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Did I really write that?

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[May, 1996] Stood UpdamiellaI couldn't find a good screenshot of The Cure playing Saturday Night Live, so this is a photo of them playing "10:15 Saturday Night" live instead.Mopey Garbo is what you get when you search Google Images for "joyless." I'll take it.

Tue, 12 Jul 2016 20:24:55 +0000

[Previously on The Diary Project: I met a boy in a bookstore, Bradley. He lived in Alaska, I lived in New York. We wrote each other letters. We got all smitten. I visited him in Alaska. I came home to New York with a broken heart. Great, we’re all caught up now. Here’s the thing. […](image)

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[May, 1996] A Night at The BatcavedamiellaKMFDM's Sascha Konietzo and self-proclaimed father of industrial rock.Not the guy from the club, but reminscent of goth pin-up boy John Koviak.Art by Fya Shellik

Wed, 09 Dec 2015 20:09:20 +0000

[As my descent into gothdom continued, I befriended Chad, a college radio DJ who had an industrial band with his friend Rick called Clamp. He invited me to see his band play The Batcave, a club I had been curious about for a while, though I heard it was nowhere near as good as The […](image)

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[April, 1996] Unexpected Reuniondamiella[Nathan is a bigger Cure fan than all of us.]

Wed, 26 Aug 2015 20:09:34 +0000

[Two important things to know going into this post: 1. I was deep into the goth scene and frequented a club called The Bank. 2. I nearly appeared on a talk show to reveal my secret crush on Nathan, who worked in a record store I frequented. It never happened, but I told him it […](image)

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[April, 1996] No Reason to Be Depresseddamiella...The cute doom and gloom twins of Switchblade Symphony

Thu, 09 Jul 2015 19:29:28 +0000

April 25, 1996 Hung out with Dave on Monday. He’s thinking about the Prom (Brad will be here from the 8th to the 22nd. Prom’s the 30th). I had a good time. Then I got home and it was as if I just ran out of cheerfulness. It was awful. [I mentioned David before. We […](image)

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[April, 1996] Going Off Scriptdamiella.........

Thu, 14 May 2015 20:56:07 +0000

[The following was written when I got back from Alaska, after traveling thousands of miles to visit the boy I loved, only to have him break my heart. While the tone here might be deceptively enlightened and optimistic, make no mistake that deep down I was also devastated and bereft.] April 15, 1996 Of course […](image)

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[April, 1996] Near-Death in Alaskadamiella...Still from the GnR video. At one point, the model puts her feet in Slash's face, which I think is almost worse than driving them off a cliff.I couldn't tell the volcanoes apart form the mountains.

Thu, 02 Apr 2015 19:56:59 +0000

April 8, 1996 My right hand is sort of jittery, most likely from the Almond Joy latte I’m drinking. I’m writing this from a coffee shop in Alaska. It’s Monday so I’ve been in Eagleton* for a while now. Hm, I can’t even think of where to begin. The plane got into Anchorage at around […](image)

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[March, 1996] Outta Sight, She’s All RightdamiellaI think "Corpus Delicti" means "Pass the eyeliner" in Latin.5f193185fa8dc480224146e3492f041f9080966ebb93c60c780aa8266e4cfe4b

Tue, 24 Mar 2015 20:10:45 +0000

March 22, 1996 My handwriting will be a little sloppier because I have gloves on as I write this (I’m outside Hunter College and it’s pretty cold out). Anyway, I have “Suffragette City” stuck in my head, last night I caught part of a Bowie concert broadcasted over the radio and was fortunate enough to […](image)

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[March, 1996] We’re So Happydamiella...The Danse Society. None of these guys looks "all so happy."

Thu, 12 Mar 2015 20:54:32 +0000

March 21, 1996 It’s hard to keep my hand straight as I write this—no not caffeine, sleep deprivation. Bradley called last night around midnight (I was watching “Hellraiser III,” which wasn’t that great, anyway) and we stayed on the phone all night, until I had to get ready for school. So the 6 1/2 hours […](image)

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[March, 1996] Things to Look Forward TodamiellaThe exact sticker that's on my journal. Still in good shape, too, unlike the Bauhaus sticker, which is extremely faded. Hm...Okay, maybe there IS such a thing as too much eye make-up.

Wed, 04 Mar 2015 20:38:44 +0000

As I hurled through my senior year of high school, I filled up the red spiral notebook I had since being forced to keep a journal in my life-changing creative writing class. By that point, I no longer felt coerced into chronicling my life; I did so willingly. I felt life was getting interesting and […](image)

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[March, 1996] 17 Days Until Alaska: Or (People in Love Can Be Such Dorks)damiellaIndeed....

Thu, 26 Feb 2015 20:13:16 +0000

3/18/96 17 days until Alaska. Before I talk about him, however, I have to mention something else that happened. I saw Nisa a couple of days ago after not seeing her in over 4 years. I was a little worried about how we’d get along because I knew we both went through changes (mine a […](image)

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