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Download game aplikasi themes gratis untuk HP dan PC

Download game, aplikasi, themes gratis untuk HP dan PC

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Fire girls


Warning! The fire occured, and it is an urgent need to put out! Otherwise everything will burn!

You should hurry up and build a pipeline to supply water. You are more important than ever for this task, because there is salvation in your hands. Manage it in time, everyone around will thank you!

Empire Fighter 3D


Empire was attacked by the unexpected enemy. And you have to repulse attacks of enemy aircraft. the 

main player's weapon are lasers, self-controlled rockets, the gravitational weapons, ammunition of new generation. You will overcome the four stages of development from beginner to professional pilot ace.

Special Features:

- Beautiful 3D graphics with exciting scenery (green meadows, canyons, flooded city, endless glacial valleys and active volcanoes);
- Unique animation of shooting;
- 4 difficulty levels;
- 12 levels of turbulent air battles with armadas of enemy combat vehicles;
- Choice of game tactics;
- The player has the opportunity to purchase new engines, new weapons and defensive systems;
- 16 types of enemy aircraft with a different tactical weapon system and three giant enemy combat vehicles with unique weapons;
- Handy game controls.

License: Freeware
2010-01-29 downloads :1784 times    

Crash Test Dummies


This is an unusual and unique arcade game! This game represents a special Dummy engine and just wonderful

physics of the movements! Control your character, twist somersault and perform other tricks!
License: Freeware
2010-01-29 downloads :1548 times

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