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Straight Talk 4 Women

Lisa Merlo-Booth is a top relationship expert and key note speaker who has helped hundreds of women to improve their relationships. In this blog she tackles tough issues like divorce, sex and alcohol abuse and gives positive, practical advice on how to cr

Published: 2014-05-28T15:54:16-04:00


Why Does He Keep Doing This to Me?


Have you ever found yourself in the same painful situation with the same person time and time again and wondered why that person keeps hurting you? If so, you’re not alone. Many women wonder: • How could he do this...

Power from Within Versus Power-Over


Our world functions in a power-over paradigm. We confuse power with aggression and standing up for ourselves with stepping on others. World leaders, men, women, professional athletes, politicians and on and on, often move in power over others in an...

What Your Parents, The Media and Our World Should Have Taught You About Romantic Relationships


1. If your significant other talks poorly to you, s/he will likely talk poorly about you. Bad mouthing a loved one behind their back is about that person’s lack of integrity, not your behavior. Choose your significant other wisely. 2....

The Story of Self-Sabotage…Karen’s Journey


(Note: This is a fictitious story and “Karen” is a conglomeration of women and their life-sabotaging choices) Karen is 28 years old, single and has never been married. More than anything she wants to be married and have kids. She...

Stop the Silencing: Own Your Place in this World


As I’m launching my next tele-class, Finding Your Voice, I’ve been reminded of all the ways women end up silencing themselves, playing small in their lives and even losing themselves in relationships. What’s interesting about the dynamic of losing your...

Building Your Accountability Muscles


People have this fantasy that “if only” their partner was kind, or respectful or caring or … (fill in the blank), their relationship would be great; this is not how relationships work. The idea that your relationship would be fine...

Asking for What You Want


Directly asking for what you want can be a difficult skill to master for many women. One of the biggest obstacles for women with this struggle is worry. Women often get caught up in worrying about whether what they’re asking...

Seven Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Teen(s) Starting Today


First off, let me begin by telling all you parents out there who are raising teens at this very moment, my heart goes out to you. Raising teens is not for the faint of heart, I must say. My heart...

Difficult Decisions Made Wisely: T.U.N.E. I.N.


Many women struggle often with making decisions. I don’t know about you, but for me, sometimes I can have a steady diatribe running through my head saying, “Are you sure? What will others think/feel/do? Make sure no one’s hurt. Don’t...

Valentine’s Day Anew: A Day to Consciously Cherish Loved Ones—Including Yourself


When I was a teenager, Valentine’s Day just seemed to be one more reminder of the fact that I didn’t have a boyfriend. It was another chance for all the cheerleaders and the like to show off how beautiful they...

Be BOLD...Take a Chance…“Stop Settling:" A Tele-class for Creating Change


I’ve watched women settle for less than they deserve for most of my life. I’m tired of watching women settle. I hated watching it when I was a child and I hate it now that I’m a grown up. I’ve...

Amazing Grace: One Family's Story


Every once in a while I see examples of amazing grace and strength in the face of what appears to me to be insurmountable hardship. This past year has been one of those times for me. Last January, Elizabeth Schickel,...

Changing Me, Changes We: Taking Control of Your Life


There are countless women all over the world settling for poor relationships, bad jobs and unfulfilling lives. Sally is in her third long-term, miserable romantic relationship with yet another man who has issues with anger and control. Karen feels like...

Divorcing with Integrity


The divorce rate has been hovering around fifty percent for many years in the United States. As many of you know, divorce is often a very painful process for all involved, even in the most amicable of situations. In those...

How Did I End Up Here?


When girls are young and first beginning to explore relationships, they often have big visions. They’re certain their “soulmate” is out there somewhere and they can’t wait to meet their best friend, lover, confidante and life partner. They dream of...