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Comments for Moore Thoughts and Views

My views of the church, my struggles, and joys.

Last Build Date: Thu, 06 May 2010 13:38:44 +0000


Comment on I give you freedom- Joy Quartet by mikecorley

Thu, 06 May 2010 13:38:44 +0000

There is a major problem with the theology represented by the college and the song, it isn't proven by the weight of Scripture. Even with all the sentiment, emotions and drama.....God calls the shots, not us. There is no way to get around this...period. You can believe it if you like, but the Word of God contradicts the theology taught by the song and the comments of the pastor in the film.

Comment on I give you freedom- Joy Quartet by John In Doubt

Thu, 04 Mar 2010 22:29:35 +0000

Question: Are you John in Doubt? John in Anger? John in Fear? John in Criticism? John in Dispair? John in Pride? I could be wrong, but I believe that the Father wants you to be John in His Right Mind, and not only that, but John in the Will of God, John in the Holy Spirit, and John in Freedom. why can't someone just ask a question and get a response that doesn't attempt to degrade their hope of a direct answer to the question? why must people assume there is something wrong with that person? a teacher in school told me we all came from apes, I asked then how come we have apes, how come only some evolved but not all of them? and how come being that we are so much more advanced and adaptive we have stopped evolving, how come we aren't winged creatures, with ESP and x-ray vision? I was in the 4th grade then. I am an adult now and I know the truth. but at that time i was told how stupid i was acting when I had all the answers right there in front of me in a text book and then was sent promptly to the time out room. I wasn't even aware of all the biblical knowledge then that I am aware of now. I wasn't being a smart Alec either, i just wanted to understand in a way where I had no doubt. and when I expressed it in the future I could be just as convincing. I am not in despair or fear. I just want an answer and not turned back on me as if I am abnormal for asking. but I tell you I hear all this about CHRISTian love but I haven't seen one man in 44 years greet another man with a Christian kiss. we preach some of the bible and live some other parts of the bible. but when it comes to society watching us or AIDS, or what will others think am I gay... we do not do as we were instructed. either we do all or none... just as if the bible is all true or is all a lie. because yes people are watching us, and they are judging us to. I agree with the atheist who says " if this is what it means to be a CHRISTian then I don't want any part of it. yes society is watching and yes some may miss judge, but Jesus touched a leper and did not get Leprosy, why because He was faithful in all aspects of His walk and talk. if you degrade nonchristians because they do not have the spirit of truth then you have judged them. God gives you the spirit to believe, and you cannot pronounce Jesus as your savior until God gives you the spirit to do so. so God is in control. he wills who He wills to be a part of His entourage, and yet we Christians call this freedom of choice. basically God gives us a choice only when He wills us to have a choice. this is not freedom. just as when the USA constitution gives me the right to freedom of religion but allows a Buddhist to deny me my free right to religion in public gatherings because he has a right not to be exposed. so now I am persecuted for bringing a bible to school and proving evolution is a fraud. and that it takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does for me to believe in God... these are not freedoms they are laws that govern what I do. I am God's creation, if He wills that I suffer for eternity then I have to say "God I love you, for giving me a chance to live this life, and I thank you for what ever path you choose for me, and I thank you for allowing me to be one of those many that go to hell or those few that go to heaven, either way I still love you." sound like freedom? sound like something every Christian says? but according to the biblical teachings this is exactly how God wants us to believe ( with Joyful heart) because He is the creator. its His way or the .... nothing there is no other way. the choice is life or death nothing else. seems to me being neutral is choosing death. but not permanent death, death as many times as He says. AND THIS PREACHING OF ETERNAL HELL AND SUFFERING, i READ A NEW HEAVEN AND NEW EARTH BUT I NEVER READ ABOUT A NEW HELL. in order to continue this madness of suffering is He going to create a new hell? I think not. I believe if He is a loving God He woul[...]

Comment on I give you freedom- Joy Quartet by Sharing Truth

Thu, 04 Mar 2010 19:32:37 +0000

John in Doubt, I don't know why we can't choose to just be dead, but instead must spend eternity in heaven or hell. It goes with being God that God can (and does) do what He wants to, and doesn't have to ask our opinion or permission. I believe that, although you believe there's a God, and say you believe the Bible, and may want to be a Christian, the enemy is leading you to question God and be angry at what He says and does. Question: Are you John in Doubt? John in Anger? John in Fear? John in Criticism? John in Dispair? John in Pride? I could be wrong, but I believe that the Father wants you to be John in His Right Mind, and not only that, but John in the Will of God, John in the Holy Spirit, and John in Freedom. So, why not listen to the song again and just let it sink in. Ask the Father to deliver you -- It's in the Lord's Prayer -- and renounce anything that exalts itself against God. In Christian Love, Sherry

