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Preview: Basic information about Panasonic's Viera TXP50X10B plasma television.

Basic information about Panasonic's Viera TXP50X10B plasma television.

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Panasonic Viera TX-P50X10B Plasma TV Reviewed

Sat, 08 Aug 2009 22:55:00 +0000

Panasonic Viera TXP50X10B Plasma TV Reviewed

Though the 50-inch TXP50X10 is considered an entry level television, it still has lots of great features. With 100Hz processing the fast moving pictures on films will always have fluid like movement without any jitter. In addition, it will accept a 1080p signal, which includes 24p, which it can also scale to size on your very own screen for the perfect, optimum fit. In addition, this model features an amazing 2 million to one contrast.

You get an astounding 1,366 by 768 picture resolution with TXP50X10 model for the crispest on-screen image ever. The Panasonic TXP50X10B, a 720p TV, is designed for those on a budget and therefore may not attract those for whom the best possible resolution is desired.

The Panasonic TXP50X10B has the latest methods of black reproduction known as Real Black Drive pre-discharge and increased illumination levels for picture perfection. With high levels of contrast the Panasonic VIERA TX-P50X10B is sure to give a picture just as the film director intended even on the most demanding scenes. A slim bezel, sound construction, and glossy finish make the TXP50X10 a good-looking machine.

Some of the connections that come with this are 3 HDMI, 2 Scarts, S-Video inputs, RCA and D-Sub PC. While it has an SDHC card slot so that you can play digital images on screen, it does not have the AVCHD video files supported by the SD slots that are available on more expensive Panasonic sets. You also get the handy Viera Link that lets you control different electronic units with your TV's remote, through HDMI technology.

The effectiveness of the Viera Link has been boosted even more by connecting with the Lumix digital camera. VIERA remote controls have the capability to playback images stored on the new LUMIX camera by simply connecting it with it's HDMI to the VIERA output terminal.

In addition, there is a convenient new Viera Tools key located on the remote that allows for a quick connection to the television's JPEG viewing as well as the Viera Link complemented HDMI capabilities; and an Eco function that employs a light detection device on the exterior surface of the television to regulate just how bright the picture is depending on how bright or dark the light is in your room.

The well engineered remote control and the simple-to-use onscreen menu make the TXP50X10 very user friendly. This is most certainly a television that your sweet grandmom will not have any issues coming to grips with.