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Acai Berry Diet Pill A Look at the impact of Acai Berry on Weight Loss

Acai Berry is one of the newer diet products on the market. It is however not only a diet product; it is also a superior health supplement. The natural Acai berry has been used as a supplement for years in the Amazon region. The fresh Acai berry is the mo

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Acai Berry The Worlds Greatest Super Food

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The Acai berry grows on the Acai palm. The palm comes from Central and South America and grows mostly in the watery areas of the Amazon River. For centuries the Acai Berry has been grown and eaten by the natives of the Amazonian region. The majority of the commercial production of Acai takes place in Brazil.

The berries are round, small and have a very dark purple color. The Acai fruit of the Acai palm contains a large seed with only a small pulp area. It cannot be eaten, directly from the tree - it has to be reaped and then processed into juice form before it can be consumed. The pulp can then be used for other cooking recipes also.
Studies have been carried out on the small purple fruit and has shown that the berry of the Acai palm is the most nutritive food source in the world, with powerful and high energy properties. The Acai berry is packed with a high quality antioxidant, fatty acids amino acids. The taste is a cross between sweet berries and chocolate.

The Health Benefits of the Acai Berry include:

* A high concentration of antioxidant - Acai berry has more than ten times the antioxidants of grapes and double that of blueberries. They contain also thirty times more nutrients than red wine. Antioxidants are critical in fighting free radicals in the body and are a key element in retarding the aging process.

* A combination of fatty acids, nutrients and fiber helps to maintain the digestive system and promotes rapid absorption of nutrients in to the blood. They also are great for the cardiovascular system.
* They provide higher energy levels and combat restlessness and even improve vision.
*The Acai berry helps in maintain healthy weight and works great in helping to moderate the metabolic processes of the body which in turn helps you to lose weight.
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