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Mash'en up the whole damn system, since 2007!

Last Build Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 01:55:20 +0000


unevolutionification: Toto Washlet – and cleaner bottoms in the USACharlie 'aidrop' RockwaveToto_Washlet

Tue, 31 Jul 2007 00:28:42 +0000

Toto Washlet makes prime time debut in USA after more than 27 years. “The toilet seat itself has more in common with your laptop computer than your…toilet.” “Too new wave for you? Since 1980, millions of people around the world have used the Washlet.” (i.e. all 127,433,494 Japanese) Last year I had houseguests, an urbane […]

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さらば、わがLiz Claiborne — Thank you Liz Claiborne.Charlie 'aidrop' RockwaveTwo Piks of Liz Clairborne.jpg

Wed, 04 Jul 2007 00:11:16 +0000

American fashion designer and entrepreneur Liz Claiborne has died. While in high school, I don’t think I ever used the word, ‘brand’, however by my senior year there was a clothing line that I had half enveloped myself in, that soon became ‘my brand’, and that brand would be Liz Claiborne. In about my first […]

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Twitter and the Attack of the Twitter mash-ups — What are you =^..^=ing? — necoったーCharlie 'aidrop' necoったー

Thu, 28 Jun 2007 00:01:11 +0000

What are you =^..^=ing? I am telling you the story of 「necoったー」. Well, if you have brainwaves you will know that twitter is ‘raging full-on‘, the story is the same here in Japan too. Crank up twittervision and watch the world-wide ‘tweet’-fest, live. Lots of tweets popping up from Japan and a lot from all […]

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Shell’s Real Energy Stories — How To: Corporate CommunicateCharlie 'aidrop' RockwaveShell_Real_Energy_Stories.gifShell_Real_Energy_Stories_1.jpgShell_Real_Energy_Stories_2.jpgShell_Real_Energy_Stories_3.jpg

Sun, 24 Jun 2007 10:00:23 +0000

Shell’s Real Energy Stories — Eureka from Shell Films Preamble: Corporate Communicators — Hey, don’t BS me, or even finesse me, especially if you are in the environmental destruction business. I came across ‘Shell’s new global communication campaign using real-life stories about Shell employees solving complex challenges’ thanks to Rohit Bhargava’s Influential Marketing Blog. I […]

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Spreading the Thunder — The Social Web, Podcasting, Business Blogs — Changing the (Wine) WorldCharlie 'aidrop' Rockwavegaryvee-cold.jpggaryvee-palate.jpggaryvee-1.jpggaryvee-2.jpggaryvee-3.jpg

Sat, 16 Jun 2007 09:22:29 +0000

I haven’t been doing a lot of ornithology or cosmology recently but in my teens and twenties this is what I lived and breathed. Now, I live and breathe entrepreneurialism. In recent months I have been immersing myself in the length, breadth and depth of the social media/UGC revolution, podcasting and blogs, especially business blogs. […]

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White, Beige, Yellow, Pink, Vivid Pink, Red, Purple, Orange, Green, Mint Green, Light Blue, Blue, Navy, Brown, Grey, Black, Gold, Silver, Metal Blue, Pearl Pink — T-W-E-N-T-Y colors courtesy of PantoneCharlie 'aidrop' RockwaveT-W-E-N-T-Y-480.jpg812SH1.jpg793px-PantoneFormulaGuide-s.jpg

Thu, 24 May 2007 00:57:57 +0000

Softbank + Pantone = Softbank 812SH — another US/Japan mashup! This is the story of some very imaginative and unprecedented co-branding — out of Japan…and America. The likes of which I am unaware of. This is generating a lot of vivid, multi-colored buzz here. Pantone, yes, Pantone teams up with a mobile phone company. First […]

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Azuki Frappuccino — Coming Soon (5/30)Charlie 'aidrop' RockwaveAzukiFrap-ComingSoonw480.jpg

Mon, 21 May 2007 13:47:57 +0000

Starbuck’s Azuki Frappuccino Azuki is that ubiquitous Japanese (Asian) bean that is used in traditional sweets, even contemporary, popular ice cream flavors. Häagen-Dazs has had Azuki ice cream here for many years now. Any over there? Somehow that venerable Azuki just fails to move my tastebuds. But Japanese love the Azuki, always have. Like for […]

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The End of a 1,400-Year-Old (family) BusinessCharlie 'aidrop' Rockwave

Sat, 21 Apr 2007 02:40:11 +0000

Kongo Gumi (‘construction company’) Since Asuka Era, 6th Year of the Reign of Emperor Bidatsu — Out of Business — Family businesses here in Japan, were I am currently on duty, are very prominent. Back home in Minnesota, I am quite sure that I never met anyone who was the 15th CEO in the family […]

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aiship/aidrop service releaseCharlie 'aidrop' Rockwave

Mon, 02 Apr 2007 09:15:22 +0000

PRESS RELEASE Otsu, Japan April 2, 2007 Today Rockwave, Inc. announced the beta release of aiship and aidrop (Japanese language service)., The aiship/aidrop service, packed with first-ever and ground breaking features, auto-generates language independent shopping sites for not only PCs, but all mobile services in Japan. aiship/aidrop provide an unprecedented and complete solution […]

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Japan’s Pop PowerCharlie 'aidrop' Rockwave

Sun, 01 Apr 2007 13:45:08 +0000

While developing aidrop/aiship, I listen to a lot of podcasts, I get some incredible information from them. Podcasts are, of course, those radio program-like dealies that you can download off the net to your iPod, Japanese mobile phone, etc and listen to them offline, when you please — while jogging, on the train, taking a […]

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