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Dave Beckett's RDF Resource Guide

A comprehensive guide to resources about RDF.

Published: 2005-09-23


Metadesk RDF authoring tool


from ISI, USA. An authoring tool emphasising entry of facts, rather than construction of ontologies. MS Windows only binary (Java jars and DLLs). License: unknown

NG4J - Named Graphs API for Jena


by Chris Bizer. An extension to the Java Jena Semantic Web framework for parsing, manipulating and serializing sets of Named Graph. Includes APIs for named graph operations, readers, writers and parsers and serializers for the TriG and TriX formats. See also the Named Graph Paper (PDF) and the sourceforge project for downloads. License: BSD. Version 0.4 announced

pOWL Semantic Web Development Platform


by Sören Auer. A PHP toolkit for the semantic web consisting of the RAP RDF API, RDFS and OWL support from pOWL including editing and querying with RDQL and full-text, multiple languages, versioning support, plug-ins and a web application framework. License: GPL. Version 0.8 released

SMART: System for Managing Applications based on RDF Technology


by Andrey Guskov and Vladimir Shraibman. An application to aid the creation of documents described with RDF, implemented as Java servlets using Jena and GraphViz (optionally). License: unknown. Version 1.5.2 released



by Sandro Hawke. A web-based browser for ontologies and other RDF data. First announced

RDF Gateway


by Intellidimension - a semantic web platform for MS Windows XP/NT/2000 allowing managing of data as RDF including an application server, web server and deductive RDF database. The main features are an SQL-style RDF query language, inference engine, datatypes, full text search, application development environment with ASP-like server pages, integration of many external data sources, web and non-web interfaces. Commercial application with 60-day evaluation version. Version 2.1 with many changes announced



crawler-based indexing and retrieval service for the semantic web from Tim Finin, UMBC, USA



by Chris Bizer. A pure PHP package for manipulating RDF models, querying them with RDQL, parsing/serializing the RDF/XML, N3 and N-Triples syntaxes and providing a network server for NetAPI. See also the online demo. License: GPL. Version 0.8.1 with speed improvements, improved indexing and searching, new unit test suite and other bug fixes announced

VIVID (Visual Variable-depth Information Display)


browser for OWL and RDF using densely-packed presentations by Baoshi Yan, ISI, USA. License: unknown. Version 1.01 announced

RDFStore Perl/C RDF API and Storage


by Alberto Reggiori. A system for managing RDF model databases, storing them in databases, natively, free-text searching and indexing, parsing and serialising, querying with RDQL. See also the demos, native store description and downloads area. Version 0.50 with major rewrite into mostly C, new native store and indexing model announced