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EVERY SUNNAH HAVE A SCIENTIFIC REASONThe Qur'an, this extraordinary book which was revealed to the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad (pbuh), is a source of inspiration and true knowledge. The book of Islam is being proved as Allah's word as each new piece of historical, scientific or archaeological information comes to light. Facts about scientific subjects and the news delivered to us about the past and future, facts that no one could have known at the time of the Qur'an's revelation, are announced in its verses. It is impossible for this information, examples in this book, to have been known with the level of knowledge and technology available in 7th century Arabia. That is a big evidence that the Qur'an is truly the revelation sent down by Allah, the Lord of this universe.WHAT ISLAM SAY ABOUT DIET Prophet Mohammed (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) in regards to food and diet. It is sufficient for the son of Aadam to eat a few mouthfuls, to keep him going. If he must do that (fill his stomach), then let him fill one third with food, one third with drink and one third with air.============================================ Narrated Abu Huraira:I heard Allah's Apostle saying, "There is healing in black cumin for all diseases except death." Narrated Khalid bin Sad:We went out and Ghalib bin Abjar was accompanying us. He fell ill on the way and when we arrived at Medina he was still sick. Ibn Abi 'Atiq came to visit him and said to us, "Treat him with black cumin. Take five or seven seeds and crush them (mix the powder with oil) and drop the resulting mixture into both nostrils, for 'Aisha has narrated to me that she heard the Prophet saying, 'This black cumin is healing for all diseases except As-Sam.' Aisha said, 'What is As-Sam?' He said, 'Death." ============================================================= HONEY - A MAGIC REMEDY Both the holy Qur'an and Hadith refer to honey as a healer of disease. 'And thy Lord taught the bee to build its cells in hills, on trees and in (men's) habitations..... there issues from within their bodies a drink of varying colours, wherein is healing for mankind. Verily in this is a Sign for those who give thought'.(Translation of Quran 16:68-69) In addition, the Prophet MOHAMMED (PBUH) said: 'Honey is a remedy for every illness and the Qur'an is a remedy for all illness of the mind, therefore I recommend to you both remedies, the Qur'an and honey.'(Bukhari)Does your work require sitting for hours before the computer -something that causes eye irritation? Are you suffering from acidity? Or, have you caught a bad cold or a bout of asthma? Well, there is a single remedy to all the ailments - honey You have been keeping a hawk's eye on your body weight and are a regular at the gym. You also drink lots of water and fiber-rich diet. You even follow experts' advice on taking care of your hair and skin. But what about those eyes? How do you protect them from the stress that is caused by working long hours before the computer? Well, here's an easy answer to that: Take the traditional route add a little honey to your daily diet. Yes, whether its your grandmother, or the neighbourhood doctor, everybody will agree to this fact that honey not only helps protect the eyes, but also help improve your eyesight. While there are plenty of home remedies from honey, we bring you a few here: Perry Kharpuri is a researcher based in Shillong, a place well-known for it's large-scale honey production. Perry's advice is , "mix two teaspoons of honey with carrot juice and consume regularly", to improve your eye sight and cure problems such as watering of eyes. In cold, cough and congested chest, two teaspoons of honey with equal quantity of ginger juice should be consumed frequently. This is one of the oldest and most popular remedies that millions of Indians already follow. The other such popular remedy is to t[...]



ABOUT ISLAM IN CHINAThe Great Mosque of Guangzhou, aslo known also as Huaisheng Mosque or also known as the Guangta Mosque (Light Tower Mosque), is considered to be the earliest surviving mosque in China. It also has the earliest freestanding minaret in China. Some sources claim that it was built by the uncle of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Saad bin Abi Waqas.CHINA'S ISLAMIC CONNECTION Muslims take great pride in citing a hadith that says "seek knowledge even it it is in China." It points to the importance of seeking knowledge, even if it meant traveling as far away as China. China, which has been close to Muslim hearts for over 1400 years, is home to millions of Muslims. Islam's contact with China began during the caliphate of 'Uthman ibn Affan650 C.E., Eighteen years after the Prophet's death), under the leadership by Sa'ad ibn Abi Waqqaas (Allayhi Rahma), Prophet Muhammad's (Salla Allahu wa Allahai wa Sallam, pbuh) maternal uncle, inviting the Chinese emperor to embrace Islam. (Allayhi Rahma, ra), the third caliph. After triumphing over the Byzantine, Romans and the Persians, 'Uthman ibn Affan, dispatched a deputation to China in 29 AH (The Muslim mission built China's first mosque, the magnificent Canton city mosque known to this day as the 'Memorial Mosque.' Over the years Muslim trading activity through traders and merchant naval movements led many to settle in China. One of the first Muslim settlements in China was established in port city of Cheng Aan during the era of the Tang dynasty.... =====================================================================History of Islam in ChinaChina(1998 edition), there are now 32,749 mosques in the entire People's Republic of China, with 23,000 in the province of Xinjiang. There has been an increased upsurge in Islamic expression in China, Mosques and Muslim Population Distribution(HUI) (according to Provinces and Major cities) Area No. of Mosques Muslim(Hui) Population(1990) Beijing City 64 200,700 Tianjin City 53 159,349 Hebei Province 578 492,022 Shanxi Province 52 51,917 Inner Mongolia Autonomous region 102 192,800 Liaoning Province 119 239,449 Jilin Province 96 122,777 Heilongjiang Province 72 139,078 Shanghai City 8 49,709 Jiangsu Province 43 121,120 Zhejiang Province 6 17,186 Anhui Province 121 280,342 Fujian Province 4 92,124 Jiangxi Province 4 9,530 Shandong Province 506 459,597 Henan Province 620 868,970 Hunan Province 45 93,205 Hubei Province 52 77,625 Guangdong Province 3 8,845 Guangxi Province 21 25,600 Hainan Province 6 5,695 Yunnan Province 600 522,046 Guizhou Province 85 100,058 Sichuan Province 116 108,638 Sha'anxi  Province 118 130,899 Gansu Province 2,800 1,094,354 Ningxia Autonomous region 2,580 1,524,448 Qinghai Province 929 614,700 Tibet Autonomous region 3 1,783 Xinjiang Autonomous region 23,000 681,527 Taiwan 4 40,000 Hong Kong SAR 3 30,000 TOTAL 32,749 8,556,093 [edit] BackgroundRela was born in Mayiladuthurai, a small town in Tamil Nadu, India. He was a student from the Kalakshetra School, Chennai and got his MBBS (in 1980) and MSStanley Medical[...]