticizes Deutsch as being 'ruthless' and 'nasty'. Castor airs ad attacking Deutsch (Miami Herald) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Howard Dean was critical of Deutsch's ad when he stumped for Castor Democrats criticized Deutsch's attack ad (Orlando Sentinel) (NOTE: If anyone can e-mail a link to an online version of this ad, I would appreciate it as I can't find it.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Associated Press has more on Dean stumping for Castor Dean Praises Castor's Record ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Palm Beach Post at Peter Deutsch's campaigning in the Panhandle of Florida Panhandle Democrats appear skeptical of Deutsch --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The St Petersburg Times examines the differences betweeen Deutsch's and Castor's health care plans Medical coverage defining primary --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Orlando Sentinel reports that President Bush has a campaign trip to Miami on Friday and speculates that it is designed to try to help Mel Martinez. Bush's Florida swing also a perk for Martinez ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Herald Tribune looks at the skepticism of social conservaties towards Bill McCollum and reports that he's released a new television ad featuring Connie Mack Social conservatives question McCollum; Castor strikes back --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally, the Associated Press has biographical articles on Doug Gallagher and Larry Klayman This Gallagher brother wants to be your U.S. Senator 'Conservative reformer' wants to be Senate watchdog [...]

Senate Campaign News 2004823

Mon, 23 Aug 2004 21:24:37 GMT

The Sami-Al Arian issue hit the airwaves on Saturday as Peter Deutsch's campaign released an ad critical of Betty Castor's handling of the University of South Florida professor who was later indicted for having ties to the terrorist group Islamic Jihad.  The ad is currently airing in Tampa and Orlando and is not yet posted online. Deutsch unleashes attack on Castor's Al-Arian role (Tampa Tribune) Terror ad roils Deutsch-Castor rivalry (Palm Beach Post) Deutsch criticizes Castor's handling of USF professor's case (Associated Press) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As mentioned yesterday, Jesse Jackson endorsed Peter Deutsch Jesse Jackson endorses Peter Deutsch (Orlando Sentinel) Jackson backs Deutsch in race for U.S. Senate (Miami Herald) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Somewhat relatedly, the Palm Beach Post examines the Democrats' chase for the black vote Within Senate primary, race on for black votes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Orlando Sentinel examines how the lack of a runoff could effect the Republican's chances of winning the general election. A question of electability ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Miami Herald has a look at Doug Gallagher's campaign Gallagher spending millions to move up from third place ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Tallahassee Democrat has an Associated Press biographical article on Johnnie Byrd Byrd hoping to make leap from state to U.S. capitol ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Florida Times-Union has a look at candidates from both parties 7 GOP contenders insist: I'm the real conservative 4 vie to keep state on Democratic side ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally, the husband of former Republican Senate candidate Karen Saull, Jeff, has announced that he is running for governor in 2006.  (Thanks to Henry Stevens, the reporter of the story, for pointing it out to me). Millionaire announces plan to run for governor in 2006 (The  Press-Journal) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today's update was late due to first day of classes.  From here on out, my plan will be to have the update out by 0800 EST on weekdays and by 1000 EST on weekends, if not earlier. [...]