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Last Build Date: Thu, 01 Jan 2009 22:20:29 +0000


Comment on Dangerous literature for Library staff by mountaindance

Thu, 01 Jan 2009 22:20:29 +0000

I'm not a librarian or an information manager, but I found this book fascinating. The ideas are not just about how we deal with information, but really about how we view our world and our relationships. Anything that shifts our reality can be considered dangerous.

Comment on Virtual Edutainment Worlds for Children by letzhop

Thu, 30 Oct 2008 02:50:55 +0000

It's good to hear such development in children's edutainment these days ;)

Comment on Library related apps in iGoogle by annegambles

Fri, 12 Sep 2008 22:29:22 +0000

Project documentation is contained within the Library's Document Management System. I have just blogged the list of tools that we plan to implement. I have yet to review this list in the light of your comments Tony ;-)

Comment on Library related apps in iGoogle by Tony Hirst

Fri, 12 Sep 2008 18:45:13 +0000

"This (and other research) has informed the development of a list of Library-related gadgets that we plan to implement using the NetVibes UWA." Such as what? are the docs available on the intranet somewhere?

Comment on Institutional websites by helenaspell

Thu, 13 Mar 2008 16:37:12 +0000

The rationale of why we created iSoton is detailed on Brian's blog so i won't go into it here too. In relation to being able to drag and drop elements we're moving one step at a time here. iSoton was and is a demonstration of our brand values and our approach to web2.0 and the implications of relationships with users. Whilst the digital team may would have been comfortable with 'drag and drop' features from the outset, in our judgement, the institution as a whole would not have been. However, the digital team is currently assessing which widgets to develop and this based on feedback from our users and also an assessment on what would best carry our brand.

Comment on Journal Articles: Ratings and Comments by More on Journal Articles: Ratings and Comments « Anne Gambles’ Blog

Thu, 22 Nov 2007 16:27:22 +0000

[...] on November 22, 2007. This post is further to my earlier post on Journal articles: ratings and comments  (7th November, [...]

Comment on Podcasts and indexing by annegambles

Wed, 26 Sep 2007 13:04:24 +0000

Thanks Alan. It's interesting that the University of Leicester is not encouraging students to record lectures. Bill Ashraf, a lecturer at Bradford University thinks that there is value in recording lectures and provides his students with video-podcasts. See the Guardian article "Lecturer adds value with iTunes":,,1969517,00.html Perhaps the solution is to stress the importance of effective note taking when receiving the lecture for the first time - whether it is live or podcast.

Comment on Podcasts and indexing by ajcann

Wed, 26 Sep 2007 11:39:33 +0000

recording lectures generates many problems, which is why our formal advive to students here in leicester now includes the following: Students sometimes wish to make audio recordings of teaching sessions for the purposes of aiding their note-taking. The School does not encourage this practice as reliance on recordings can detract from the development of effective note-taking. Furthermore, whilst you are strongly encouraged to reflect on your lectures in the hours or days following, going through a lecture again in real time often represents a very inefficient use of your time, particularly if the lecture needs to be transcribed at a later date. This is increasingly true as you progress further through the course.

Comment on Google Reader by annegambles

Fri, 07 Sep 2007 09:27:47 +0000

Lara has just emailed me to say that Google Reader now has a native search box - hurrah - at last!

Comment on Google Reader by brassada

Tue, 03 Jul 2007 16:02:44 +0000

It is a bit of a kludge but you can search the feeds you subscribe to in google reader using a google customised search and a grease monkey script. It is relatively simple but somewhat convoluted, for instructions on how to set one up see: Give me a shout if you have any problems installing it Lara