Comment on I give you freedom- Joy Quartet by John In Doubt

Thu, 04 Mar 2010 19:17:04 +0000

if it is free choice then why is heaven or hell the only choices? how come i can't choose to die and be dead? why do I have to be punished just because I do not agree with God's opinion or Satan's? if death is the result of my choice to love one other who is not God or Satan, but makes me feel loved like God and Satan both have never made me feel, why then must I be punished with heaven or hell? why can't I say when I die..." leave me in the ground". can the creator of souls not uncreate a soul? must I be judged if judgment does not apply to me because I choose not to choose a side? is it permanent once it is come into being? no I am not saying I believe science either! evolution is as fake as the people preaching it! but I do believe in God and that His Son was sent to be the only mediator and Sacrifice for our atonement. but I still don't see how the alternative to death or life is a free will choice, I see it as an ultimatum. I did not asked to be created. I was created for His glory. if so then He should have created me to understand the logic in OR being free choice. you can choose to live or die, but you cannot choose to be re-winded and tossed back on the shelf of nonexistance! and even asking this question is such a sin that I miss out on heaven and go to hell. when will He respond? will it be just before I am judged or just after? or will it be after 1000 years in hell and torment for asking such a question. do not condemn me before you answer the question. quotes from above are not all in love Some people would never be satisfied. They think God is too harsh when He limits our options and too weak when He allows us choices. degrading people do not lead them to a loving relationship with Christ, it is just planting seeds by the way side... it is just hypocritical as the pharisees and Jesus said you have to be better than them and even that ius not good enough! so please don't quote scripture or opinions to me, if you are not living what you preach.

Comment on Gaither and Friends by Rev Dr. James L. Verner

Wed, 16 Sep 2009 00:38:07 +0000

As a teenager I preached to the homeless at soup kitchens on Chelsea Embankment, London, UK...and many other places. My message to all who would hear was, and still is, the Good News about Jesus. I spent many years working among people whose life-style and sexual orientation I do not endorse, but that was my only means of letting them hear the Good News of salvation through the blood of Jesus. Some believed my message and some didn't. Those who believed were eager to allow Jesus by His Spirit to change them into His likeness. Indeed, even though we will never be perfect while on earth, we can, with His help, grow more like Him through reading His word, allowing Him to show us sin and to claim victory over it. While we are positionally perfect in Jesus now, we will bear the scars of adam's fall till we reach Heaven. While it is right to speak against sin, it must be done with tears and personal brokenness, remembering that "but by the Grace of God there go I." Jim

Comment on Gaither and Friends by Tonia

Sat, 12 Sep 2009 22:40:27 +0000

I am floored, I can't believe and don't want to believe any of what I am reading. Please tell me that the Gaithers and Mark do NOT promote or approve of homosexuality. The Bible clearly states that it is sin. Yes, I love the person, but I hate the sin. And to promote it or continue to live in it without allowing God to change you is wrong. No one is perfect, that we all know and can agree on; but to say that homosexuality is okay, goes against God's Word.

Comment on CCM Patrol on Chris Tomlin by ben13burleson

Sun, 23 Aug 2009 11:43:23 +0000

I would have to agree with ChristianConcertZine in that I didn't think it was funny putting down Chris Tomlin the way you did. Chris has an amazing ministry and his songs reflect the godly life that he lives. I don't like it that you guys are knocking on Chris Tomlin's ministry. I just don't see that you guys are doing much for the Kingdom by mocking the praise of your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Comment on Infant Baptism by paul tatro

Sat, 25 Jul 2009 13:57:48 +0000

I would like some information about whether or not infants miscarages or other deaths ofchildren would be in heaven.

Comment on More thoughts on Jamey Ragel by Chris

Sat, 13 Jun 2009 18:24:59 +0000

Jamey said, "God loves everyone." Your response was, "Where does it say that?" Hmmm...John 3:16 comes to mind. Romans 5:8 comes to mind. I've never understood why people would follow the teachings of someone so corrupt and wicked as John Calvin. Study his life and then tell me he is a man of God? I don't think so. Study the life of Paul, James, Peter, etc. Therein you will find the doctrines the God has taught us (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and were not authored by corrupt men. Stick with the Scriptures! NOT someone's interpretation of them! I, personally, have found single verses that explicitly show that all points of Calvinism are wrong. Therefore, I choose to follow Scripture, not men. Ephesians 2:8-9...Faith isn't the gift. Salvation is! And that salvation is not of ourselves because salvation is not by works. It is by grace. When we simply believe in Jesus Christ as our only hope of salvation God honors our faith. See John 6:28-29.

Comment on Infant Baptism by Tim Etherington

Thu, 22 Jan 2009 20:11:16 +0000

Brother, you and I covered this on the Webb board didn't we? I don't think I have much more to say about this. I'm more convinced than ever before that covenantal baptism is done upon a profession of faith.

Comment on More thoughts on Jamey Ragel by jvmoore1

Mon, 19 Jan 2009 19:16:01 +0000

I agree. Now if you could be kind to tell me who "we" and "us" are in the passage.

Comment on More thoughts on Jamey Ragel by Ronand

Fri, 16 Jan 2009 02:14:21 +0000

"yet while we were still sinners...CHRIST DIED FOR US"! Dude...if that ain't love what is???????

Comment on left behind…The Game! by John Frost

Tue, 06 Jan 2009 19:08:24 +0000

Hey I saw you mentioned the Left Behind series by Tim LeHaye? I know they are trying to build a community of us fans of the series. If you want to join the group we are at

Comment on Book Review: The Rise of Lakewood Church and Joel Osteen by Naveen

Sat, 03 Jan 2009 22:31:46 +0000

The statement about the reach of the book is definitely on target. I am not even a Christian but a broad minded Hindu. What appeals most in Joel Osteen's preachings on TV and in his books is his self help message backed by the supreme authority of the Bible. I read about 10 to 15 minutes of his book each morning. The result has been very striking. I feel a sense of calm and peace inside me that not even medication can provide. Even if Joel is not preaching the whole gospel the only reason I am attracted to his work is that it is based on the Bible. His work serves as an appetizer and one day I hope to read the bible itself.

Comment on Holy Flakes- Andy Gullahorn by Anthony

Wed, 17 Dec 2008 16:17:10 +0000

What exactly is the message of this song? I see a lot of Catholic references, and I'm trying to make sense of it! :-)

Comment on Labor of Love- Andrew Peterson by jvmoore1

Fri, 12 Dec 2008 14:31:30 +0000

Debra I can do even better. Andrew has released tracks and sheet music for "Behold the Lamb of God". CHeck it out at the Rabbit Room

Comment on Labor of Love- Andrew Peterson by debra-mae goehringer

Tue, 09 Dec 2008 22:40:40 +0000

hey i would really like to get the chords for this song cuz i would like to sing it for christmas eve is there anyway that you could help me?

Comment on by jblaha

Thu, 06 Nov 2008 22:08:33 +0000

No explanation, basis, or reasoning - just a blanket statement like that?

Comment on Discussion on Cessationism by Dyslerserfobe

Sun, 02 Nov 2008 19:16:28 +0000

cool blog

Comment on Infant Baptism by Dave A

Mon, 29 Sep 2008 02:08:02 +0000

“Why do Christians do…Infant Baptism?” “Is Paedobaptism (the practice of baptizing adult converts to Christ and their infant children really drawn from the Bible) or is it just theological baggage leftover over from early Catholicism by doting parents and pastors?” While I was baptized as an infant, I was re-baptized as April 15th of 1995 on public profession of my faith, just months shy of my 3rd year of receiving Christ. I was eager to declare to the world, that I once was lost, but now was being baptized as the Scriptures taught—‘after believing the Gospel’. It was a slam-dunk: ‘unfaithful’ churches dunk babies; ‘biblical’ churches only dunk believers. Smart Guys Who Made My Certainty…well…Less Certain When going to seminary my own pastor Alistair Begg (his good friends John MacArthur, Stuart Briscoe, John Piper) along with other Moody radio affiliated preachers: Tony Evans, David Jeremiah, Charles Stanley, Chuck Swindoll—almost all the radio preachers I knew of were Baptists. As a young Christian, I just simply assumed: ‘pastors who take the Bible seriously know infant baptism is not Biblical!’ Yet, in seminary, it disturbed me to discover that brilliant theologians with ‘theological firepower’ (JI Packer, John Stott, Michael Horton, Martin Lloyd Jones, Sinclair Ferguson, Eugene Peterson, RC Sproul, JB Philips, Tim Keller, Jay Adams, James Montgomery Boice, CS Lewis, GK Chesterton, Francis Schaeffer, David Wells, Gerhardus Vos, Martin Luther, John Calvin, George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, many Puritans) claimed infant baptism as Biblical. “Were the American radio preachers who shaped my earliest Christian days right; or where these theological ‘Yodas’ (who Baptist radio preachers looked up to) right on baptism? ” Don’t Know Much About History… I noticed that churches and denominations with the strongest heritage of theological education (Lutheran, Congregational, Anglican, Presbyterian, Orthodox, CRC, Episcopal and Catholic) accepted infant-baptism; denominations and churches that de-emphasized or were mildly skeptical of theological education, (Baptist, independent, Fundamental, Bible churches) favored ‘believer’ baptism only. Does “Newer” Always Mean Better? Although Christian practice never rests exclusively upon historical considerations (and Biblical evidence weighs more heavily) if the vast majority of Christendom (throughout history, and around the world) has understood a practice as consistent with Scripture, we should be suspicious of the newer ‘western practice’ before questioning the ancient, standing practice of a global church. Not only the Catholic Church, but also most of the Protestant Reformers—Lutheran, Presbyterian, Congregational, and Anglican held to covenantal baptism (converts to Christ plus their kids). While they differed on baptism’s meaning, they stood united on the recipients of baptism. The Survey Says… Survey church history and you’ll find: 1. Jewish history prior to Christ, for 2000 years, assumed that Jewish infants belonged to God’s covenant people, standing with their parents as a family unit: They were circumcised, receiving a permanent ‘tattoo’ of belonging to God. This Old Testament paradigm (that God deals with families) is assumed in both testaments. 2. The Christian church for 1500 years after Christ, assumed this principle of family solidarity—seeing believers children as part of a believing family unit. There is no debate on this point. The church father Tertu[...]