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Lifting Hoists

If you have found yourself in a situation where you needed to lift something awkward or heavy, that could not be done by hand, you may have considered using some form of lifting hoist to accomplish the task. Although a comparatively simple machine, normal

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What are Lifting Hoists


Lifting hoists are a device designed to lift or lower a load, usually by means of a cable or chain. They can be operated manually, electrically or by pneumatic power, and frequently employ some form of gear reduction or pulley system to improve the lifting capability. More often than not, modern hoists are often equipped with some type of movement system which allows load to be lifted and moved

What is the Hoist Used For


The hoist is a very important piece of equipment in many different industries. Hoists, cranes and other types of equipment are used to raise and lower heavy loads or pieces of equipment from one area to another. There are numerous

Different Uses of Hoists Equipment


Whenever bulky objects need to be moved or lifted from one area to another, hoists equipment are frequently employed. They might be in the form of air hoists to lift large beams into the air or warehouse equipment to lift bulky boxes and crates onto ships or to load things into trucks for transportation.