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The Online Dating Industry Journal is dedicated to news and commentary related to the online dating industry.

Updated: 2011-04-26T10:09:17-07:00


2 Days Left to Save on Online Dating Domain Names


There's only two days left to save 20% on Online Dating Magazine's annual Online Dating Domain Name sale. Every April Online Dating Magazine offers 20% off the domain names it is selling for one week only and only once a...

New Online Dating Domain Names for Sale


Online Dating Magazine has added several new online dating domain names to its repertoire of domain names being sold to companies serious about making a mark in the online dating industry. New domains added today include:

Online Dating Tonight has Animated Twist


In mid-March 2011, Online Dating Magazine launched a weekly video series called "Online Dating Tonight". Each video is 3-5 minutes in length and is presented as an animated talk show about online dating. While most of the episodes are on...

Online Dating Domain Name Sale Until April 27


Online Dating Magazine's once a year Online Dating Domain Name Sale launched today with domain names being sold by Online Dating Magazine being 20% off between April 20 and April 27, 2011. During that time, every online dating domain name...

Online Dating Spam Rampant on YouTube


YouTube is being spammed with thousands of online dating mass advertising spam videos (see image to left) and the lack of user reporting tools is allowing the spam to "stick". Several months ago, YouTube removed the ability for people to...

Online Dating Peak Season Advertising


The last week in December through the third week of February is the biggest for online dating, making it vital to spend most ad dollars at that time. One great advertising option is Online Dating Magazine. The Ultimate Advertising Package...

Increasing Number of Women Getting Addicted to Facebook


(Online Dating Industry Journal) An increasing number of women are becoming addicted to social network site Facebook. A survey by Lightspeed Network has found that 39% of women who use Facebook classify themselves as "addicted" to the service. Many of...

Movie Trailer for The Social Network Released


(Online Dating Industry Journal) Here is the movie trailer for "the social network" which tells the story of the early days of Facebook and all the trials, tribulations, and lawsuits that were a result of the launch of the biggest...

Do Accents Help Men at Dating?


(Online Dating Industry Journal) Below is a very interesting CNN report that talks about men and accents and how accents help men at dating. The video also gets opinions of women at a speed dating event with men that have...

Online Dating Blues Song


This goes into our "just for fun" category. It's always great to hear someone write a song about online dating, particularly someone that can carry a tune. So here is Melissa Dinwiddie singing "Online Dating Blues" at the Caeser's Palace...