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Comentário sobre PNAD 2005 – Alguns dados relativos ao nosso mercado por phrenseed

Fri, 22 Sep 2006 17:04:30 +0000

This is an incredible collection of facts about the internet. I have started seriously surveying the blogs on WordPress, and after two days only, I am a little ashamed to say that the blogs in Spanish are crafted better, more well written, and their content is more carefully chosen. It is unfortunate to see, increasingly, that most Americans have their heads buried so far in the sand, that the cannot see 'the forest from the trees'. Thank you for compiling such thought provoking statistics. The tremendous predicted increase in advertising revenues in China maybe why Yahoo turned over a Chinese journalist. Information is critical to discovering the truth; and if life is not a search for truth, then it is an empty gesture. Thank you. Phrenseed Website: